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Reunion (1989-1992)+/- 12 Mar 2015
Missionaries serving under Presidents Fox & Nixon
When: April 3, 2015
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: 195 W. 700 N., American Fork, UT 84003
Casual Dress
RSVP via email to
Would love to see as many as can come!
Scott A. Schmuhl Send Email
Wrong mission office address 28 Mar 2014
Please use the following address for the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission Office:

7111 W. Edgerton Ave. #100
Greenfield, WI 53220

The mission office moved in June 2013
Ann Carter Send Email
Facebook 09 Dec 2012
Please also Join our Facebook page. Wisconsin Milwaukee mission.
David S. Pearson Send Email
President Green Passed Away 21 Nov 2012
Here is a link to his Obituary: He will be missed.
David S. Pearson Send Email
Arthur Bates 07 Nov 2012
For those of you who know my Uncle Arthur Bates and the wonderful man that he is, I just thought you'd like to know that he's fighting a loosing battle with cancer and will returning to our Heavenly Father soon.
Sean Christensen Send Email
Summer Reunion 27 May 2011
Missionaries (1998-2001)
Backyard BBQ
When: June 18, 2011
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: 1331 Shelbrooke Lane (101100 S), South Jordan, Ut (Our House)
Casual Dress
Families invited
RSVP 801-446-5027
David B. Stokes Send Email
Facebook 12 Oct 2009
You can also find a group of Alumni on Facebook we are simply listed as "Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission"
David S. Pearson Send Email
Branch chapel 06 Oct 2009
Can anyone email me a photo of the Milwaukee Branch chapel? We met a man today whose mother belonged to that branch back before the Church sold, then bought back that inner-city chapel.
Coy Harmon Send Email
Finally tying the knot. 28 Jul 2009
I finally took President Nixon's parting advice and asked my special lady to marry me. Summer 2010 in England, friends. If you know me and are interested in an invite, give me a shout-out, yo.

Allen Thomas Hill Send Email
...looking for Michael Ferguson 03 Oct 2008
Does anyone out there know how I could get in touch with Michael Ferguson. He served from 1991 to 1993. I believe he was originally from Campbell, CA.

How is everyone? I just noticed that President Fox moved to Mesa, AZ. Very cool! He lives like 3 miles from me!
Kirk Ryan Stapley Send Email
Mission Reunion? 03 Oct 2008
Each conference I watch as other meet in a reunion setting to talk of their missions. They more often than not are for those who have been home just few years.

I was wondering if others, like me, would be interested in getting together for a reunion. I am guessing that it might not be as easy to get as many to come so here is my thought. We could combine those missionaries who served under Presidents Rogers, Child, Davis & Green. If the interest is great then we might have two gatherings.

See if this is something you are interested in and maybe we could plan on a reunion for April of 2009. If you know of others that are not on the site, contact them and see if they are interested. With any luck we can have a reunion for the old guys!

Bruce (the former Elder Sevy)
Bruce F. Sevy Send Email
Looking for church 21 Aug 2008
We have a friend who joined the church in 1996 in Milwaukee, then made a mistake and was put into prison. For the past three years he has been at Fox Lake Correctional Institution. He reads the scriptures and longs for contact with church members. We write and send the Ensign, but we're far away. The nearest branch is in Beaver Dam, but I don't know how to contact anyone there. Can anyone help?
Coy Harmon Send Email
finding old friends 01 Apr 2008
Does anyone know Sister Astrid Seiger, Sister Jane Mullen, Sister Hilirie Colby, Elder Earl Pontious, Eler Ryan Gurney, Elder Lefevre? They all served 95-96 under Nixon and Wilkes. Lost contact with them on one of my million moves. If you have any info it would be nice.
Cindy E Davis Send Email
Missing my mission sisters and brothers 12 Nov 2007
Hello! I am a new visitor to this site. Wasn't even aware that it was here. I am trying to reach any missionaries who served from 92-93. I was serving in West Allis, Milwaukee Inner City, West Bend, and Oconomowoc. It would be greatly appreciated if you would forward any information from the mission, under President Nixon. I miss you all a ton.

Sincerely, Angela (Watso) Banfield
Angela J Banfield Send Email
Brian Hugie 02 Oct 2007

Where are you I have not heard from you since you moved from Utah. Get in touch.

Don Howell
Don Howell Send Email
Mission Reunion 28 Aug 2007
We're not having a mission reunion with President and Sister Hunt until April, because the Cliffords have October. At least that's what President or Sister Hunt said.
Sariah Bridget O'Brien Send Email
Mission Reunion 27 Aug 2007
It was great to see everyone at President Hunt's homecoming. With conference coming up real soon, isn't it about time we plan a mission reunion? Who is in charge of that anyway?
Jayni Catherine Green Send Email
Elder Twitchel 12 Jul 2007
I am searching for Elder Twitchel. I believe his first name is Jeffrey. He served around 1995 or so. There is a member in Escanaba, Mi who he baptized that is eager to get in touch with him. Please contact me and let me know if you have any information! Thanks. :)
Sariah Bridget O'Brien Send Email
If anyone could help me find Elder Michael Ferguson, I would truly appreciate it. He served from 1991 to 1993. Please contact me if you know anything. Thanks a lot. HEY! HOW THE HECK IS EVERYBODY?!?
Kirk Ryan Stapley Send Email
that´s my request 19 May 2007
My name is Simone, I´m member of the Church from Brazil since 1992.
I´m a student in a university here in my city and I got a student exchange for 1 year, to study in the University of Lisboa/ Portugal, but unfurtunately, I don´t have money enough to pay the bills of this trip. Therefore I need your help to get the money a need to make my dream come true. Forgive me for ask you this kind of think, but I can´t find another solution. That´s my request. Please help me.

Simone Oliveira Silva
Banco do Brasil
agency: 0041-8
account: 62.540-X

Address: Rua Branca, 07 - Conceição I
Feira de Santana - Bahia - Brasil
Tel: 55 75 8111-2602
Simone Oliveira Silva Send Email
Adams-Friendship 01 Feb 2007
Alot of missionaries know President Art Foster.
He is now going to BYU to school and would love to see or hear from anyone out in the Provo area or the West. E-mail me or call and I will give you his name and address.
Mary Jo Foster Send Email
Morality 29 Jan 2007
Elder Dirkmaat gave a great discourse on morality before he left the mission. I have heard a cassette recording and would like to drum up a copy for myself. If you have any info please send it my way! thanks
Kevin Underwood Send Email
Elder Conard 19 Nov 2006
Hello, I am trying to find out about Elder Dave Conard he served in 2002. I was his MTC teacher. in fact I taught several missionaries that served in the mission. I went to visit him when he had a heart procedure before he went out to Wisconsin. Please if you have any information even if it's not so good please email me at
Katrina Callen Send Email
Flo and Swede 02 Apr 2006
hey all,

I justt barely heard about Swede...I havn'
t been on here for a while, so if anyone knows what Flo's phone number is so i can call her, i would appreciate getting it so i can call her


Jason Scott Barrett Send Email
President Nixon and lost sisters 08 Sep 2005
I am trying to get in touch with Preident Nixon and some other missionaries but cannot find a valid email address.

Does anyone know where I can find President Nixon and the following missionaries:
Kellie Kellogg
Stephanie Shelton
Shelly Kohler
Michelle E Christensen Send Email
Elder Priebe 08 Aug 2005
I am looking to contact Elder Priebe. He left the mission only a couple of months ago, having "died" here in Elkhorn.

If you can help us find him, have him contact us:

262 279 2849
Miles Littlefield Send Email
Milwaukee Stake get-together 29 Jun 2005
Every year Bart Crabbe and I and a lot of other stake members get together here in Utah. This year we have planned it for August 27, 2005 at Buttercup Park (1400 E. 10075 S. Sandy, UT). We each bring our own picnic, but if you are in the area, there is always plenty of food to share. We have a lot of the old members from the Milwaukee wards who attend regularly. We would love to see anyone who was a member or a missionary at any time. For those of you who know Bart--it is never dull! Please join us -- if you have any question, please call me - Zelda Bills Shimada 801 446-6123 (home) or cell 801 598-3376.
Zelda Shimada Send Email
get together 21 Jul 2004
There is a get together on 24 of july saturday prior to the Clifford's report on the 25 all are in invited it is at Jessica Folsom's parent's house in Ogden. Call or me if you are any questions. (208)244-2596

Hope to see you there
Heather Lynne Smith Send Email
Looking 4 some Elders 12 Feb 2004
Hi- everyone, I'm looking 4 some Elders.

1. (Elder) Patrick WR Merrill (my Dad)

2.(Elder) Bateman , 3. (Elder) Tali Tapusoa(orig.frm. Laie HI), 4.(Elder) Eric Franz(frm.SLC)
5.(Elder)James Arroyo(frm.NM), 6.(Elder) Jack E.Andersen(frm.ID), 7.(Elder) James J. Phillips(frm.Riverside CA), 8.(Elder) Joey McNeil(frm.W.Jordan UT) Thanks
Mark Earl Neely Send Email
IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME FIND MICHAEL FERGUSON I'D BE VERY GRATEFUL. I served with Elder Ferguson in Mequon in Sep., Oct. and Nov. of 1991. Last I knew he was living in Campbell, CA.
Kirk R. Stapley Send Email

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