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Thanks for a great reunion 04 Oct 2015
We were able to have a wonderful 25th Year Reunion in Orem, Utah on Oct. 1st. We had over 80 returned missionaries attend, many with their husbands or wives. Thanks to Coleen Turner Shaefer for beautiful music, Elder Reeves for a great 1992 slide show, Brad & Jodie Gardner for refreshments and everyone else for coming and just enjoying themselves as we reminisced, cried, laughed and hugged. We realize many did not know of the meeting but we did all in our power to contact through this web site, face book, phone calls, Deseret News and word of mouth. We send our love to all and pray the Lord's choicest blessings upon all of you. Pres. & Sister Kent and Karen Hugh
we would love to hear from any of you or 435-704-1805
Kent Hugh Send Email
email for President Hugh 23 Jul 2014
Hey all. Can somebody provide me with a current email address for President Hugh?

Thanks so much.
Troy Carson McMahan Send Email
Death notice 08 Jun 2013
This is a note to let those who knew Sister RaNae Monson, married name Bartlome, from President Peel's Missionaries, has passed away on Feb. 16th, 2013 from ovarian cancer.
Janene Elise Morgan Send Email
Reed Gardner 07 May 2013
Looking for Reed Gardner who served in 1973-74. Spent time in Watertown SD priior to the boundary changes of 1973. Any help would be appreciated.
Larry Albert Payne Send Email
Jeff Shaffer 30 May 2012
Anyone know the where abouts of Elder Jeff Shaffer? He served under Bennet and Thompson. This guy was a crackup, some thought him to be trouble...he was a well loved elder. If anyone has info, please contact me. Thanks!
Dan Holland Send Email
Nyob Zoo!! 21 May 2012
Looking for Chris Smith (the other first Hmong Missionary of the MMM). Please let me know if anyone has heard from him.
Chad Hjorth Send Email
Reunion 09 Jul 2011
Trying to contact missionaries serving with President Satterfield and President King. Please contact Mike Ledingham
Mike Ledingham Send Email
79-81? 01 Mar 2011
Any one out there who served under Pres. Brough? I have run into him a couple of times since then, and he still calls me "Elder Bruins." Funny! Does anyone know the Jenkins family in Minneapolis? Their address was 4125 Pillsbury Ave So. My trainer and I baptized them, and I was hoping to find out how they are doing. There was also a family named Christensen who lived halfway between Red Wing and Prescott. We tracted them out, but I was transferred, although I came back for their b-tism. Any news?
John Franklin Bruins Send Email
addition 23 Dec 2010
It should be Elder George Thomas, who lives in Mankato.
Kent Hugh Send Email
Christmas Greetings 22 Dec 2010
Hello to all of our MMM missionaries for the season of 2010. We are settled in as the St Paul Minnesota Temple President and Matron as of Nov. 1st. We have been welcomed with love and are grateful for this opportunity to return "home". As we have spoken in several stake conferences we have found at least 5 of our former missionaries who have migrated back to MN. Elder Halstrom, Elder Wilde, Elder Glen Anderson (who sold me a set of all season tires), Elder George, and Elder Gohnert. We are still looking to see if there are more who have come back here to live.
Please come and see us if you ever come this way....we'll be here until Nov 1st, 2013. We send our love and would love to hear from you. Pres. and Sister Hugh
Kent Hugh Send Email
Darren "surfer" Jensen 11 Oct 2010
Just looking for some of the Missionaries that were in the MMM when i was there.

I may have spelled his name wrong too it could be Darin Jensen.
Clista Bartle Send Email
New Calling 02 Jun 2010
Sister Hugh and I have just received a new be the new ST. Paul Temple President and Matron starting Nov. 1st, 2010. We are excited to be retunring back to the MMM territory and hope to see any of you in the temple. We would also love to hear from any of you about you and your family. Love, Pres. and Sister Kent Hugh
Kent Hugh Send Email
2010 Pres. Callister Reunion 15 Mar 2010
Hopefully you saw the post last week that we are having a Mission Reunion with President and Sister Callister in Bountiful, Utah. (see Reunions)
If you cannot attend, but would like to send a message to President and Sister Callister, send your message in an e-mail to Sister Carolyn Chillman Call at Spread the word! If we do not see you there, we hope to hear from you!
Pauline Kummer Send Email
Book of Mormon marking 05 Feb 2009
Does anyone still have a copy of the Book of Mormon marking that we used 87-89 from some guy from AZ. You'd makr a few verses and than write the next page number on the bottom of the page. Also had the on the sheet the story about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Anyone Know what I'm talking about?
Lorin Pack Send Email
Ties 14 Jan 2009
I was getting dressed for church the other day and while I was selecting a tie I realized that the one I picked was from an Elder that gave me one before he went home (I kind of started a tradition to multiply my tie stock, I think it was Elder Jackson's), but anyway I just wanted to let Elders Jackson, Miltimore, Hannant, Tanner, Anderson, Nelson, and others (including the late Pres. Martin) that I wear your tie with respect and gratitude to have served with you on my right and on my left and that I think about you guys oft.
Stefan Herzog Send Email
Pres Evans Address? 25 Nov 2008
Does anyone have a current address for President Evans? Last I heard he was in Sugarhouse but can't find him.

Josh S. Kelshaw Send Email
WEB SITE - BENNETT 12 Jul 2008
Come and visit the official web site for President and Sister F. Edward Bennett (1984 -1987)

Become a member and stay connected.
Kenneth C. Abel Send Email
Anyone know..... 09 May 2008
Does anyone know the where abouts of Sis. Kaylie Byington of UT? Her and Sis Owens were a crackup! She served in the MMM under Pres. Thompson around ’88 and ’89. She gave many of us some great memories in St. Paul.
Dan Holland Send Email
Mission Call 07 Apr 2008
My son got his mission call. He is going alittle farther than we did, China Hong Kong Mission
Todd Allen Hyde Send Email
Certification under Pres. Evans... 20 Jul 2007
During the first part of Pres. Evans' mission (pre Preach My Gospel), he had a certification program that he gave to the missionaries that had different levels (highest was called President's Challenge, had to get the first level to drive, etc.). When Preach My Gospel was introduced, the Church told mission presidents to get rid of such programs and Pres. Evans threw his away. I've misplaced all of my information (stupid moving) and was wondering if anyone had their and could send me a copy/synopsis. I'd sure appreciate it.
Thomas Dean Odenwalder Send Email
20th Reunion October 5th 03 Jul 2007
It has been 20 years since President and Sister Bennett returned home from the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission. We are currently planning a reunion for October 5th and another reunion for sometime next summer. I do not have the address yet of the chapel where the October 5th reunion will be held, but it will be in Sister Bennett’s homeward chapel in Sandy Utah. I will revise this with the address as soon as I get it. We need help spreading the word about the reunions. If you have anyone’s (including your own) email or home address, and or phone numbers please lets us know.

My email addressee is

It was an incredible experience serving with each of you and the Bennetts


Bert Burraston
Bert O. Burraston Send Email
To my chosen frozen friends 1989-90 30 Apr 2007
Just a quick hi to missionaries from Presidents Thompson adn Hugh's time! This is Kim WIlliams a.k.a. Sister Thiess. I have contacted a few of you but not as many as I would like. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to write.
I am in Parker, Co. with our 5 kids and my husband Calvin...yes, the one I met 3 weeks before the MTC! We are happy and well. I hope you all are too.
Any one know the whereabouts of Olga and Dae Budnick or Rick and Bertie Speak who lived in Oakdale, St Paul 1st ward in 89-90? I would love to catch up with them. Hello to all my friends in Minnesota. I still LOVE you and will bring the family out sometime soon! It has been too long.
Kimberli Williams Send Email
You know Elder Craig? 26 Feb 2007
Hey I am looking for Elder Craig. He was a Hmong speaking missionary. He went home in 2006. I have two of his CDs. If you know his address email it to me so I can return them to him. Thanks!
Tony Thao Send Email
Odd Question... 17 Feb 2007
While serving my mission (2003-2005), a CD got passed around (not sure on the legality of all the copies) from the Australia Perth Mission (CD was usually just referred to as the "Australia Perth Mission CD"). Anyway, I'm looking for a copy. Does anyone have any idea as to how to get one? I'd appreciate any information I could get. I appreciate it, in advance.
Thomas Dean Odenwalder Send Email
Christmas Greetings 07 Dec 2006
Hello missionaries who served from 1990-1993. Sister Hugh and I are doing great. We will be leaving on a mission to the Kirtland Visitors Center in Ohio in Jan. 07. I have been a tour guide throughout the National Parks in Arizona and Utah this past two years during the summers. We would love to hear from any of you. Love President and Sister Hugh
Kent Hugh Send Email
Jill Milbridge 08 Nov 2006
I just wanted to let everyone who knows my family know that my mother, Jill Milbridge has passed away. She had cancer and fought valiantly, but in the end the cancer took her life. SHe did beat the cancer though. She never let it get her down. We miss her terribly and can't wait to be reunited with her again. My father's address is: 2826 Jefferson St. Duluth, MN 55812 and his phone number is 218-728-2661. My husband's mother, Patty Scott also just passed away on September 11 so this has been a hard year for both our families. If you know the Jeff Scott family their address is 1812 John Ave. Superior, WI 54880 and the phone number is 715-392-9245
Jaime Milbridge Send Email
update on Sister Martin 17 Oct 2006
I just finished a contract up in Eugene and got together with her a few times. She is doing GREAT. Yes her number is still #541-685-0640 but she has asked me to make some corrections to the entry Nathalie Myers made. (The intro is hard to hear, but it is of Pres. Martin) Call her at anytime! She does not screen her calls, it is just that she is in UT with her children often. She has also asked that if you call and end up leaving a message LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER, she said that she has received many calls without a return phone number! She is extremely excited to hear from any/all of you! She does have an email address, but when I sent an email to it, it came back saying it was not accepting emails because of inactivity!
Eric Stott Send Email
searching for memebers 20 Aug 2006
I served my mission from 89-91 and have just recently moved back to MN with my family. I am looking to track down a few people who were baptized and other members. If any one has seen them since I left please email me.

Sandy Kruchten (baptized in Winona in 89)
Jodi Schlomann (baptized in Fairmont in 90)
Dick & Loueen Coon (eagan and moved to i think farmington in 91)
Miriam Jewell (investigator in Winona 89)
Karen Heer (or Herr) baptized and moved to I think Rochester. May not be same last name now?
Joy Stevens ward member in Eagan 91
Bob Records.
george thomas Send Email
Holy Ghost Dialog 11 Aug 2006

The Holy Ghost Dialog was delivered from a GA attending zone conference in 1988. This is it's origin.

I memorized it and have not forgotten the "original as delivered, as I was present in the meeting when it was delivered."

Scriptures used in Holy Ghost Dialog:
John 14:26 Awesome promise--what is learned through the Spirit is brought back to memory by this same Spirit.
John 15:26
John 16:13
Doc @ Cov 8:2 Awesome--the power of God is greater that the power of the devil. The evil one works the head and the power of God tells in our "heart" and mind, dwelling in the heart--OBEY this feeling.

Enjoy and share.

Brian R. Merkley Send Email
Holy Ghost Dialogue 25 Jun 2006
Does anyone still have their paper copy of the Holy Ghost Dialogue from the mission? Don't know when the mission started using it or if it still used...we used it from 1993 to 1995. I'm in our ward mission now and I'd like to get a copy of it for our Elders. They said they've never heard of it. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Lawrence Derrill Bryant Send Email
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