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Map of the Mission

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Maps of the Brazil São Paulo North mission

I've tried to compile this page as a resource for those who are interested in approximate maps of the mission. I've compiled this information from what I remember about the city, as well as some information from the LDS Maps website.

I obtained satelite images of MBSPN (Missão Brazil São Paulo Norte) from Google Earth (earth.google.com) and Google Maps. If you are interested in looking up the city of São Paulo for yourself, you can use the following GPS coordinates, which are for the São Paulo temple grounds:

-23° 35' 07.59", -46° 43' 22.92"
(You can copy and paste the above line into Google Earth or another mapping program)

That is the same thing as:

23 degrees 35 minutes 07.59 seconds South
46 degrees 43 minutes 22.92 seconds West

How to view the maps:
On this page, you see a small version of the picture; if you click the picture, a large version will open in a new window. You may need to disable pop-up blockers for this to work. Be aware that some of these images are quite large, both in length/width and file size. They may take some time to load, especially if you are a dial-up user. Some browsers will automatically scale the image to fit in your browser window. If you click on the image again, it will go to full-size.

Neighboring Missions

This is a map of the region with the various neighboring missions identified. Here you can see that MBSPN is neighbored by the São Paulo East mission, the São Paulo Interlagos mission, the Campinas mission, and the São Paulo South mission. This map was updated (and is current as of) March 2011.

Whole mission

The borders of the mission are in blue. The borders of the individual stakes are in green. I have identified the individual stakes for you. When I was in Brazil, the Itu stake and the Sorocaba stakes were all called the "interior" -- meaning not the capitol. This map was updated (and is current as of) March 2011.

Sao Paulo Temple area

Here is a pretty zoomed-in image of the Sao Paulo Temple. On the map you can see the temple gardens, the stake center, the area offices for the Brazil South Area, and the Shopping Butanta (which I labled because it is the nearest mall to the mission office, and it is the nearest McDonalds. We ate there almost every time we went to the office). The mission home is very close to the temple. The other Sao Paulo missionaries are allowed to come to the temple, but their mission homes are a lot further away.

Brazil MTC

I don't have a picture of this one, but one user asked if I could provide GPS coordinates for the Brazilian MTC.

There is a great Google Earth street view of the Brazilian MTC which you can see here. (You may need to install the Google Earth plugin for your browser to see it.) The street view lets you see a 360-degree view of the street front where the MTC is located.

Here are the coordinates for the Brazilian MTC:

23 degrees, 30 minutes, 34.61 seconds South
46 degrees, 39 minutes, 39.39 seconds West

The Google Earth coordinates are: -23° 30' 34.61", -46° 39' 39.39"