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I served there in 1972-73 30 Mar 2014
I served in the Argentina South Mission in 1972-73. I spent seven months down in Neuquen/Cippoletti and loved it. We spent most of our time strengthening and building the tiny little branch. Twelve people including the four missionaries was a good crowd in the early days. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I recently discovered that not only are there Stakes down there now, but a Mission! I am so thrilled. If anyone remembers me it would be as "Hermana Wilson from Arizona".
Virginia G. Long Send Email
busqueda de misionero 28 Nov 2012
Hola busco a Paul David Taylor y Jennifer Carter...ambos sirvieron en la M.A.N en 2000-2001 aproximadamente...ojala pueda encontrarlos
rocio Send Email
amazed 14 Mar 2012
I served in the "Argentina South Mission" back in the early 70s and spent 7 months in Cippoletti/Neuquen. I am now 64 years old and very active here in Chandler, Arizona. I was just made aware of someone being called to the "Argentina, Neuquen Mission". I googled and am totally amazed at what has happened in the area since the months I spent there. We had two elders in Neuquen and two sisters in Cippoletti. Our "chapel" was an old house in Neuquen and we were lucky to have 10 people attend meetings, besides the missionaries. We worked really hard and had so many wonderful experiences...I have priceless memories of those days. I would SO love to re-connect with anyone who remembers me, Hermana Wilson.
It is awesome that there has been so much growth and progress in Argentina. I feel the excitement and pray for the missionaries and for the people in that wonderful place.
Virginia G. (Wilson) Long Send Email
Hna Erica Altamirano 02 Jun 2010
Quero ponerme en contacto con Erica Altamirano. Demasiado tiempo has pasado sin contacto con ella.
Eric Scarr Send Email
busco noticias de amigos 14 Nov 2009
soy miembro de la iglesia y busco noticias de amigos Maria Rosa Romero de Bladh y Evan Bladh, que son los padres de Angela R Bladh que sirvio en esta mision ellos viven en EEUU. ME ENCANTARIA CONTACTARLOS ES EL SUEÑO DE MI VIDA. GRACIAS SALOME
maria salome gomez Send Email
informacion 07 Oct 2009
cuando tenia 9 años me bautice y pasaron por mi hogar muchos misioneros que quedaron recuerdos en nuestros corazones, ahora estoy casada y en la iglesia, deseo encontrarles para saludarles saber de ellos, especialmente a quienes me enseñaron las charlas y me bautizaron:Elder Bradley Keyes(se caso con Tasha), elder Alberto Peña.Tambien:Elder Wasburn compañero de Elder Daniel Malan,Elder Hardy, E.Trevor Campbell,Elder Sergio Perez(uruguay)Elder Cristian Avila(B.S AS)y demas. porfavor me escriben?pasaron por argentina-Chubut-Trelew(1989-1999)
jessica seron Send Email
Neuquen mission 03 Oct 2009
I would get on the Missionary Mom sight. and they can help you tons. I believe you go to ldsmissionary mom. com and then it will lead you from there
Ruth Miller Send Email
los que me bautizaron 27 Sep 2009
busco a los elderes 08 Dec 2007
Bus co a los misioneros elder keyes y peña que sirvieron en trelew chubut en 1989 que me bautizaron, gracias si alguien sabe algo porfavor escribame.Tambien otros que conocimos y tenemos con mi flia cariño pero que nada sabemos son:Hna moras,elder quinteros,elder king,elder malan,elder hansen,elder hans y hardy que pasaron por trelew entre 1991-1995 gracias.
jessica seron
jessica seron Send Email
Any advice? 22 Sep 2009
I just got called to the Argentina Neuquen mission, and I need some help! I'm the first in my family to go so I have no idea really of what I need (especially clothes and shoes), or anything about the mailing service, or if there'll be snow or if it'll be cold... oh heavens, I don't know too much! Any advice that anybody has about the mission experience in Neuquen would be really appreciated! Thanks so much! Or should I say gracias!
Sis.Georgeson Send Email
Packages 21 Jul 2009
Can anyone tell me, if I mailed a package to the mission home, if the mail arrives safely or does it get stolen like the packages going to Central America? We were thinking of mailing his sleeping bag down so when he gets there it will be there. Also how long does it take for a package from the states to get there? Thank you for your time, Maria
Mary Tryon Send Email

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