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Alaska Anchorage Mission

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Registered Alumni, Current Missionaries, Friends, Members and Family are welcome to post to the news section below.

Please be sure to share any news you hear from the mission field, or other church information related to the mission.

Wedding announcements, births and any other significant life events that you wish to announce are also welcome!

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Cristopher R. Clements Elder Michael W. Wilcox Obituary 31 Jul 2017
Cristopher R. Clements Elder Jay Schlierman Obituary 02 Feb 2016
Cristopher R. Clements Elder John Schlierman 27 Jan 2016
Cristopher R. Clements Facebook Group Page 14 Apr 2014
Roselyn Adams Mission Song 02 Mar 2011
Chad Fisher Mission Crest 04 Jun 2009
Brian Fogg Arleen Fogg 31 Mar 2009
Brian Fogg Arleen Fogg 30 Mar 2009
Chad Fisher Craid R. Jewett 20 Feb 2009
Chad Fisher Missionary Passing - Craig Jewett 18 Feb 2009
Chad Fisher President Barden 21 Oct 2008
Cristopher R. Clements President Howard W. Barben Passed Away 21 Oct 2008
Cristopher R. Clements Elder Steve Brown Obituary 27 Aug 2008
Cristopher R. Clements Elder Steve Brown (1979-1980) 26 Aug 2008
Kristopher Wiseman Bronson Family 28 Jul 2007
Jackie D. Orton Orton's Mission Call 14 Jun 2003
Jackie D. Orton Mission time again 13 Feb 2003
Byron Walther New Stake Created 26 Nov 2002
Nathan Lee Baker President Barben turns 90 09 Aug 2002
Chad Fisher Alaska News - June 2 2002 07 Jun 2002
Roselyn Adams Frieda Larsen's Obituary 11 Feb 2002

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