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Chris Greenman 12 Apr 2008
Hi fellow norskies.
I was wondering if anyone has heard from Chris Greenman, eldste from 1989-91.
Rob Hellebrand (also eldste from 1989-91)
Rob Hellebrand Send Email
2008 reunion 07 Apr 2008
Last night I attended a reunion in sandy Utah with my father Mark Winsor. It was delightful meeting people he served with and others who served in Norway. President Haugen spoke about the work of missionaries. His dear wife suffered a stroke many years back and has lost her speech but the warmth and love spills out of her. She is such a lovely lady. I had the pleasure of hearing the laugauge of the country I was born and eating the food as well. I do hope next year more come and share with us the experiences they have had. PLEASE if anyone is willing to add to my scrapbook I will be putting together send it all to 7467 S. Gold Cir West Jordan Utah 84084 or email it to I really would like everyone to send stories and photos and news clips letters or whatever you have.
Evaune Winsor Send Email
17 Mai Celebration 26 Mar 2008
Come join us in SLC to celebrate in the Norwegian Tradition for all ages.
International Peace Gardens: 900W, 1000S
Saturday 17 May, 11:00 am
There will be a ceremony, music, parade, food, games and much more.
Sonja Jorgensen Escobar Send Email
Contact information for Tobias Karlsson 11 Feb 2008
tobi, where are you? Anyone have an email addy for Tobias? Was a missionary from 97-99...
Jeffrey Smith Send Email
Karsten and Ellen Andersen 18 Jan 2008
If anyone knows about Karsten and Ellen Andersen who lived in Fyllingsdalen and were baptised in the Bergen Branch in 1976 I would appreciate hearing from you. Especially if you have any contact information. I was one of the missionaries who taught them and I was blessed to witness their baptism.
Anthony "Tony" Saxman Send Email
Norske Family History 26 Dec 2007
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have just joined in with the Family History Centers in a work that will extend my missionary efforts of the past. The church has received authorization to do extraction work from Norwegian Farm Books. These books contain the family history of each farm district around Norway. This information was required by Norway about 1923. Although the language is not required to do the work, I have found it to be helpful and fun. For me, after 30 years or silence, I can still read the language ..... I just don't know what I'm reading!

If any of you are interested, please contact me at and I'll forward the information on for you.

Godt Jul !


Eldste Dann Stradling 1975-1977
Dann L Stradling Send Email
Sissel: Northern Lights 13 Dec 2007
I know many of you became fans of Sissel's music while in Norway. But you may not know she has a new album out: Northern Lights. I highly recommend it.

In March of this year, in the hauntingly beautiful 17th-century Norwegian village of Roros where little has changed since 1650 - a magical musical event took place. In the landmark church that has served as a beacon for the community since 1784, Sissel performed in concert with world renowned special guest tenor José Carreras. The magic of that night in UNESCO World Heritage site of Røros was captured for all of us to experience.

Click here for audio samples and more information:


The Sissel Website
Robert Alexander Jones Send Email
Mission song 25 Nov 2007
Is there a way to get it posted on this website? I would like a copy of that also.
Evi Fyffe Send Email
John Langeland Book 05 Oct 2007
Dear Former Norway Missionaries:

I thought you may be interested in knowing the President John Langeland has recently published an autobiography entitled: "A More Excellent Way: The John Langeland Story." The book has been published by The Lighthouse Institute and additional information is available at I believe the book will be available through Deseret Book. You may also contact Bergen Distributing about acquiring a copy by calling ph. (801) 972-3003 or by e-mail to

Doug Griffith
(801) 532-8000
Douglas E. Griffith Send Email
Update to Bergen Branch Message 12 Sep 2007
Please send any stories/picutures of Bergen directly to Brother Aspevik at Thanks.
Wayne Roberds Send Email
History of Bergen Branch 11 Sep 2007
Elder and Sister Roberds are currently serving in Bergen as Senior Missionaries. They have been asked to help Brother Aspevik write a history of the branch in Bergen to commemorate the 150 years of missionary work. If you have any stories or pictures of your time in Bergen, please send them to Elder and Sister Roberds at Thanks for your help.
Wayne Roberds Send Email
Mission info 31 Aug 2007
This is actually my dad Elder David Edward Williams, he passed away a year ago in January and I was wondering if any of you have any stories, information, companions, members he taught I am putting together a book for our family. Please if you have any info. Please let me know. My email is on the alumni site. Thank you.
David Edward Williams Send Email
Palmer 23 Aug 2007
So back to my original question, has anyone read Palmer's book? If so I'd be interested in your thoughts and you can e mail me directly. It is certainly worth a read. I understand it would make some people uncomfortable but that doesnt make it less of a work nor can someone challenge Palmer's dedication and service to the Church. Just read his resume.
John William Arnesen Send Email
Grant Palmer's Book 12 Aug 2007
I have not read this book but from what Bro Palmer wrote about himself it seems that he has lost some faith in the divine origins of the Restoration. Here is the link from his publisher's website:'s2.htm
A wikipedia article states that Bro Palmer wrote under a pseudonym while employed by the Church Educational System and retired early before his book was published. Here's the article:'s_View_of_Mormon_Origins
All in all, it doesn't seem like a beneficial read to me. For a scholarly approach to Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Church I would suggest Richard Bushmans "Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling." I have read this one and it is excellent.
Clint Payne Send Email
Message 09 Aug 2007
Please ignore that last message...still figuring out the site. I haven't read that book. How did you come across it?
Jack Bradford Winward Send Email
Debate 09 Aug 2007
What was your debate topic?
Jack Bradford Winward Send Email
Mormon Origins 09 Aug 2007
I'm sure others have signed in as well, but no, I haven't read the book and so chose not to clutter the message board with my reply...although I'm doing it now.
Kevin Nelson Send Email
Hey where is everyone? 09 Aug 2007
So the entire alumni hasn't signed on since early July? Way to go guys and gals. So much for my attempt to debate something important.
John William Arnesen Send Email
Grant Palmer 04 Jul 2007
Has anyone read Grant Palmer's book, Mormon Origins? I would be interested in your views.
John William Arnesen Send Email
Need a job speaking Norwegian? 27 Apr 2007
I am currently working for XanGo in Lehi and we are in dire need of a Norwegian speaking customer service rep. It's a good job with an awesome company and it would work really well for someone recently returned who is going to school at BYU or UVSC. You can contact me through the site if you are interested or know someone who is. I can then get you all the information you need to apply.
Heie Norge!
Matthew Bergstrom Send Email
Damon in Moss 03 Apr 2007
Does anyone know if a guy named Damon from Moss is still in that area? He was the missionaries age in 1998 which would make him about 27-28 now. He loved basketball and video games.
Curtis Leasure Send Email
COMING TO THE U.S. 01 Apr 2007
Hei everybody! This is the Engstroms from Drammen
we are in Orem from 29th June to 15th July. Would be fun to meet up with you guy's who have tasted my English cooking. If there are any of you who served with Finn on his mission it would be great to meet you too. Send us an email.
Finn Engstrom Send Email
Where are they?? 25 Feb 2007
I was baptized in 1963 by Eldste Arnold Butterfield and Eldste Wade C. Starks, who confirmed me. Eldste Starks was then a "greenie", who was later assigned to Oslo under President Peterson. I was then also a missionary, working in the Mission Office at Drammensveien 96G.
I would very much like to know how these fine missionaries to whom I owe SO much, are faring. Last I heard, the Stark family had moved from Medford, Oregon to Salt Lake City.
If anyone knows them and can contact them, please let them know that I am still active in the Church, attending the Temple frequently, and am called as a Family History Consultant. I love my calling!
I can be contacted at <>
Turid Hanssen
Turid H Hanssen Send Email
Correction 12 Dec 2006
I just became informed of this posting about Lisa on this website. I want to make sure that everyone knows that I did not post this message. I believe someone has used my User ID to post this. I have contacted the web master of this site to resolve the issue. I hope that the contents of this message are not true, but if it is true, my heart and prayers go out to the Gunderson family.
-Happy (Sharonell) Lagana, now Happy Astorga
Happy Astorga Send Email
Christine Kolstad address? 25 Nov 2006
Hi, I served as a missionary in Lillstrommen 10 years ago, wherein we tracted into Chrstine Kolstad. We taught her for about 8 months, then I went home. She was baptized several months later and I would like to get in contact with her - a simple Christmas Card. Could anyone please help me. I believe she is in the new Romerike Ward.

Eric Pond
Eric Lehr Pond Send Email
Elders Nielson & Nelson 02 Nov 2006
I was baptized in Haugesund in 1993 by Elder Nelson and Elder Nielson. I've lost touch with them both. If anyone could help me locate them, I would appreciate it. By the way, I now live in Mesa, Arizona.
Roy Tollaksen Send Email
what years...? 21 Sep 2006
I was wondering if anyone remember's which president it was that passed away while serving? From what I understand my father's uncle stepped in until another president was called, same last name "Ingebrigtsen".

anyone know what year/years that was?
Peter Ingebrigtsen Send Email
Borgli 30 Aug 2006
Does anyone know whether the Borglis, who lived in Baerum or Haslum, ever joined The Church? He is Norwegian, but Mrs. Borgli is English, and were very kind to us when there in 1962 and recieved all the discussions about The Church. They were very close to baptism when I moved from the area, but never did hear if they ever joined.
Harold Oak Send Email
looking for Siri from Skien 18 Aug 2006
The last city I served in was Skien. This would have been in December of 1989. We had an investigator named Siri who was a student in Porsgrun. We taught her right up until I finished my mission. About a month after getting back to the States, I got a letter saying she had been baptized.

I have tried to find out where she is. All I am able to find out is that she married a missionary and is now living in the States. I don't know who the missionary is, but if any of you do, please let me know.


Eric Martin 1988-1989
Eric Martin Send Email
Mick Frederick 04 Aug 2006
Mick, where are you man?
Kenny Mazzanti Send Email
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