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moving to Phnom Penh 05 Jun 2011
Hi! I'll be moving to Phnom Penh this coming 28th of July. I'm a filipino who is currently here in Thailand. I just want to know who I can contact there from the church so I can attend sunday meetings. I don't know anyone in Cambodia.

Thank you.
Nikka Lorraine Pavino Send Email
President Scott Smedley 05 May 2011
Does anyone have the postal address of the mission office where I can send a letter to Pres. Smedley?

Or his email address?


From a very "old" member from Singapore, now in Canada.
Victor Lee Send Email
The Dobson 02 Apr 2011
Brother and Sister Don Dobson passed away withing weeks of each other. I would like to hear from my Cambodian friends, especially my Young Women and Theany. I send my love.
Carol Warnick Send Email
Interpreters for Atlanta Temple Open House 25 Mar 2011
I have a family in my ward whose primary language is Cambodian. Is there anyone in the Atlanta area who would be willing and able to help teach this family about the temple in Cambodian (i.e. Khmer)?
Nathan Parrish Send Email
where's Brandon Belnap 23 Mar 2011
My daughter is serving in phnom penh and came across an inactive sister named Om Tidah . She would like to receive a wedding and family picture of Elder Brandon Belnap (if he is married) According to Sister Erekson, Om Tidah is very nice to the Sisters, but always declines to attend church.
tina erekson Send Email
going to Cambodia 02 Mar 2011
my wife and I served an 18 month mission in Cambodia. We have been home for about 18 months. We served in a province 5 hours north of Phnom Penh called Battambang. We were in Phnom Penh often and never felt in danger. We seldom went out after dark. There are parts of each town that you never go to like any other city in America. The young missionaries are all over Cambpodia with very few problems. The mission is very strong with many baptisms every month. There are 4 nice church buildings in Phnom Penh and one being built in Battambang. There are branches in most all major cities. The people are mostly kind, and loving. I would go back there in a heart beat.
wilford stagg Send Email
Is there still a mission in Cambodia? 20 Feb 2011
Are there currently full time missionaries in Cambodia? That mission wasn't listed on the church website.
My daughter would like to go there on a humanitarian service with an outside organization (not the LDS church) ,but the US State Dept. and a number of other countries have posted cautions for going to this country. Has anyone been there to the city of Phnom Penh? This is where she would be working at an orphange.
Its posted as dangerous through various govt. websites. My daughter would been working alone , not placed with a partner or companion in the "A Broader View Program" and she would be living with a host family. We
haven't read many good things about this country, esp the city. Can anyone offer us some insight? Please advise. Thanks, The Wilson's
Patrice Wilson Send Email
Meetinghouses? 21 Nov 2010
My wife and I are going on vacation in Cambodia this December. We are both
members of the Church and we would like to know where to attend meetings on
the Sundays we will be in the country. The LDS website only gives me 3
locations. However, in the Ensign of June it appears that there are a lot
more branches and wards… We will be in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang
and in the Sihanoukville/Kep/Kampot area. Do you have any details or
addresses for the local leaders? Does the mission have an e-mail address?
Is there a place where we could find the addresses and schedules of the
Thank you very much for your answer – we are looking forward to meeting
the members of this beautiful country!
Fabio & Elodie
Fabio & Elodie Send Email
Language assistance for missionary project 02 Jul 2010
Dear Elders and Sisters:

The young men’s presidency of the West Jordan, Utah Welby 3rd Ward has
been actively engaged in the development of the young men to serve
honorable missions. As one of our activities, the young men’s program
will be attempting to set a world record for reading the title page of the
Book of Mormon in the most languages. The current world record set for
this type of event stands at 111 languages for a poem read last year.

Over the next few months, the young men will be experiencing what it is
like to have to speak a foreign language as they hone their skills and
working on the pronunciation of the various words that comprise the title
page of the Book of Mormon. We are asking them to prayerfully seek
assistance from the Lord so that can gain a small understanding of what it
will be like in the mission field.

However, although we have several returned missionaries that are helping
with the pronunciation; we have need of assistance in the actual phonetic
translation or Romanization of many more. As an example of what we are
looking for….the word “India” may be pronounced (In-dee-uh).

We ask that if you or anyone you know has language ability in the following
languages, please contact Brother Chris Isbell via email at We have the title page scans in a format that is
both acceptable for the Guinness World Record group and easy for the young
men to read. Your assistance will be noted and recognized during our world
record attempt.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration and look forward to any support
you may be able to provide as we attempt to prepare the young men for
honorable missionary service, attempt to set a new world record, bring more
publicity to the Book of Mormon and strengthen our quorums.


Chris Isbell
Guatemala, Guatemala City North Mission ’92-‘94
Chris Isbell Send Email
skirts 21 Jun 2010
Hello! I report to the MTC in October for the Cambodia mission and I'm super excited. My mom and I are having a hard time finding the skirts that I'll need, the packet sent said I should have five skirts dark and conservative in color that hit mid calf. What stores have sister missionaries had luck in? Also, I hear it gets pretty hot in Cambodia and I was wondering which materials work best, that look nice but are still light weight?!
Ashley Send Email
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