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Looking for Elder Knowles, Elder Kemp, and Elder H 14 Nov 2014
Hope I can be able to have some contact to the missionaries who baptized my Family in Tayabas Ward. They're Elder Knowles, Elder Kemp and Elder Hill.
Maricris McKee Send Email
Reunion 21 Aug 2013
Max, are we definitly on for a reunion during October Conference. I recall something about Riverton Chapel. Is there a date and time set? Sr. Wennerholm and I definitly want to be there. Regards, Pres. Wennerholm
Roy Wennerholm Jr. Send Email
... 22 Sep 2011
Glad to be counted in... To all my friends and companions in the mission, email me Add me to your facebook as well.
Giordan Nesas Send Email
dental clinic 28 Jul 2011

anyone who still remembers the dental clinic in San Pablo where missionaries are reffered to?

Clinic name:

Rodel D'Vicor Doyaoen Calayo Send Email
pictures 31 May 2011

Could you give some pictures of the chapel in Calihan, San Pablo City. Laguna please. I'm intending to go there in the near future. As I have been a member of the church more than 50 years..Thanks and God Bless..:)
Ian Hall Send Email
hello 28 May 2010
Hello po, kumusta po sa mga companions ko from 1998-1999. Ako po si sis Nillas. E-mail me naman
Mercedes Nillas Macalalag Send Email
Dedication 13 Dec 2009
I spoke with Pres. John Whatcott (Cebu Mission from 1996 to 1999) last week and he informs me that the dedication of the Cebu Temple is planned for next summer. The exact date has not been set yet. It would be great to attend and have a reunion in Cebu and then have one in Manilla. I am planning to be there. How about you?
Pres. Wennerholm
Roy Wennerholm Jr. Send Email
Traveling 23 Aug 2009
Hey All. Trying to come back and visit the philippines. Need to good place to stay in Los Banos. A nicer resort or hotel. Also a driver with a van that would want to drive us around for a week. Want to go to Calaca, Quezon, Santa Cruz. mostly around Los Banos though. Anyone with any ideas email me please at
Ryan Cless Karren Send Email
Check out my Video 13 Aug 2009
Just an update. still really llike monkies, and i still eat lots of candy. Currently living in Provo with one more year of BYU. Working on a degree witha focus on documentary filmmaking. I love making films. I just got slected as a Semifinalist with this one:
Check it out and tell me what you think.
I miss the mission days and would love to hear from you all.
Joshua Hawker
Monkies are cool!!
My Missionary Companions 10 Jul 2009
The following were my missionay companions while I served my mission from August 1991 to 1993 in various assignments:

1. Tagaytay/Mendez/Indang(Aug. '91 - Nov. '91):
I was trained by Elder Steven Brent Smith, who became an assistant on the last 4 months of his term.
My follow-up trainer then was Elder Margarito Glema while he was serving his last area. I was replaced by a District Missionary from Dasmarinas.

2. Pila, Laguna(Dec. '91 - April '92) :
Elder Enrique Zapata became my third companion who was then the DL. I replaced Elder Maple.
Elder Nilo Aquino replaced Elder Zapata who was transferred to Sto. Tomas, Batangas.
I was replaced by Elder Wallen Anthony Reyes.

3. Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro(May '92 - Oct. '92):
Elder Richard Allen Wood became my 5th companion when I replaced Elder Oquias. Elder Wood was my DL before he was transferred to Bauan, Batangas. We worked together for 5 months.
Elder Arnel Bustillo became my sixth companion and we only worked together for one month.

4. San Pablo City(Nov. '92 - July '93)
Elder Steven Smith became my companion again this time in the Mission office. I replaced Elder Koos who already completed his mission.
Elder Randy Kaye Wilson replaced Elder Smith who concluded his mission Feb. '93.
Elder Brett Doyle Rasmussen replaced Elder Wilson who concluded his mission April '93.
Elder Wallen Anthony Reyes replaced me but we worked as threesome 2 weeks before my released.

These were the great missionaries of San Pablo Mission whom I was privileged to serve with. They all contributed to the strengthening of my testimony of the gospel and would never forget their kindness and greatness.

I'm looking forward to hear from all of them.

Christopher Alameda Barredo Send Email
HELLO THERE! 30 May 2009
Hi everyone! honestly, im not aware of this,just lately ko lang nalaman... anyways i just added my profile and im just waiting for the webmaster to approve it have it activated. you can reach me at luv ya all!
Facebook 27 May 2009
Dear Missionaries:

Sr. Wennerholm and I have received many invitations to become your friends on Facebook. We have elected not to join Facebook as we are aware of several friends that had their personal info posted on the internet. However, we would love to hear from you via e-mail. Our e-mail address is which most of you have access to since you used it to send your facebook invitation.

We love and think of you wonderful missionaries often. Our experience in the Philippines San Pablo Mission was one of the greatest highlights of our lives.

Pres. Wennerholm
Roy Wennerholm Jr. Send Email
Sta Maria 27 Jan 2009
Looks like they have combined a bunch of zones. Has anyone recently served in Sta. Maria? I am looking for an update on some of the families there, in particular the Ocampos, Deraferas, and the Ordes. I served in 1991-1993.
Please email me an update or leave a message here.
Michael J Biorn Send Email
excited to see our baby girl 24 Jan 2009
Hey! What's up guys?

Im 8 months pregnant right now with our first baby. We're very grateful and excited for our baby girl given to us by our loving Heavenly Father.

Im very very happy with my life - having a very kind, handsome, loving and worthy eternal husband!! Blessed to have approved of a Multiple Tourist Visa to visit my loving husband in the US. I have enjoyed my vacation being wd my husband in Virginia for 3 1/2 months. I was also given the chance to talk wd President Johnson via fone when i was still in Virginia. Missed na daw niya tayo! Every thursday ay nasa temple sila ni Sister Johnson as a sealer. Still managing their family business. Very happy din siya nung binalita kong pregnant ako, hehe.. Hindi pa rin nagbabago si Presidente, comedian pa rin. Oh, how i loved to see them! I got home here sa Pinas August 19 last year. Balik work ulet sa govenrment. Planning to deliver our baby here in the PH. Looking forward to be with my husband again. Missed him badly! Love him and our baby soo much!!

Let us stay faithful and be grateful in all things that we have!
Re: Benjamin Gunn Google Earth 24 Jan 2009
Hi.. That would probably be the SM Mall in Lipa. There a bunch of SM's here in Phil's The big one is the MAll of Asia
greetings 06 Jan 2009
kamusta lahat ng nag serve sa phil.san pablo mission rom 1997-1999,to all my former companions!
anvie chavez ybanez Send Email
greetings 06 Jan 2009
kamusta lahat ng nag serve sa phil.san pablo mission rom 1997-1999,to all my former companions!
anvie chavez ybanez Send Email
Islamic Brothers and Sisters. 23 Sep 2008
Long has been the time since the beginning of the arduous political and religious conflict in Mindanao. And not without the distinguished presence of the Mormon Church in the country's most undeveloped yet rich regional division. The saints of God are a temple-building people and it is my fervent belief that a future temple be dedicated to our Lord in this precious quarter of land (Mindanao). Much money from the Islamic Middle Eastern countries and states has been flowing freely to the people there bypassing much of the northern territories (Luzon and Visayas). LDS Headquarters in Salt Lake City should also be currently doing a conscious and urgent effort to continuosly upscale missionary work and efforts towards the perfecting of the saints in what we call the last frontier of the Philippine country. In Cebu, many Muslim brothers and sisters have migrated and settled down to establish their way of life and bring forth their many colorful customs and traditions. Many Islamic mosques have sprung forth proclaiming religious gatherings of their own populace and doing. We cannot go on ignoring others who are not of our faith, especially those who follow Allah and are of significant influence and power on the face of Mindanao. It is God's will that we as saints be spiritual good samaritans to these children of the Lord as well. Feed the other sheep from other religions. Send the Holy Ghost to touch their hearts and open their minds to the truth of Heaven and Eternal life. Be fellows with them in the quest for unadulterated righteousness and above all, welcome them to the fold of Mormonism and the Priesthood of God. Let us all therefore be good friends to these, our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, and their Sons and Daughters, extending to them the strong arm of fellowship of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Ronald Cordova Gusay Send Email
it's a boy 24 Jul 2008
my wife and i enjoyed the bundle of joy last july 3, 2008 and was blessed to have our first born child. and it's a boy.
Rodel D'Vicor Doyaoen Calayo Send Email
Tagalog Singing 01 Jul 2008
Anyone interested in joining a quartet (or double quartet, depending on the interest) to sing a Tagalog hymn this October at a Filipino Conference in SLC? Send me an email through the site.

Joseph Smith's First Prayer.
Jerome Roque Send Email
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