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Lost Elders 29 Jul 2004
I would like to know about Ryan Thayne and Eric Fransen. If anyone knows the current status of these two Elders
Jean-Paul Kranz Send Email
I'm looking for some former missionaries 28 Jul 2004
Does anyone know any current contact info for Chris Hilton, Ryan Thayne, Sheldon Stout, or Lucas Allen?
Jason Smith Send Email
I'M HOME 27 Jul 2004
Brian Estey Send Email
Pete Farmer 30 Jun 2004
I too will miss Pete Farmer. I was a brand new missionary in Sanger when Brother Farmer kicked the habit and began his awesome missionary work. What a great man! I have since wished that more of us were as giving and kind as he. Thank you for the updates.
Jacob Budd Send Email
Good Site 21 May 2004
Just thougth I'd drop a quick note to say that I've enjoyed looking through all the messages and emailing old friends. This is a great site and is well put together. When I found this site a guy I work with looked up his site and his is no where near this quality. Keep up the good work. I'm sort of an old timer 1985 - 1987 and would be interested in hearing from anyone from back in the good old days of the mission. I had heard through a former companion that Pres. Robert D. Linnell had been sick (Possibly Cancer?) any info on him would be appreciated.
S. Corey Burger Send Email
looking for Sister Elizabeth Trail 07 May 2004
I was wondering if any one has the contact information on Sister Elizabeth Trail?
Cynthia Jacqueline Maria Powell Send Email
Getting Married! 26 Apr 2004
Hey Everyone, I just thought I'd let all of you know that I'm getting married! This is Korry Wheeler in case you didn't know. The wedding is May 13 in the Salt Lake Temple, and the reception will be May 15 in Star Valley, Wyoming. Everyone is invited, though I don't think anyone will want to make the trip to Star Valley. God Speed
Korry Jim Wheeler Send Email
Need to Find my Bro 15 Apr 2004
Well hello, dose any body know how i can get a hold of Elder Kolter Eager???? thanks
Mitchel Evan Skinner Send Email
Katie Huser 10 Apr 2004
Does anybody know how to get a hold of Katie Huser. Thanks
Jared B Daines Send Email
Modesto 02 Apr 2004
Does anybody know the phone number for the Alvarez familiy in Modesto?
Robert Corey Newman Send Email
Reunion Friday 01 Apr 2004
Just want to remind all of you about our reunion tomorrow. All the details are on the mission website from us and Tina Rawlins. It's at 7:00 pm at the chapel at 280 W. 1890 N. in Orem across the street from our house. Take the 276 exit and go east a couple of miles crossing State Street. 280 West is the 2nd street to the left AFTER State Street. Dress is nice/casual and please bring some refreshments.
The Fridens'
William D. Friden Send Email
Lock your Hearts! 31 Mar 2004
Hey - I seem to remember that in one of my areas (I'm thinking it was Porterville), there was a brother living there who claimed to have been the mission president in Argentina at the time President Kimball delivered the Lock your Hearts talk. Does anyone know whether I've got the story straight, and who that brother was, what mission it was in, or other details like that? I'm trying to validate the text to someone who questions its authenticity.
Thanks for your help!
Nikki Goodson Send Email
Brother Farmer 31 Mar 2004
Thank you for the update on Brother Farmer. I served in Sanger and wanted to also add my comments. Brother Farmer was very generous and always had a desire to do missionary work. Even when timeswere difficult as they often are in small wards and branches. I lived in Sanger when we had 5 sisters in one apartment... It was quite dificult for us to find rides to Hanford for meetings. Brother and Sister Farmer always came though for us with their Big Disel Truck ( I want to say I think it was A ford.. yep.. it was a ford. ) We extend love and gratitude to them at this time of transition. **IF you would like to send a card.. please email me and I will give you the updated address sent to me by Jen Hogan.
Tina Rawlins Send Email
Brother Pete Farmer 23 Mar 2004
I'm so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of us who have served in Sanger, I'm sure you would like to know that our dear Brother Pete Farmer has past away last Saturday, the 20th, after he had been fighting cancer for a while. I'm sure I can speak for all of us who were there and had the pleasure to be around him that the mission experience in Sanger would have never been as meaningful if it wasn't for the love and support that Bro. Farmer always gave us missionaries. Let's keep Sis. Farmer in our prayers. Lots of love to everyone!
Vanessa Sperry Send Email
Arnold's wedding 12 Mar 2004
Our Alex Arnold is getting married TOMORROW (that would be March 13), and he has failed to post this himself, so he is paying me to do it for him-ha ha (as I speak with him on the phone right now!). The reception is in Spanish Fork from 6-8pm at 275 S 1400 E. He says theres free food (he says good food too), so there's no excuses for not coming. If anyone would like to join the few of us who are going, give me a call. We are planning to go around 7pm. My number is 226-0662, 360-7982.
Janel Lin Lyman Send Email
RE: Bradley Pulver Fans!!!!! 11 Feb 2004
I will tell you that Elder Bradley Pulver is doing well and still is serving in the Fresno Mission. I personally talked to him personally during the last missionary farewell meeting, and he is doing well. He will be departing sometime soon, but Pulver did not tell me when- so when I know when his departure date is- I will post it as soon as it becomes available.
Mike Smith Send Email
Looking for lindy 05 Feb 2004
Howdy ya'll! I'm looking for contact info on Lindy Nichols.. Well it an't Nichols any more but any way I lost her adress and e-mail. If any of you chickens know how to get a hold of her pleas contact me! All my love from Hickvill! Busbea
Laura Kay Durden (Busbea) Send Email
Family 27 Jan 2004
Back in 1981, Elder Dale Blanch and I taught a family that lived in Salinas. Their last name was Mariscal (they were a Hispanic family, mom, dad and about 3-4 kids). Does anyone know if they ever got baptized? If you have any information, please let me know.
Elder Glenn Rau and I also tracted into the Vitzian's that lived in King City (this was 1980). I heard they got sealed in the temple. If this is true, please let me know.
John Martin Cervetti Send Email
contact info 09 Jan 2004
Hey, I lost the address/contact info for one of my former companions, Elder Matthew Wilcox, who went home around April/May of 2003. A former investigator family of ours in Atwater in particular wanted to know how to get a hold of Wilcox. If any one of you could help me out here, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
Brent Michael VonCannon Send Email
Kenneth Kennedy 25 Dec 2003
I need Ken Kennedy current address we lost touch with him.. Does anyone know were he is serving in The Fresno California Mission these days?
Tamara Collinsworth Send Email
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