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Elder Kurt Schmidt 19 Jul 2007
Hi my name is Alison I was baptised some years ago about 11 in the Burpengary ward of Brisbane North stake by a young missionary by the name of Daniel Kurt Schmidt last I heard from him he was in the US with a wife and baby and an active member of lds. I lost touch with him and would dearly love to get in touch with him as he was a wonderful part of my life . If anybody could help me I would be so grateful my email address is
Alison Powell Send Email
Mandarin Chinese 09 May 2007
Hi, I was recently called to the Brisbane, Australia mission speeking Mandarin Chinese, any idea how large of a chinese population is there? My MTC date is June 13th.

Dax Norton Send Email
ELDER KEMP & JURY 11 Apr 2007

I am looking for Elder Richard Kemp and Elder Jury who served in Lismore under the Brisbane Australia Mission (approx. 10 years ago).

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,
D. Lowton.
David Lowton Send Email
Finding friends 27 Feb 2007
I am writing on behalf of my husband Boyd Clark who served in the ABM from Nov 87 -Nov 89. We unexpectedly find ourselves about to embark on a trip to the USA from Australia and would dearly love to catch up with Dave Spuhler, Nathan Partridge, Kurt Fullmer. We will be in Salt Lake for almost a week, LA for a few days and Veags for a few days. If anyone can let us know of any way to get in touch with them (or others that may want to get in touch with the unforgettable Boyd) please let us know via email
Thanking you in anticipation
Sally Clark Send Email
want to find church near townsville 01 Feb 2007
Hey, I'm going to visit Townsville, queensland, which is part of the Brisbane mission. I'm going for 3 weeks and wanted to find a ward or branch close by and thought maybe someone on this website could help me find some connections. I think there's a Townsville Branch, but I wanted to talk to or email some people. I just want to be able to go to church while I'm visiting. I leave in 2 weeks. Thanks to anyone that can help!

Renee Send Email
In response to Annette's Comment 24 Dec 2006
John Finau (Feed me now) was from Inglewood California. A suburb of Los Angeles. I talked to him about 10 years ago on Christmas. He ended up playing some college football after he got home.

I'd also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Jeff Tosh ( ABM 91-93)
Jeff Tosh Send Email
looking for my missionaries 22 Nov 2006
I'm looking for two missionaries who served in the Brisbane mission in 1991. Bryan Beverley was from Utah and John Finau was from New York (I think my memory is still ok on these). these are the two missionaries who baptised me and I would like to get in contact with them. In May 1991 Bryan had been on his mission for about 18 months and John had just arrived. If anyone is in contact with them can you please let them know that I am looking for them and pass on my email to them.


Annette Davie (nee Adnams) Send Email
I'll find you my friend fireside 19 Sep 2006
Hi fellow missionaries and friends who served in the ABM 1993-1995.

I put on a fireside based around the I'll find you my friend song. We used the songs, Greater than us all, My turn on earth, I have a plan... If you were there, you would remember it.

Anyone, I've finally got myself back on track in regards to doing these firesides again - (Yes I am still an active member of the church). However, all the music I had, I've given away over the years, (because I swore that I would never do this stuff again, too many headaches, however here I am going back on my word again)

So, I've tried to purchase the sheet music for My turn on Earth via the various music stores, you name it, I've tried them. So in desparation, I'm pleading with anyone who has the sheet music - if they can scan and email to me, I will forever be in their debt, (and will post any Aussie treats they request to their hearts content)

So if there's anyone out there that can help, it would be much appreciated. (PS, my first practise is in 7 hours time so time is of the essence!)


Le-Vonne Hunt Send Email
Looking for me? 17 May 2006
I am Soonlee's husband who just happen to stumble upon this site. There are a few requests for information regarding Soonlee but no contact email left.
So if you are interested in contacting her please forward a message to the above email address.
Don Kelly.
Soon Lee Kelly (Lim) Send Email
friends 08 Apr 2006
Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is jiangbing in Beijing . Dennise couple came to Beijing for trip in 1997 , they live in Hololulu , Hawaii , their forefather came to Zhejiang province , they were born in Hololulu , Hawaii. they can not speak Chinese , their Chinese family name is Wang . They posted many English books to me in 1998 .unfortunately , I lost their address and I moved my address , so we can not connect with each other , I miss them very much .If you know them well , would you please pass me on my friends , thank you

jiangbing Send Email
Where are they now? 02 Apr 2006
I'm hoping someone can put me in contact with two very special men who came into my life in Toowoomba, 2002:
Tyler W Banta
Barry M Winterton.
I would appreciate any help!
With thanks,
Naomi Irvin Send Email
Kia Ora 07 Mar 2006
Hi, trying to find Vika Makamoeafi and Lavern Laban. Would love to hear from you 2.

Still in Hawaii at Uni of Hawaii doin a MA Poli Sci (International Relations)....heavy stuff.

No wedding yet but beside that small glitch life is fantastic. Makamoeafi and Laban where are yous?

Sophronia Smith Send Email
John Batabasaga 26 Jan 2006
I served from 1994-1996 and I am looking for John Batabasaga. He left to go on a mission and I lost track of him. Does anyone know where he is?
Roland Hancock Send Email
Looking for Missionary Sisters 24 Jan 2006
I was wondering if any one can help me, I'm looking for two very special missionary sisters who now have finished there mission and live in America some where. They served there missions in Australia and I met them while thay served in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia in 2003. There names are Sister LuJean Kirby and Sister Emily Utt. Unfortunately I lost there addresses and cant get in contact with them. If you happen to know can you please give them my name and address. Jasmine Maas, 37 Tropicana Drive, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, 4670. And my email address is I hope to get in contact with them asap as I have some wonderful news to tell them
Jasmine Maas Send Email
finding someone 18 Jan 2006
hi my name is josh and i served in the perth australia mission in 1992-94 and i was looking for someone and trying to contact him i was seeing if any one has a contact number or email to a dustin johnson we knew each other in the mtc and i am trying to catch up with him
joshua kajma Send Email
Clothes 02 Dec 2005
Wool suits are the coolest there are, other than maybe linnen, but I doubt that linen suits are on the program. Trouble is, you can't buy a decent wool suit (for the money) that will last two years. Just get the regular suits that any store has to offer Mr. Mac, Dillard's Meier & Frank, etc. that are two pant for missionaries and you can't go wrong.
Craig Crandall Send Email
Clothing 30 Nov 2005
The weather is similar to Southern California, only hot.

We worn suits three months of the year, in the morning and evenings- up North that is. The rules may of changed. Good luck wearing a bike helmet in the heat.

Take cool or light suits (no wool) with two or three pant suits, and a sweater for the winter.

As a parent, you won't have to worry about your son's safety. Aussies are fair, and mellow.

God bless
Steve White Send Email
sons mission call to Brisbane 29 Nov 2005
Queensland is a beautiful place. As you head further north it is a tropical climate, and where alot of Australians like to go on vacation. I served in the ABM about 17 years ago. There are alot of good members up that way. I would tell your son to take cool suits for summer and warmer for would rarely go below 10 degrees celcius in winter. (no snow) All the best. let me know if you have any other questions.
jill orro Send Email
Son just recieved his call 02 Nov 2005
My son just recieved his call. His is very excited to get to Brisbane. I of course am the nervous mom. He goes into the MTC in Feb. If any of you have any advise for me and my son I would appreciate it. Please email me with your advice.
Sherri Birrell Send Email
Faye Christensen 09 Aug 2005
Faye if you see this I've changed email address and have lost yours. Could you please contact me as soon as possible. My friend says that you emailed him. He forgot to send me the email or to tell you I'd changed addresses by accident.

Kat McNee Send Email
New Missionary 23 Jun 2005
Hello, Just got the news my nephew is going to Brisbane. This is going to be interesting as his mother served there in the early '80's. Look out for a tall, bewilded, Elder Gubb and say Hi from his Auntie in Karratha, Western Australia.
Glenda Olman Send Email
Elder Weston 22 Jun 2005
I'm sorry I don't know him. But, I served in Cairns in 1981. What a beautiful City and wonderful people in that branch. I'm sure it's changed much since then. I'm planning on a visit, hopefully soon. I now live in Arizona have 3 kids and today it's going to be 111 deg. farenheit... I wish I was there today!!! What's the weather like?

Anyway ... it's good to hear of someone from that part of the world.

Steve Voorhees
Steve Voorhees Send Email
Find a friend 22 Jun 2005

From Cairns I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who remembers an Elder Shane Weston. He was from the states and served here in Cairns for a few months (1997 if I recall correctly)through the ABM. I would like to get in touch with him and find out how he is. Cheers Ursula Harris
Ursula Harris Send Email
Faye Christensen 11 May 2005
If anyone knows of Faye Christensen of Fallon Nevada or where I may contact her could they please let me know.

I recieved her email and want to reply to it but when I went to it came back saying there was a problem.

Kat McNee
Kat McNee Send Email
Looking for a convert 26 Apr 2005
I'm looking for a Lynn Campbell, She lived on the Cold Coast when I baptised her. She is part African American and part Australian. If anyone knows her and how I can get ahold of , that would be great.
Chad Reese Send Email
We need help!! 25 Apr 2005
My friend and I (Michelle Taylor) were baptised May 1992 by Elder Campbell (NZ) and Elder Vance (US). Does anyone have contact details for either person as we would love to catch up with them and their families.
Tina Scofield (nee Johnson) Send Email
Elder Kaufusi 31 Mar 2005
Elder Chad Baker was looking for Elder Mitch Kaufusi.....I've found him! I'm actually marrying him June 11, 2005 so if you want to get in touch with him, I'm sure I can track him down and pass any messages on.
Jean Ormsby Send Email
Elders Robert S Clarke and Mark Sharp 04 Mar 2005
Adding an email address to my 3 Oct 2004 enquiry
Jan Parker Send Email
i'm jealious of my brother! 01 Mar 2005
hi every one ,
well i thought i would sigh this thing just for the heck of it . my brother is servng there right now elder zeh his in ipswish.. and one of my m/t/c companios from from sidney. so i know some about australia and what a great place it is
* jennifer
jennifer Send Email
Try this 24 Feb 2005
Just send a letter to the mission address and he will get it if he is a current missionary.

Elder Moroni Tsai
Australia Brisbane Mission
PO Box 348
Brisbane, QLD4007
Andre Sliedrecht Send Email

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