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Recently Called?

The Brazil São Paulo North Alumni website welcomes recently called missionaries!

Congratulations on receiving your call to serve in the Brazil São Paulo North mission. While the major focus of this site is to provide a site for mission alumni to share information, it is also a great place for new missionaries to find out information about the mission and about missionaries who will be heading to Brazil in your group.

Before 1997, missionaries went to the Provo MTC and spent two months learning Portuguese. In late 1997 the MTC sent a study group of Americans to the Brazilian MTC for the second month of study. They kept a control group of missionaries at the Provo MTC and compared their progress. The results were signifigant: missionaries who learned Portuguese at the Brazilian MTC learned more quickly and understood better than their counterparts who stayed in the Provo MTC for two months.

Due (in part) to this study, the Church decided to send all Brazilian-bound missionaries to the Brazilian MTC for the second month of study. Noting the success of this program, the Church, in 1999, decided to begin sending missionaries to the Brazilian MTC for their entire two months.

The Brazilian MTC is a state-of-the-art facility. Dedicated in 1997, it is the largest church building outside of the United States. Your language skills will develop quickly as you learn Portuguese from native Brazilian speakers. You will be able to become accustomed to the Brazilian culture and be a step ahead when you reach the mission field.

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