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hi 28 Sep 2011
Hi i was known as elder nesbitt now just david, i served the california ventura mission in 1981-83. if anyone remembers me would love to hear from you.
David Ernest Nesbitt Send Email
New Missionaries 23 Feb 2011
So I noticed recently there was a group of Missionaries who along with my son entered the MTC on 2/16/11. I believe we signed up here curious about others who are serving in the same least I am! So I hope if I start others will add their experiences.

I got my first letter(s) snail mail and e-mail arrived on the same day. My son Kendall was first put in a trio with Elders Flood (from/ Indiana going to Cuernavaca Mexico) and Elder Sawyer (from/Arizona going/Lima Peru west) After being in the MTC a few days he received a new companion. Elder Namazi he is from south weber utah and was called to an English speaking mission in Colorado, but tore his ACL and DIDNT want to get sent he asked if he could be switched to a Spanish Speaking mission, and was, and that aloud him to stay in the MTC long enough to take care of the knee.

Kendall said of the MTC, nothing like he expected...and the first day was the longest day of his life! He is very happy to FINALLY be there.
Becky Rapier Send Email
Message 31 Jan 2010
I can't believe im the first person to leave a message in the last three years...Is everyone realy that busy.
jason wayne Riggs Send Email
Hello Im alive 31 Jan 2010
Hello does anybody know how to get a hold of Nick Chamberlain it would be realy nice to talk to him
jason wayne Riggs Send Email
LinkedIn Group for CVM 23 Jun 2008
Hello all. I have created a LinkedIn group for CVM alumni and friends. Below is a link to join the group.
Jonathan Plehn Send Email
Facebook 09 Jun 2008
I have started a page on Facebook for mission alumni if anyone would like to join. Here is the link
Caren Smith Send Email
Mission Start up 25 May 2008
Just checking to see if there is anyone out there who remembers starting up the mission back in 1978? Is send me an email at I would love to here from you. long gone and living in Alaska.
Nolan D Heath Send Email
new missionary Grandmom 03 Sep 2007
I just learned about my grandson coming the this mission and want to know what some of the best care packages were so I know what to send.
Sue Radell Send Email
Location/Contact Info 24 Aug 2007
Does anyone have contact information for Elders Kennedy, Snavely or Prescott- They all served with me under President Henderson. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
Samuel Allan Taeu, Jr. Send Email
Location/Contact Info 24 Aug 2007
Does anyone have contact information for Elders Kennedy, Snavely or Prescott- They all served with me under President Henderson. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
Samuel Allan Taeu, Jr. Send Email
Looking for a Member 19 Jun 2007
Does anyone know a Dawn Megli from Camarillo?
Steven G Mulkern Send Email
MySpace 12 Jun 2007
I have just sent up a MySpace account for our mission. You can view it at
Jason Adam Heilpern Send Email
Elder Thorne? 08 Jun 2007
Does anyone know how to contact Elder Thorne? I think his first name was Brandon. He served under President Henderson. I have some info on one of his converts from Santa Maria that I need to get to him. Please e-mail me.
Bethany Anne Taphous Send Email
President Oswald 29 May 2007
I served under President Oswald from 1987-1989. I am trying to locate his email address. If anybody that served under him during 1987-1989 has it please email me. My email address is Thanks Elder Doug Burwell
Doug Burwell Send Email
Poem & Quote Book 27 Apr 2007
The Mission Poem and Quote is now available in a PDF format!!

I have scanned the Mission Poem and Quote Book that President Cooper had made. If you like to have it in an electronic form all you have to do is email me at

I am missing one page of the Poem and Quote Book. Page 26 and 27. If anyone that has the Poem and Quote Book and is willing to copy the page and mail it to me please contact at the above email address.

Thom Wert
(Served between 1983 to 1984)
Thomas M Wert Send Email
Prayers Needed 04 Feb 2007
Our son Nathanael was born December 12, 2007 and three weeks ago he was admitted to the hosptial because he stopped breathing. He had a combination of RSV and a bacterial infection that either way he could have stopped breathing on us like he did. He is now on the mend but there are still obsticales to overcome. So, if everyone could keep him in their prayers we would be very grateful.

Thank you,
Alicia Atkins and family
Alicia Atkins Send Email
Looking for Elders who baptized me 09 Jan 2007
I was baptized into the Santa Barbara 3rd ward on July 6, 1986. The Elders who baptized me were named Elders Ken Hall and Todd Fairborn. I would love to get in contact with these brethren. If anyone has any contact information I would greatly appreciate it. My contact information is in my friend profile. Thanks. Philip Odell
Philip Odell Send Email
Engaged 16 Dec 2006
Last night I got engaged to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. Thought some of you might want to know. I am so blessed!
Christopher Justin Jewkes Send Email
Sister G's Cookies 21 Nov 2006
Back in the early 90s, the great San Fernando Valley became part of the Arcadia mission. In Chatsworth lived the Garrick family. Some of you spent many a P-day at our home, where you got a free haircut and played basketball in our backyard. A few of you enjoyed MTV and Nintendo, much to the chagrin of President Garrick. But mostly, you partook of my mom's famous freshly-made chocolate chip cookies. Oh what you would do for one of Sister Gs' cookies right now! Am I right?

So my question is: If they were available, say $10+s&h for a baker's dozen or $25 for 3 dozen, in a nice festive tin, would you buy? They would be authentic Sister G cookies, baked by her or her daughter (many of you may have flirted with her, much to the chagrin of President Garrick) who has mastered the art of baking those chocolatey morsels.

If there is enough interest, I could probably talk my mom into doing this. Tell your friends.
Tim Garrick Send Email
Elder Falute 26 Oct 2006
Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Elder Falute? I really want to talk to him. THANKS
Justin William Ussery Send Email
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