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Welcome to the MBSPN alumni site!

Congratulations on receiving your call to serve in the Brazil São Paulo North mission. While the major focus of this site is to provide a site for mission alumni to share information, it is also a great place for new missionaries to find out information about the mission and about missionaries who will be heading to Brazil in your group.

Please register. As a recently-called missionary, you can register with the site, then come back and see if there are other people scheduled to go to Brazil at the same time as you. That way, you can meet people from your MTC district before leaving! Please, when you register, include contact information for somebody at home that will be able to make changes to your account while you are away. If you are the relative of a currently serving missionary, you are also encouraged to register for them. You will be kept up-do-date with information about the mission. Please note that I plan to send quarterly or semi-annual newsletters to all subscribers to keep you informed of what is happing on the site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. I am here to serve you!

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