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Baptism on July 14, 1991 25 Jan 2013
I have been trying to find the missionaries who baptized and confirmed my husband. He was baptized in
Lawton OK on July 14th 1991. He was serving in the Marine Corp. Reserves and was there doing training on base. His friends from home (Coeur d'Alene, ID) gave him the Book of Mormon and he brought it with him read it and went to church and told the Elders he wanted to be baptized. He was baptized there with 2 Elders another man from the base and maybe a ward
missionary or 2 he doesn't remember. Anyway the reason we don't know their names is that he was never given the certificate he wasn't sure if it was mailed to his home ward or if they kept it at the branch on base. However, I called the home ward, the branch and the mission and know one has it. I also called Salt Lake asking if they knew the names and they just keep the
dates. We have 3 boys and 1 girl and we would like to thank the Elders that Baptized him. If you remember him please message me back.

Thanks for your help,
Michelle Stephan
Michelle Stephan Send Email
Mission Theme? 05 Aug 2010
I was wondering if any of the Engebretsen or Mangum missionaries could send me a copy of the Mission Theme? I know it started, "The standard of truth has been erected..." and contained, "we will do what is right regardless of the consequences that might follow." Sadly I had it memorized, and now can't remember it. I need it for a project I'm doing. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
Michael Robert Whitehead Send Email
Hey everyone!! I served in the Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Mission from 2000 - 2002, and man, was it an awesome time for me!! I miss those days so much, and the people, both companions and others that i met out there.

And, i loved serving the Lord and doing what he would have had me do. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...had a lot of challenging days i'll tell you. But it was all worth it. I laughed, i cried...i ate popcorn lol.

I can honestly say that those two years were the best of my life so far. I even came back with that Oklahoma twang accent lol. I was Elder Hopkins. if anyone reading this remembers me, please get in touch!! Would love to chat and reminisce from the days of yore...LOL!! Did i just say that? Yeah, i'm pretty weird and crazy, but i'm still me lol. Anywhoo, please, feel free to say hello!! Laterz people...
Jayson Mark Hopkins Send Email
Misty Morris, Kristen Cook, and Kayla Fee?? 22 Jun 2010
I served in the OOCM in 2003-2005. One of the families Elder Micheal Lowman and I taught and baptized; Misty Morris (mother), Kristen Cook (daughter), and Kayla Fee (daughter), I have since not been able to keep in contact with. They gave me a phone number to contact them, but every time I try to call them, I get the answering machine. I dont know anything about their activity, whether theyve moved or not or how they are doing. If anyone knows them or has heard anything about them, please email or call me. (425) 289 9495.
Thank you.
Micah K Waddoups Send Email
Elder Josh Yazzie 16 Jun 2010
BIA Federal Police Officer Joshua Yazzie died in the line of duty at the age of 33 leaving a wife and 2 children. He served in the OOCM in 1994-1996.
Bryan Joseph Perkins Send Email
Hi to all 20 Jun 2008
HI to all people who is serving in OOCM mission. my name is Batbaatar i served in OKC mission between 2001- 2003 under president Engebratsen and Mangam i do not know how to spill these names
i just want to say thanks for you guys doing gods work and building graet life in this world okey i need to go right now i will sent you email later on when i have a time thanks again see you soon

regards Batbaatar
Rose Garrett Send Email
10 Year Reunion... 19 Feb 2007
Looks like I will have to plan a 10-year reunion in October 2007 instead of April unless someone else would like to be in charge in April. Just got called to RS president, so I don't want to add too much to my plate as I get into the groove of things with this calling. By October things will have (most likely) calmed down...

Angie (Sista Smith)
Angela Dawn Johnson Send Email
10 Year Reunion! 09 Oct 2006
Yes, it has been that long! Just thinking about planning a 10 year reunion for '97-'98 okc missionaries maybe this coming April. If anyone has any input, ideas or suggestions or would like to help organize, or you just think it's a good idea, let me know...This is just in the "thinking" process right now, but April will be coming right up sooner than we know...
Send me an email:
Angela Dawn Johnson Send Email
Temple Attendance! 28 Sep 2006
I know there is a temple in or near Yukon. Are the Missionaries allowed to attend the Temple? Is there a distribution center nearby?
Krista Hansen Send Email
Recieved Call! 17 Sep 2006
I recently recieved my call to the Oklahoma City mission. I am looking for some advice on what to bring with me into the field. What kinds of cloths do I pack for the winter months, how long will I stay in the MTC, etc. I would really appreciate some advice !
Krista Hansen Send Email
Searching for companions 28 Jun 2006
Does anyone out there still have any contact with Shane Wilkerson or Gary Livingstone? Thanks for your help!

Elder "Teaspoon" Petersen
Thomas S Petersen Send Email
Larry Smith 20 Jun 2006
Has anyone had contact with Larry Smith. He is a photographer and lived in the OKC 1st ward but was not active. If anyone has seen or herd of him please let me know
Jason Robert Mathis Send Email
looking for... 13 Mar 2006
I served in Enid, Oklahoma in '97 and am looking for some members that were baptized there. Althea Foster and her son Brandon. (He would be like 18 years old now). I wonder if they are still in the Enid ward (or wards). Any info would be great...
Angie Johnson (sister smith)
Angela Dawn Johnson Send Email
Duncan OK 28 Feb 2005
I am looking for anyone that served in Duncan Oklahoma and information on someone who lived in Marlow.. his Name is Ronie Laydon. My companion and I taught him back in 1992 and he did join the church then. I would love to hear from anyone that knows him.
Jeffrey Jex Send Email
Pearlie White in Enid 12 Oct 2004
For those of you who know Pearlie White up in Enid, her husband and long time investigator is getting baptized this weekend. I am making a video to say congratulations and hello for them. Please contact me at 714-369-0120 if you live in Utah and I will try my best to contact you to have you on the video. I hope ya'll are well, love ya!
Jenafer Lyn Lowe Send Email
OOCM Reunion 31 Aug 2004
The Reunion has been postponed until April Conference. Look for a mass mailer in early January. If you know of any addresses or contact numbers for anyone who served in the OOCM (we are emphasizing the Beazer missionaries but all are invited), please pass them along here or e-mail me.

The Beazers will be at the conference. We will have a family activity in the day (Friday before conference at a local park or recreational property (picnic -- on your own -- just hang out time), then a devotional that Friday evening in a local chapel where the Beazers will tell us of their adventures (subsequent church service).

Thanks for your help.

Clint Brasher
Clint Brasher Send Email
OOCM REUNION 24 Jun 2004
Just so you all know -- plans are underway for a Mission Reunion for next Conference. We are working on a location for a Friday afternoon family activity and then maybe something later....details to come.

The Beazers will be there. This Reunion is intended for all those who served under them, but any others are, of course, invited.

A Mailer will go out sometime in the next two months detailing the planned activities.
Clint Brasher Send Email
howdy 06 May 2004
I did not see any of my companions on the list, but drop me a line sometime. I would really like to here from all those whom first served during the Beazer Admininstation. Feel free to E-mail me anytime
Robert Kay Papworth Send Email
Please remember us in your prayers 23 Mar 2004
Dear Missionaries:
We have started another type of chemo since the last one stropped working. President has a 21 day continuous infusion of one type of chemo, and we are receiving two other drugs evey 4 and 8 weeks. This Sunday (March 28), is fast Sunday. Will you please remember us in your prayers as you are fasting. We love you and have felt the power of your prayer as we go through this. We bear testimony of the power of our Savior to comfort, sustain, and bless.
We love you,

Sister Chai
Henry Keonaona Chai II Send Email
homecoming 17 Mar 2004
Hey for all those that served with Gene R. Mangum the Mangums homecoming talk is tentatively scheduled for July 18th. Just giving a heads up for those you like to plan ahead. It will be in Springville, UT. Will send out more info when it becomes available.
Elizabeth G. Hiles Send Email
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