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The Messenger
December 1991

Translated from the Spanish by Erin Howarth 12/29/2001.

Message From The President

Dear Elders and Sisters (the most powerful):

We are beginning a New Year, and we want to congratulate you for your achievements and the great work that you did during the last year. We are so grateful to have to you all with us. We hope that you have been able to experience great joy through the different charitable services during Christmas.

We congratulated you for your faith and diligence with the program “GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY.” We have received very positive messages, and we know that we will see the fruits in January.

The New Year is a special time in which we can review our lives and think of the things that we did, and to make new goals for future achievements. The future shines with opportunities and promises. It is our opportunity as missionaries to have a clear vision of the future and to remember "the field is white already to harvest."

We love you very much, and we feel great faith that year 1992 will be a great year to be able to give everything we are to glorify our Father and Savior Jesus Christ

With love,
President and Sister Hoffman

Recommendations: Christmas is over and we want to remind you of the rules as far as letters (foreign missionaries) and telephone calls (Venezuelan missionaries). Please remember that obedience to the rules will give you greater spirit, and you will be very blessed.

See the Missionary Handbook, page 21 Write to your parents each week on preparation day. Limit other correspondence. Do not carry on any unauthorized communication, by phone or letter, with individuals (including members) within or close to you mission boundaries. Notify the mission office if your parents’ address changes.

Dear Elders and Sisters,

I want to remind you that when you receive an advance from the mission, you should send all the corresponding invoices to the office within one week. If you have and advance right now, send the invoices. If you delay too much, the difference will be deducted from your monthly allocation

-Elder Sego
Financial Secretary

It pleases me to be able to address you in this occasion. I want to thank you for waiting and being conscientious with your orders this month. I know that your letters are of maximum value to you, and they will arrive right away from your parents and as quickly as I can, they will be in your hands.

Elder Petit
Materials Secretary

If you have two or three months in Venezuela, or if your passport has expired and you have not sent it in for renewal, this notice is for you: Please send it in! Remember to always check the date of expiration, which is stamped inside your passport.

-Elder Fernández
Secretary to the President

Then I Will Be Happy

Wow, this semester is the worse one than I have had. It seems that all I do is study. I cannot concentrate in anything else. Only a month and I will go on my mission. There will not be any more books. Only one month more and then I will be happy!

The person who called this the Mental Torture Center (MTC) knew what he was talking about; this place is incredible. I have had a headache for three weeks straight. The preferred music of my companion is Lawrence Welk, and I would describe the food, but I promised my bishop not to use that kind of language! I only have one more week left and then I begin the real missionary work. I cannot wait to arrive at the mission field, and then I will be happy!

Today was the worse day of my life. I believe that I have the worse case in the world of foot cancer. It will be a miracle if I can walk again in my life. We walked 8 miles, and they said that they were not interested in speaking with us any more. I cannot believe it. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but Elder Jones insisted on walking, although the bus would have taken us right to the door. But, as he reminded me several times today, he is the senior companion. As soon as I receive my new companion, then I will be happy!

Elder Green has been crying uncontrollably for the last 48 hours. Everything that I say or I do reminds him of his home. I thought that I would do him a favor last night when I said to him that he could lay down awhile while I washed the plates. How was I to know that his mother had said the same words to him his last night in Utah! President told me to be patient. I am trying, but it is very difficult. I want the president to bring me to the office, far from these problems. I could really demonstrate my potential given the correct opportunities. Wow, if I were in the office, then I would be happy!

My hands are killing me. These poor fingers might not be able to type again! If I had wanted to work as a secretary, I could have stayed at home; at least I would have been paid. I’ve come so far to preach the gospel, and I am tied to desk. I can’t wait until they send me back into the mission field! Get me out of the office, then I will be happy!

Within only seven weeks the best two years of my life will be finished. I can’t wait! It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed being here, but I can’t wait to return home. It has been very difficult since the president I send me back to the field. As his secretary, I was always in the middle of the action, but in the field I don’t find out anything here! What I wouldn’t give to sit behind that desk again! Well, only seven weeks left, then I will be happy

I would leave everything right now if they would let me return to the mission. Nobody understands me here. I look at my photos 4 or 5 times a day, but it’s not the same, and today mother had the courage to say that she will get up at 5:30 a.m. to study with me! If only I could return again to the mission field. That was the best time of my life. I believe that I will never be as happy as I was then.

Signed: Elder Apostle

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a man can change his circumstances when he changes his attitude. If it is going to happen, I must cause it to happen.

Message from the assistants:

Don’t pass it on

"But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith of what ye have heard concerning the coming of our Lord, even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, and perish not." Mosiah 4:30

We love you very much.
Elder Christensen And Elder Waite

We are very excited for this month of January and the beginning of this New Year. Congratulations to those, which obtained their goals of handing out 100 pamphlets, and now we are excited to see the fruits of your work. With much fasting and prayer, we will be able to have a successful month. We love you and we are grateful for you.

Elders Christensen and Waite

Departures… Arrivals…
S. Andrade S. Morales E. Rusick
S. De Nocolais S. Solmes E. Ruiz
S. McRae E. Kidd E. Castagno
S. Sanchez E. Sandberg E. Horsley
E. Urdaneta E. Reeder E. Hanna
E. Zambrano E. Fletcher E. Yusko
E. Spencer E. Landaeta E. Negretti
E. Ward E. Grover
E. Rowley E. Quero
E. La Cruz

January Birthdays
E. M. Sego 02
E. Elionel Urdaneta 08
E. J. Nuñez 15
E. P. Carlson 18
E. Richard Williams 18
E. C. Perche 24
S. M. Valera 23
We wish you a happy day!

Baptisms by zone in December
Zone Total
Average per
CUMANA 20 3.80
BOLIVAR 15 2.5
LA PASCUA 11 2.2
GUAYANA 15 1.67
CARACAS 7 0.48
EL TIGRE 3 0.46
MATURIN 3 0.43

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