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Looking for Raymond Zhang! 13 Jun 2008
Do any of you know how to get in contact with Raymond Zhang? He lived in XinDian when I was there in the spring/summer of 2003. If you ever met him, you know who I am talking about. He was 19/20 years old at the time. I think he lives in Taipei now, but I don't have his number. Anyone that does have an email or phone number, I would really appreciate it.
Jeff Wassom Send Email
June 27/28,2008 reunion 11 Jun 2008
Elders and Sister who served with President Powelson:
The reunion on Jun27/28,2008 is going to be a great time. We are in need of pictures of members, of your investigators, and of the leadership that you served with while in Taiwan. Please goto http://www.taiwanreunion.com/Content.aspx?pid=MemoryBookForms-EN and upload them into our on-line memory reunion book!
We also hope you can come to the reunion. You can learn more at http://www.taiwanreunion.com/News.aspx?pid=2008ReunionAnnouncement.
Brent Comsa
Brent V. Comsa Send Email
Studying in Taipei 02 Jun 2008
I am moving to Taipei to study Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University in the end of June. In the fall I will study business at NTU. I am looking for an LDS Taiwanese family or roomate to live with. If any of you know of anyone that many rent to me please let me know.

Thank you
Andrea Kaler Send Email
Engineering in Taiwan/China 12 May 2008
My wife and I are looking to move our family to China/Taiwan/Hong Kong for a couple of years. We are an adventurous group. I have a BS & MS in Civil & Environmental Engineering. My undergrad emphasis was in international engineering. I have 6+ experience years design/project management experience and 5+ years construction quality control/testing. I have specialties in rural and extreme environment (particularly arctic) design and construction. I could work in construction management, design, or education/research.
I also minored in Chinese. My verbal skills are still good.
Does anyone have any contacts in those areas or fields that I could talk to? Are there any good job sites or places to go to find a job or make contacts in the industry? Any help would be appreciated. Right now we are in the research stage and are looking to move in the next two years.
Daniel Eric Nichols Send Email
taipei missionaries 1976-1978 03 Apr 2008
I'm wanting to get in touch with missionary friends I served with. Please e-mail me at dennis_grover@keybank.com
looking for someone 14 Mar 2008
Alexander Fuamai Leituala Freeman

I'm looking for you!

I hope you use computer a lot...but I guess not..cuz I can't find anything..

hope someday you can search this news. soon...

I try to find you from time to time in ten years already.

remember when you back in U.S.

I still got your number.

I use google try to find you.

look in many many web sites.

but can't find anything....

please contact me!!

stephani 芙薇 Lin 林 Send Email
Chapel Addresses 09 Mar 2008
Are the chapel addresses up to date? The addresses here don't match what's on the "Unofficial LDS Taiwan" site at http://www.ldstaiwan.com/English/index.htm.
John Kevin Milligan Send Email
Distribution Center 06 Jan 2008
Quick question since I'm planning on moving to Taiwan in the next year or two:
Does the Distribution Center in Taipei stock garments, and do they have a size selection to fit average Americans?
John Kevin Milligan Send Email
A Puzzle Character from the Book of Mormon 12 Dec 2007
While reading the Book of Mormon recently I came across a very obscure character. Turn to page 481, Book of Mormon Chapter 2 verse 20 and look at the fourth to the last character in the verse.

If you figure out the puzzle send me an email at fwcrook@yahoo.com

(From President Frederick W. Crook)
Taiwan Taipei Admin Send Email
Job Opportunities 09 Oct 2007
I am getting ready to graduate from law school and I am looking for job opportunities. I am graduating with an emphasis in international law, but I am willing to move anywhere to work.
If anyone knows of law firms that are hiring in the U.S., Taiwan, or China, please let me know.

BJ Forsgren
B.J. Forsgren Send Email
NEWLY CALLED! 16 Sep 2007
I have just been called to serve! I am so excited! I report 28 Nov 2007. I would love to be in contact with any sister who just got off their missions so I can ask questions. I don't know anything about the culture, language, etc. but I am so excited to learn. If anyone wants to give me advice/words of wisdom, please feel free!!
Julie Ford Send Email
Need member info 08 Sep 2007
I'm still trying to get in touch with a member named Jason Guo (Guo Tsai Yuan). In 1992 he was living in the Panchiao Ward.
Any information would be appreciated. I've lost touch with him and feel guilty about it.
Thanks in advance!
Jaren Rencher Send Email
have interest in reading ol' President Letters? 15 Aug 2007

I was a little bit of a pack rat during the mission and saved all sorts of stuff including the mission letters that president phipps and a few from perkins sent out.
Recently i had some unfortunate events which resulted in many of these things getting wet. I did not dry them as soon as i could and now some of them are moldy.

to save time and space i decided i would scan all of them then trow them away.

Then i started wondering if there is anyone who would really like to read them again... ESPECIALLY sister phipps's stories from her youth on the farm. I think all the missionaries loved her stories.

Let me know if any of you have interest and i'll post 'em up
Jeremy W. Byrom Send Email
China/Taiwan Bound 09 Aug 2007
Hello all,

My family is in the process of seriously considering moving to Taiwan or China for a year or two. Mostly, we think it would be an amazing opportunity we would enjoy together. Outside of missionary and tourist lives, however, we know very little about LIVING in either place. We hope if you have lived in Taiwan or China you can send us your advice. Anything from where to live/not to live to what to expect would be helpful.

We are hoping internet businesses will allow us to not be tied down to teaching english for our income. However, we are open to other employment possibilities. My husband does not speak Chinese (though he is excited to learn) but his college major is English with an emphasis on technical writing and his professional expertise has been in marketing. As for myself, my Chinese is rusty. Other stronger skills include being a mother, teaching ballet, and doing professional voice work.

Our kids are ages 4 and 1.

If you know of any opportunities to take or to avoid, we would love to hear from you!

Steffanie Casperson Send Email
Missionary from 1982 02 Jun 2007
Hello. I am trying to help a member find a missionary that served in the Yuli/Hualien area in 1982. His name is William Shorts. If you know who he is and/or how to contact him, please send me a message. The member looking for him is Lynn Chang. Thankyou for your help!
Nathan Hale Send Email
Help with finding Wang Wei 07 May 2007
Is Wang Wei, the one who was the Temple President 1993-1997, the same Bro. Wang from the Sungshan Ward whose wife, Wang Feng Jie(?) was affectionately referred to as "Wang Mama"? If I remember correctly, they had 4 children, two boys and two girls, and the eldest (Emily?) went to school at BYU around 1989-1990. I wanted to repent and get in touch with Wang Mama to say hello. I heard that he and his wife now live elsewhere. Please send any responses through the website administrator, and thank you to the person who gave me the referral to the Songshan Ward website.
Jose Tansiongco Send Email
Things to bring 23 Apr 2007
Elder Christensen, congratulations on your call to one of the best missions in the world, and I really mean that.

I don't know what things are like now, but I found that an electric blanket was a real blessing. You certainly won't need it in the summer, but most apartments are not heated, and while it doesn't snow in Taiwan in the winter, it is extremely damp, and chills you to the bone. That electric blanket may be your only opportunity during the day to really get warm. What's more, the electric blanket will help dry out your bed, which gets damp too. My wife served her mission in Taiwan too, and I think agrees with my assessment.

I wouldn't waste your weight limit carrying the blanket on the plane. Have your folks ship it to you. You won't need it till November, most likely. At the end of your mission, give it to your companion - he'll thank you for it.

Work hard! Best of luck to you.

Vic Walker
Vic Walker 葛志浩 Send Email
come to Utah to leran English 23 Apr 2007
Hi friends! For the past almost 2 years we have loved hosting students learning English in our home. Unfortunately, of 11 students, only one has been from Taiwan. If you, or someone you know is thinking of coming to Salt Lake City to learn English for more than one month, please email us. Unless our extra room is occupied, we'd be delighted to share our home, our food and our culture. And I'd especially love brushing up on my Chinese and having my kids increase their exposure to it! Email us for further details. Thanks!
Steffanie Casperson Send Email
Looking For a Job 22 Apr 2007
My name is Jason Eschenbrenner and my wife is a RM from the Taipei mission. I am currently looking for a supply chain and/or logistics related job in China or Taiwan. I have an MBA in purchasing and aquisitions, BS in International Business Management. I have 15 years of management experience and I also speak, read, and write fluent Chinese Mandarin. If you or anyone you know might be interested please contact me at Eschenbrenner@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your help,

Jason Eschenbrenner Send Email
Things To Bring 16 Apr 2007
Okay, T-minus 59 days and counting till I enter the MTC, and I'm trying to get some of the things I'm going to wish I had. What things did you really want in the MTC/Taipei that you didn't have or had to send for? If you can think of anything that I should take with me, let me know! Thanks
Chance Davis Christensen Send Email
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