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Covering all missions (past and present) in Aotearoa.

A place for former LDS missionaries from "The Land of the Long White Cloud" and the Cook Islands to gather and find one another. This page is sponsored and maintained by Bob Walker.

This is also your page. Help it grow. I am looking for email and home page information for returned missionaries, mission presidents, and New Zealand members with special connection to the missionaries who served there. Anyone having information about the New Zealand Missionary Society, any historical information about missionary work in New Zealand, or things such as temple schedules that would be of particular value to the members of the church in New Zealand is encouraged to submit it for inclusion in this site. I am most interested in getting bios and photos of every single Mission President that has ever served in Aotearoa.

Please note: this web site is a volunteer work of love. I am not in any way (officially or unofficially) connected to any of the mission offices or other church units in New Zealand. If you don't see something here on the web site then please don't write and ask me if I have that information in my personal files. Absolutely everything I have or know about New Zealand missionary work is already on the site. Every single name in the guestbook was put there by that person. I don't pick and choose who is listed; this is a voluntary opt-in service on the part of each person listed. (I mention this because in the 15 years I have run this site I get about 1-2 letters a month asking me to research something for someone.)

Church College of New Zealand to close in November 2009.

Mormon Times: New Zealand school leaves legacy of leadership. 8 July 2009

Waikato Times article about the College's 50th birthday bash, held 24-26 April, 2008.

We have a searchable database guestbook.

LDSWorld Gems did a series of articles on the history of missionary work in New Zealand. (used by permission)

      Part 1: Overview of New Zealand, Series Introduction
      Part 2: 1854-1879: Early Christian Efforts, LDS Missionaries Arrive, Maori Prophecy Fulfilled.
      Part 3: 1880-1919: Australasian Mission, Maori Agricultural College, Book of Mormon Translated.
      Part 4: 1920-1947: General Authority Visits, President Matthew Cowley, World War II.
      Part 5: Apostle to the Polynesians -- Elder Matthew Cowley
      Part 6: 1948-1958 Gordon C. Young, New Zealand Temple and CCNZ Built and Dedicated.
      Part 7: 1958-1976: Auckland Stake Created, Mission Divided, Area Conference Held
      Part 8: Faith Brings President Kimball to Area Conference Gathering
      Part 9: Site for New Zealand Temple Selected and Acquired
      Part 10: 1977-1993: Area Conferences, Temple Events, General Authorities
      Part 11: Three Stories from Church History in New Zealand
      Part 12: President Hinckley's 1997 Visit, Series Conclusion

Diary of Richard Gibbons: March 16 to August 26, 1888. This is a portion of his diary, which was furnished to us by Mike & Jody Jensen. Jody wrote an article titled "Richard Gibbons" in the September 1982 issue of the Ensign. His first mission was to New Zealand and his second to the Southern States.

General Authorities from the New Zealand Missions.

New Zealand Temple History.

New Zealand Temple Visitors' Centre, Pageant and Christmas Lighting.

Evacuation Of Missionaries During World War II.

New Zealand as it is today.

Maori Marae

If you served a mission in New Zealand, you belong to the New Zealand Missionary Society. To receive society mailings, send your contact information to:
New Zealand Missionary Society
P.O. Box 12841
Ogden, UT 84414

The next reunion will be held on Friday, April 4, 2014 in the Rose Park North Stake Center, 1155 North 1200 West, Salt Lake City. The Mission President Groups will meet at 7:00 p.m. and the general meeting will begin at 8:00 p.m. Call Jack McDonald at 801-943-3222 for more information. April reunions will continue to be held as they have always been, however October reunions are now left up to the individual mission presidents.

If you would like to write to someone currently serving in New Zealand, the address for the mission offices are:

  New Zealand Auckland Mission
P.O. Box 33-840
Takapuna, Auckland 0740
New Zealand
New Zealand Wellington Mission
PO Box 24327
Manners St. Wellington 6142
New Zealand

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