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Elder Richard Watson's passing 09 Nov 2005
Dear Missionaries,

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of Elder Richard Watson's passing. As many of you know, Elder and Sister Watson were the office couple that welcomed us into the mission. They served so faithfully for two years and were a tremendous asset in keeping the mission office running smoothly as well as their missionary work with the members of the Sierra Ward.
The following e-mail we received from Sister Watson this morning:

Dear President and Sister Friden,

Just wanted you to know that Brother Watson, Richard, passed away
just before midnight 8 November.

He'd been ill for some time and in and out of the hospital.

If you could post this information on the Mission Web site I'd appreciated it.

Many thanks. Take care.

Love---------Thelma Watson

For those of you wishing to send cards, letters or remembrances Sister Watson's contact information is:

208 East Oak Street
Stockton, MO 65785
Phone # 417-276-4869

We are confident that Sister Watson would appreciate contact with you. Let us all remember her in our prayers at this difficult time and help comfort her.


President and Sister Friden
William D. Friden Send Email
Friden Reunion 10 Aug 2005
So.... if anyone else was curious, as I was, I have heard that the official word is: We now only have reunions once a year, on Conference weekend in April. So no reunion this fall. We're keeping our money saved up (in a high interest online account!) so that we can come out in April! See you all then.

Nikki (Clark) Goodson
Nikki Goodson Send Email
Riverbank Area 08 Jun 2005
Did any of you know Robert and Diana DeWitt in the Riverbank ward? Diana was baptized in 2000. If so, e-mail me at and I'll give you some information. They are getting sealed in the Oakland Temple on Saturday June 18th. :)

Kesha Scott
Kesha Nichole Scott Send Email
Searching for Elder Phelps 05 May 2005
If anyone knows contact information for Casey Phelps from South Carolina, please let me know. He served in the Fresno Mission from 1996-1998. He was the first missionary to teach my family, unfortunately it took us 10 years to get baptised, so he was long gone when it happened. I wanted to tell him that I got my mission call, and that my family and I are all baptized. Thanks.
Marial Riskin Send Email
President Harry Blundell 15 Apr 2005
I wanted to inform the missionaries who served under President Blundell that he passed away on April 10, 2005. He was a great man and loved by those that served under him.
Terry Everett Send Email
1st April Renuion 18 Mar 2005
I'm just curious if any of the Linnell or Blundell missionaries are planning on attending the Reunion on the 1st of April? Specifically from the 1987-1988 years. If so let me know.

Fred J. Sandage Send Email
FINDING NEMO 20 Feb 2005
Does anyone knows how to find elder Aguilhera from chile?
Last time that he celled me, He was muving to Florida and I lost his cell phone.
Thanks for the help.

Natanael Marques
Natanael Jaime Marques Send Email
Beatson Reunion 07 Feb 2005
HEY!! When are we going to have a reunion for the Beatson Missionaries?? Is anyone out there working on it?
Jack R. Kettering Send Email
Elder Jordan Rose 13 Jan 2005
I was baptized in July 2002 in Lemoore. Jordan was one of the missionaries that taught me. Well, I lost his phone number and would really appreciate it if anyone knew how to reach him. Thank you
Melody Tilley Send Email
Where's Enos 14 Oct 2004
Davies! If you find him, tell the big lug that Izatt's looking for him too. I miss the guy and he was such an awesome missionary. I served in the same appartment with him is Stockton. Please tell him to come to the site and email me. I'll do the same if I track him down.
Delwyn R. Izatt Send Email
Shane Enos 13 Oct 2004
I'm trying to get in touch with Shane Enos. He served from approximately 90/91 to 92/93. If anybody knows a way to contact him please let me know.

Thank you,

Craig Davies
Craig Kent Davies Send Email
Yo 11 Oct 2004
Hi, I am Eli Arave. I served from 99-01. I am trying to find Dick Duree, Sean McDonald, Mike Downs, Cory Jensen, Jesse Black, hmong tall Jones. If you know any of those dudes e-mail me @ or just email anyway. Oh yeah I am getting married in like two weeks. If anybody wants to show up to my reception it starts at 6:30 pm on october 22 at the alpine arts center in alpine Ut. I am registered at target.
Eli D Arave Send Email
Spring Update 07 Oct 2004
Jeremy's wife here giving all who knew him our Spring Family Update. Unfortunately, my husband is gone all day working his tail off, so I'm in charge of putting up the messages on the message board. First off, thanks to those who congratulated us on our marriage. And we have more exciting news: We're pregnant! We've kinda been this way for 9 months. Baby should be here in a little over a week, if it comes on its due date. I also have a request. Those of you who did serve with or know my husband, feel free to contact him at I know that he sometimes gets lonely for some contacts, esp around Christmas time. Thanks.

Jeremy Scot Spring Send Email
See you in April! 29 Sep 2004
Dear Elders and Sisters,

As we will not be having a reunion this October General Conference, we just wanted to touch base and let you know that we will be having one next April. We have seen many of you over the past few months and enjoy your phone calls, visits and e-mails. If any of you are in town, we would love to see you! We are doing well. They finally let us go from our Stake YSA calling with President now as an Assistant in the High Priests Group and Sister Friden as Stake Education Counsellor in the Relief Society. We made a visit back to the mission this past summer and things seem to be going very well there. The Barney's had us over for lunch. It was fun for our girls to visit and see their friends. Our son Ryan has been on his mission in France for 17 months now. It hardly seems possible. He is doing great and learned so much from seeing you serve in Fresno. We love you and think of you often and pray that you are doing well in your lives. We love to hear from you! Enjoy Conference weekend!
The Fridens'
William D. Friden Send Email
Mission Reunion 29 Sep 2004
Conference is this weekend and I was wondering if we are going to have a mission reunion. I missed the last one so I don't know if they have changed the frequency of reunions. Please email me if you know anything.
Jacob Benjamin Beutler Send Email
:::Wee Irish Man::: 24 Sep 2004
A Big Thankyou to Tina Rawlins for answering my e-mail promptlyand for getting me back up and running...It has been along time since I have made any form of contact with my Mission friends. I served with President Blundell...President Bott and would like to know how they are doing. I am looking forward to finding my companions and other Elders and Sisters that I made friends with.
Noel L Reid Send Email
Requests to donate to the site 13 Sep 2004
Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am to you all.

I have recently recieved many requests about Donations. If you would like to donate to the cost of hosting the websites please go to or go to and click the donate link on the bottom of the page.

Best Regards,
Tina Rawlins
Tina Rawlins Send Email
Finding Missionaries 08 Aug 2004
I have a friend here in Georgia that joined the church while he was growing up in Fresno, actually he went to Clovis West High School, so it would be Clovis, maybe. He was 19 years old between the years 1996-1998, can not remember what year he said. His mother was taught by elders and after she was baptized, they sent sisters to teach him and his younger brother. They both were baptized. He would like to find the sisters that taught him, but he does not remember there names, if you know anything about this, if you would e-mail that information. His name is Sergio Canchola. I would like to surprise him, please let me know asap or if there is a way of finding these sisters. Thanks.
Tamra Elaine Goldsberry Send Email
The Husteds family 08 Aug 2004
Hello, I really need to get hold of the Husteds family in Lindsay, Ca.I got some good news to share with them,or does any one knows how I can get hold of the office missionaries, to see who are the elderes serving over there,
Thanks a lot
Elder Marques (Natanael J. Marques)
Natanael Jaime Marques Send Email
the husted's 01 Aug 2004
Does anyone knows how to get hold of the Husteds family? I heard that they were living in lindsay.Maybe the missionaries over there know......Thanks for your help
Natanael Jaime Marques Send Email
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