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Looking for a few good men... 27 May 2005
Ok, Greg Vander Werff, Chris Kneeland, Borup, Siliva Fonua, where are they? Call me, 480-242-3116.
Brad Hekekia Send Email
Past Companions Info 26 Mar 2005
I'm trying to get ahold of some of my past companions: Elder Dustin Lewis('92-'94), Elder Quilling('92-'94), Elder Roger Pickering('91-'93), Elder Joshua Lambson('93-'95), Elder Jason Turner('93-'95), Elder Clate Miller('93-'95), Elder Kyle Black ('95-'97). If anyone knows contact information, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
Daniel James Arkell Send Email
Doghouse, Hello? 26 Mar 2005
Hey, what's going on my fine [not so] young [anymore] fellow missionaries? Just trying to see what's the haps with all you people. I served between '97 & '99 under the watchful eye of the Warners. Isgett, cograts on the hitching, it's about time you did something right. Norton, say hello to Remington for me and if you see Doug Hatch, tell him whatsup and have him contact me. Antioch was the best! I'll post some pictures later when I have more time. Hangin out in the SLC. Later!
George Lauifi'afa Matavao Send Email
Reunion for Warner 21 Mar 2005
Hello to all the missionaries from the 97-99 era. It's me. I finally got hitched last July believe it or not and would love to see folks at a reunion for Pres. Warner. We need more notice on these reunions since I'm in NC. It's hard to plan with only a months notice. We would love to be in Provo Canyon w/ Sis. Warner but it's too soon to make arrangements that don't cost a bundle. Advice is to plan in advance. Hope all are well that knew me. Drop lines!!
Michael Laurie Isgett Send Email
Hello Elders and Sisters 08 Mar 2005
Public service announcement

Hey Elders, I hope everyone is doing good. your probably wondering why I am emailing you, well I finally decided it was time to get hitched. I want to send you a wedding invitation so I need your addresses, or you can call me on my cell phone (801) 502-9945 I would love to hear from you either way. So if you don’t get an invite it means I don’t like you, ha-ha just kidding it just means you didn’t send me your info so I could get a hold of you.
before I go I wanted to let you know what is going on in my life real quick.... well I am currently working and going to school, I am working for Microsoft doing level 3 technical support for msn internet service. I am also going to school at SLCC or salt lake community college, majoring in sports medicine. ( I still have a long ways to go) Also I still live in Taylorsville, UT. My fiancé's name is Lindsay she works for US Bank as a teller and goes to school at Westminster her major is Political science and minor in History. She will be getting her Bachelors in June.
oh, I almost forgot the wedding date is April 30th at the Salt Lake Temple (that’s right I am still an active member of the true church)
alright so send me your info ASAP, hope to hear from you.

Brinton Tyler Hyatt Send Email
San Ramon 28 Feb 2005
Hello- anyone who has served in San Ramon 1 and 2 since 1996, more recently would be better, tellme how the two wards are doing?
Same goes for Antioch 1 and 4?
Robert J Korver Send Email
looking for Ryan Piekarski 24 Feb 2005
If anyone has info about Elder Ryan Piekarsi, please Email me. Hope all is going well for everyone. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Timothy N Heywood Send Email
Where's everyone 01 Feb 2005
President De'vries and to all the missionaries 2001-2003 are you guys still alive or what. can we set up a reunion or what? don't tell me it will be a waste of time because it will be great to see everyone. Thing about it.apart from that if you dont agree dont mind Tongia you know how i am just give it a smile.
Takimaama Mei Loto Fualu Tongia Send Email
looking for elders 22 Jan 2005
Memory Jogger!! In San Jose many years ago (74-77) two Elders were tracting down our street (Grimsby Dr.) and found me and my father working on the truck in the driveway. My father (as a joke on mom) agreed to a teaching appointment when he knew he wouldnt be home. I was home when the Elders arrived and my surprised as well as a very, very, angry pentecostal mother heard of the teaching appointment for the first time. Mom, good to her husbands appointment allowed the Elders to come in and give the message. I was young, but I do remember a big binder, the Elders sitting on the nice sofa and showing pictures from the big binder. I remember how mad my mom was and she sitting red faced and ready to kill my father. The last picture I saw from the binder (and I may say my first) was of many people dressed in white and the Elders saying something about Heaven. Mom politely stopped the Elders and asked for me to go outside and play, I hesitated and asked if I could see the rest of the pictures, (inwhich a child would only understand, my moms response of motherly conviction to leave immediatly, or else!!) I left being a good son, but wondered often about what other pictures were to be seen?
Years later I joined the church, served a mission, sealed in the Oakland temple and still serve in the church.
Does anyone recall this, or heard anyone talk of this experience? I have wondered often on who these Elders were and would like to talk with them about it. Thanks in advance for your time. Sean Taggart
Sean Taggart Send Email
Hello 01 Nov 2004
Wanted to say HI to the missionaries from 76-78, Pres Curtis. I have lost contact with many of our investigators and those that were baptized. If there are any that remember the old timers, let me know. Would love to hear from them/you.
Ky Gary Gardner Send Email
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