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Cambodian speaking person in St George, UT 29 Apr 2014
My wife and I Home Teach a couple in our ward. The wife recently arrived here from Cambodia on a Fiance Visa and speaks very little English. Is there anyone in St George area that could help her in this transition. She is a recent Convert and lived in the Battambang 3rd Branch. Would appreciate any help for her.
Robert L. Gilliland Send Email
Contact with the Missionaries 05 Apr 2014
On a recent trip to Cambodia, I had great conversation with my driver. He's interested in taking English lessons from the Missionaries. I have not been able to find a contact number or email address for any member or missionary in Cambodia. Can anyone help? I sent a referral through, but the man has not been contacted yet -- it's been nearly 3 weeks.
Brother Nelson Send Email
Future missionary 16 Dec 2012
I ' m so happy to be a missionary I love the gospel change my life I will be a missionary on 16 feb 2013 ELDER ANG I love this name card
Angbunkhemrin Send Email
Re: place to go to church in Siem Riep 13 Sep 2012
I checked on where they have the "meet with us" button, and it looks like there is a branch in Siem Riep. The details are:
House# 757 Sala Kunsaeng Village, Svay Dangkom Commune, Riem Reap District, Siem Reap Province CAMBODIA

+855 23-368-493 Branch presidents name is Loy.
Vinney Tolman Send Email
Hanoi branch? 28 Aug 2012
Wow, I've never had such a difficult time tracking down a place to go to church!

If you have any information on the Hanoi Viet Nam branch I would very much appreciate it.

Otherwise if you can give me a contact number for the mission office in Phnom Penh I would appreciate it too.

Tom Hiatt Send Email
Church in Siem Reap 14 Aug 2012
Hello all! My friend and I will be in Siem Reap on a Sunday this December and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about a branch there (meeting address/times)? Thanks so much!
Stephanie Send Email
Question 08 Jun 2012
Hello, Im trying to write my dear friend a return letter but i can't read his hand writing, does anyone know where i can send this letter? Like the Mission Home in Phnom Penh or anything that will get to him??
Meghan Shigley Send Email
Mission Call 28 Apr 2012
My son just received his mission call to the Phnom Phen Mission reporting to the MTC in August 2012. His language though is Vietnamese, not Khmay so we assume that he will be more oriented toward Vietnam.

We are hoping that this site will be a valuable resource to help prepare him for the experience of a lifetime and any advice from veterans of Cambodia is greatly appreciated.
Kevin Neil Send Email
moving to Phnom Penh 13 Apr 2012
We were just offered a job that will take us to Phnom Penh for at least two years working for US AID. I am married with three kids in school and I was hoping to talk to someone who lives or recently lived in the area with their family to get a perspective on life there. We have read quite a bit about the area and are very excited to get know Cambodia better! If you know anyone living in Phnom Penh that has kids in school and who would be willing to chat with me for a few minutes, I'd appreciate their contact info--either phone or email. Thanks!
Aaron Rust Send Email
English School in Cambodia 01 Mar 2012
Hello Everyone,

My name is Brother James White and I am trying to find out how the church is doing in Cambodia? I was involved in opening a large English School in Rural Vietnam 1200km northwest of Saigon (HCM) and spent 5 weeks last year in Ayunpa (Central Highlands) and it did not turn out so good with the other parties involved for me and I am looking to expand in a area safe for Members of the church like myself (Teachers) You can check out my Facebook page James White Academy

I am intersted in hear about the opportunities in Cambodia as I also have almost 3 months experience in Thailand also and have many friends that are members also including Area and Stake Presidency members

Just a little about me over the last 10 years (3 out of 4 Wards I have been the Ward Mission Leader so I have lots of experience with my beloved Missionaries)

May the Lord Bless you always

Brother White
Brother James White Send Email
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