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18 Feb 2013
Cameron Hansen Send Email
Toronto West & East Missions combining 11 Mar 2011
The church recently announced that they are going to be re-combining the Toronto West and East Missions. The article did not say why, but they are creating five new missions in the world and re-aligning the boundaries of five others, including ours. The missions has split in 1993, the year before I went out. It will be interesting to see why they are combining them again now if they ever say why.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Searching for missionaries from 1984 08 Dec 2010
My little sister, Sister Miya Alger, is on a mission in Niagra Canada and she came across a
woman who wants to get in touch with the missionaries who baptized her back
in 1984. She has been searching for them for years and can't find them.

Her name is Linda Goodchild, but was Linda Stanbridge when she was baptized
July 12, 1984. The missionaries are Kelly Hatch from either Alberta or
Sescatuwan, CA. and Kent Chandler from Idaho.

If you are one of these men or you know how to get in touch with one or both of these men please let me know!!

Fumiko Alger
Fumiko Alger Send Email
directions to the mission reunion 10 Jun 2010
Here are a couple of different directions to the mission reunion with the Sampsons from Salt Lake City. If you need directions from elsewhere you can use or another site.

address: 8246 Sunrise Loop, Park City, UT

1. Take I-80 east to Park City & take the first exit after Kimball Junction, I-40 to Heber.

2. Stay right, then take the first exit, Silver Summit. Turn left off the freeway exit.
3. Continue straight on that road until you get to the guard gate at the Promontory development. You will need to stop and tell them the address of where you are visiting. 8246 Sunrise Loop.

4. Stay on main road for a while, turn R. on Sunrise Loop.

5. Continue on Sunrise Loop, house will be on Right side.

A) Salt Lake City, UT US to 8246 Sunrise Loop, Park City, UT
1. Start out going NORTH on E 400 S/UNIVERSITY BLVD/US-89 N toward S MAIN ST. Continue to follow US-89 N. (go 0.2 miles)
2. Turn LEFT onto S WEST TEMPLE/UT-270. (go 0.1 miles)
3. Turn RIGHT onto W 500 S/CESAR E CHAVEZ BLVD/W 5TH S/UT-269 W. Continue to follow UT-269 W. (go 0.8 miles)
4. Merge onto I-15 S/I-80 E toward LAS VEGAS/CHEYENNE. (go 2.4 miles)
5. Merge onto I-80 E via EXIT 304 toward CHEYENNE. (go 24.5 miles)
6. Take the US-40 E exit, EXIT 146, toward HEBER/VERNAL. (go 0.3 miles)
7. Merge onto US-40 E toward HEBER/VERNAL. (go 0.9 miles)
8. Take EXIT 2 toward SILVER SUMMIT. (go 0.4 miles)
9. Turn LEFT onto SILVER CREEK DR. (go 0.5 miles)
10. Turn RIGHT onto PROMONTORY RANCH RD. (go 3.5 miles)
11. Turn RIGHT onto N SUNRISE LOOP. (go 0.8 miles)
12. 8246 SUNRISE LOOP is on the RIGHT. (go 0.0 miles)
>> ESTIMATED TIME: 51 minutes | DISTANCE: 34.47 miles
B) 8246 Sunrise Loop, Park City, UT 84098-6288 US
>> TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 51 minutes | DISTANCE: 34.47 miles
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Sampson reunion 16 Apr 2010
Canada Toronto West Mission reunion for those who served under President Paul Sampson (1995-1998). Saturday July 10, 2010 in Park City, Utah from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. or possibly a little longer. The address is: 8246 Sunrise Loop, Park City, Utah.

Children are invited to come. Please bring a dessert to share if you would like to. We will not be providing any other food, as it is too hard to count on numbers and plan for that.

I'm working on an updated alumni directory for the Sampson's which will make things easier for notification of any future reunions should we have them. If you'd like to be included, please let me know.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Sampson reunion 02 Apr 2010
We are still working on trying to get together a Sampson reunion this year. I was thinking either Saturday July 10th or Saturday July 17th in either the Salt Lake area or Park City, Utah. Any thoughts and/or ideas are welcome. I just know that two of the alumni will be visiting from Hawaii in July and would like to attend, so that's why I am thinking July. However, input from anyone would be helpful, and especially help in organizing/planning it.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Satterthwaite Reunion 13 Feb 2010
President Satterthwaite has been found and he is planning a mission reunion at his winter home in Hurricane, Utah (by St. George). It will be on March 13 at noon. Bring your families and either a desert or a salad. It will be great to catch up with everyone and get away for the weekend! Please RSVP so we know how many people can make it. Call me at 435-817-6554 or email at We look foward to see you!!
Luke B Udy Send Email
reunions with the Sampsons 10 Feb 2010
I wanted to check and see if there was any further development of a posible reunion with Pres. and Sis. Sampson? I would love to attend and would be happy to help in any way possible. Let me know.


Kurt Palmer
Kurt Wyatt Palmer Send Email
re: reunion with Sampson's 27 Jan 2010
I would like to attend, but I am curious if you would be willing to open a Facebook group for "CTWM - Sampson" so we can network out to our old friends and organize it from there.
Klint Price Send Email
reunion with the Sampson's 22 Jan 2010
We are hoping to have a reunion with President and Sister Sampson. They are currently in Cyprus on a mission, but will be home any day now. They said if anyone wants a reunion and the alumni are willing to organize/plan it, then they'd like to have one. We are just getting a feel for the interest in a reunion and thoughts about a time/place.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
the passing of Elder Jeremy Kunz 18 Oct 2009
For those of you who do not yet know, Elder Jeremy Kunz passed away on Saturday October 10, 2009. Sadly Jeremy was killed by a drunk driver while he was participating in a Ragnar Relay Race in Las Vegas, Nevada. Elder Kunz served under President Sampson from 1994-1996. Jeremy was married and had three children. I grew up just a few miles from him, and I attended his viewing last week. His family has amazing strength. They appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers of all of those in their behalf. We have created a facebook group in Jeremy's memory: "In Memory of Jeremy Kunz", if any of you wish to join the group and share your thoughts.

These are the areas Elder Kunz served in while on his mission:
Hamilton (1 month), Windsor (2 months), Newmarket (2 months), Windsor (again, 5 months), London (5 months), and Brampton (rest of his mission)
J'Lene Olson Send Email
looking for Potter era alumni 18 Oct 2009
We had a terrific reunion with the Potters' this summer and are updating the alumni contact list. There are still some alumni we have not been able to find or get in contact with. Any help in that area would be appreciated. It will greatly aid whomever my organize a future reunion(s).
J'Lene Olson Send Email
The passing of Elder Jeremy Kunz 12 Oct 2009
Elder Kunz, AP to President Sampson was hit by a drunk driver and passed away this weekend during a relay race in Las Vegas. His FB page has details of his funeral services. He is missed already.
Klint Price Send Email
looking for Sister Amie Jensen 14 May 2009
*UPDATE* As of a couple of months ago, I have now found Sister Jensen.

I am looking for Sister Amie Jensen who served under President Potter and President Sampson about 1995-1996. We were companions in Bracebridge and Fort Erie, but lost touch years ago. Amie grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I know she married a guy named Michael Ballard and lived in Utah for a while. Will anyone please help?!
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Potter era reunion 14 May 2009
We are having a President Potter era reunion next month (1992-1995). We've found about 70% of the alumni now, but still need everyones help finding the others. Please update your profiles on here if you haven't done so in a while. This will greatly help us. If you don't know the reunion information yet, please e-mail me so I can get it to you.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Potter era reunion summer 2009 13 Jan 2009
We are hoping to have a Potter era reunion this summer at a park in the Salt Lake area. We are thinking about Sat. June 20th as a possible date. We are still trying to find many of the alumni, so if you know where any are, please pass this information on. We can also be contacted through and that way we can get alumni on the list to notify them.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
wonderful mission reunion with the Potters' 05 Oct 2008
We had a wonderful mission reunion on Friday night (Oct. 3rd), with President and Sister Potter. It was held at their home in Park City, Utah. It was great to see them again, as well as those who attended. We had about 22-25 people come (spouses included in that number) and I was able to get some great pictures of those attending along with a nice group picture.

We have lost track of many of the missionaries, so if you could please update your profiles on here or e-mail us current information, we'd appreciate it. Sister Potter wants to have a picnic reunion in the summer of 2009 at a park in the Salt Lake City area and we hope to find many more of the missionaries by then so we can have a larger turnout. The Potters', as well as several in attendance at our reunion on Friday asked if I knew where some of you were, and unfortunately I do not. The Potters' really want to find a number of you. I had sent out snail mail invitations to the reunion, as well as e-mail notices and notices on several internet sites including and Deseret News online and others. This site, and have groups or sites for alumni for our mission.

The Potters' are doing really well. They work at the Salt Lake Temple twice a week. President Potter is a sealer there on Tuesdays and then on Thursdays they are ordinance workers.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
hoping to pull together a reunion 20 Aug 2008
We are hoping to pull together a reunion with the Potters soon. They live in Park City, Utah, and said we could have one at their home if we'd like, but they will go wherever we go. They would like us to pick a date and such. Any ideas? Would the Friday before Conference work for anyone, and how would anyone feel about doing it in Park City at the Potters' home?
J'Lene Olson Send Email
sad news 08 Aug 2008
Sad news: Elder Brian Bayless from our mission (1994'ish time) has died in a tragic airplane crash near Monticello, Utah this morning. I am attaching the link to the new story from the internet. I remember Elder Bayless when he first arrived in the mission field, and although I didn't know him well, my heart goes out to his family, friends, mission companions and members/investigators in the mission field. Please keep his family in your prayers.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Talk Tapes- Elder Holland and President Monson 03 Aug 2008
While serving in the CTWM from '97 to '99 there was a tape being distributed among the missionaries. It was a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland about the Book of Mormon. It was supposed to be a recording made from a mission presidents seminar.

After lending out my copy of this talk and not having it returned, I have been frantically looking for this talk. I would love to hear it again.

If any of you have a copy of this tape, please let me know. I could easily put it on a CD or in another Digital Format f needed. I know that other people have had it because other returned missionaries at USU had heard the tape, too.

For those missionaries who served in the Sudbury Stake, I have the tape recording of the talks given by President Thomas S. Monson during the organization of the Sudbury Stake in 1993. The tape was given the name "A Canadian Missionary" and President Monson spends a great deal of time reminiscing about his days as a mission president and especially the missionaries that served with him.

If any one would like a copy of this, I have it in mp3 form and will gladly make it available.

If you have the talk by Elder Holland or want a copy of President Monson's talk please send me an email.

Thank you
David D Bradshaw Send Email
anyone for a Potter reunion? 15 Jun 2008
If anyone would be interested in having a mission reunion with President and Sister Potter, please e-mail me. There are several who are interested and we'd love to have one. I am willing to talk to the Potters' about it.

J'Lene Olson
J'Lene Olson Send Email
mission reunion 24 May 2008
Just curious to know how many of you who served under the Potters' would be interested in having a reunion? I've heard several express interest, and I'd like to have one myself. The Potters' recently returned from presiding over the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center for two years. I've written back and forth with Sister Potter a few times and she has also expressed interest in a reunion. It would be wonderful.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
REUNION Sampson & Satterthwaite 29 Sep 2007
Unoffical and Informal Reunion for CTWMers (expecially Sampson and Satterthwaite eras)... We are going to be meeting for a little "catch-up" in between the Saturday Afternoon session and the Priesthood session. Elders Camron Howell and Brent Slade are bringing their families to Conference and would love a chance to get to see all of you again. Please pass the word on by email and phone calls so that we can get as many as we can. We are meeting on the "WEST" side of the Reflection Pond directly between the Water and the Temple. Camron's cell is (480) 326-8665 or email to let us know who will be able to make it. Remember, nobody remembers anybodys first name (or last for that matter) so be sure to introduce yourself as soon as you make eye contact. Hope to see you then...
Camron B. Howell Send Email
Mission Reunion? 26 Sep 2007
Hey, Does anyone know if there is going to be a mission reunion for President and Sister Satterthwaite? I served from 2000-2002. Thanks!!!
John Rocky Miller Send Email
BRAN NEW 17 Aug 2007
Man you guys are all old. . . . who served with Pres and Sister Ashton?
McKay Joice Orton Send Email
Good old days 29 Jun 2007
Does anyone that served 95-97 under Pres Sampson still out there? I would love to hear from some of you.
Chad Davis Send Email
Kohen Okhuijzen 25 Jun 2007
Hi everybody,

The world is in trouble again cause another Okie is born into the world. His legal name is Klaas Konrad Diedrich Okhuijzen. He will go by Kohen Okhuijzen. He's the 4th generation with that beautiful long name. He was born on June 18, 2007 at United Hospital in St Paul, MN. He was 20 inches, 8 pounds and 5 1/2 oz. Mother and baby are doing good. You can find pictures on:
You can leave Kohen a message in the guestbook.

Koen aka the Earthquake Man outta Rotterdam
Koen Okhuijzen Send Email
looking for companions 21 Jun 2007
I am looking for current info (address, e-mail address, or phone #, etc.) for Sisters Stacy Shumway and Amie Jensen who served in the CTWM in 1994 & 1995. I was companions with both in Orangeville and Fort Erie and would love to find them again. Does anyone know anything about where they are now and how to contact them? I would really appreciate any info.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
any reunions 16 Jun 2007
i served from 91-93 under Smith and Potter. anybody know of any reunions coming up. i would love to see old faces.
trent p fuhriman Send Email
President and sister Sampson 01 Jun 2007
Does anybody knows the address of President and sister Sampson in Greece?
I would like to write them a letter but I have not the address of their mission.


elder Koen Okhuijzen
Koen Okhuijzen Send Email
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