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The Ensign - News of the Church - British Isles - June 2000

Stake Celebrates 25th Anniversary

An evening of music and song marked the 25th anniversary of the Merthyr Tydfil Stake in Wales on 22 January 2000. The evening's musical celebration was presented by members throughout the stake. Two Welsh favourites, "Calon Lan" and "I Bob Un Sydd Ffyddion," were performed as well as a selection from the hymns of the Church.

In attendance were Elder Spencer J Condie, President of the Europe North Area, and his wife Dorothea Condie. Elder Condie remarked that he looked forward to the next twenty-five years when he anticipated there would be stakes through-out Wales.

A Double Celebration

Recently Bishop David Dent of the St Austell Ward, Plymouth Stake, summoned Clive Payne and his wife, Patsy Ann Payne, to the rostrum immediately following a sacrament service. He presented them with a carriage clock, inscribed by all members of the ward in recognition of their golden wedding anniversary. In addition, it was also the ruby wedding anniversary of their temple marriage.

The Paynes were baptised in Nottingham Branch after receiving the missionary discussions from Elder Wm Rolfe Kerr, now First Counsellor in the Area Presidency, who was followed by Elders Thomas Burton and David Bench. Clive and Patsy Ann have been active in the Church over the past forty years.

Music and Words of Hope

The Caerphilly Branch of the Cardiff Stake held a programme of music and words of hope on 24 October 1999. Some 200 people attended and several members brought non-member friends. The branch choir performed under the direction of Sarah Price. A computerised pictorial presentation was also shown. Several members performed solos and duets.

Caerphilly branch meets in a local community hall so a school hall was hired for this presentation. The spirit was strong and the standard of the performance was high. Many of those who attended asked if it was possible to do another performance so that they could bring other family members and friends to see it. A second performance was given in the Cardiff chapel in December. Further performances are to be arranged in the early part of 2000 in two chapels in the stake.

Caerphilly has had a branch in the town several times. The last time a branch was organised was in 1989. To celebrate the tenth anniversary, they decided to present a programme that would be a missionary tool and an opportunity for all to highlight the presence of the church in the area. - L Perry, Caerphilly Branch, Cardiff Stake

Same Name Oceans Apart

Little did Janet Moyse of the St Austell Ward, Plymouth Stake, know that her efforts in family history research would eventually lead her to meet a family member with the exact same name, who lived across the ocean.

In the summer of 1998, Dale Goodwin of Alpine, Utah, visited the Helston Family History Centre looking for the Moyse family of St Gennys, North Cornwall. Monica Webb, who worked at the centre, said she knew of a Sister Moyse in the St Austell Ward. Dale Goodwin, who was returning home the next day, left his address for Sister Moyse.

Janet Moyse was happy to hear of Dale's search. Within a couple of weeks she received Dale's book The Moyse Family History and Genealogy.

In the book Janet found that there was another Janet Moyse, who had been born in Logan, Utah and would be about the same age as herself. Janet contacted Dale Goodwin to ask if he knew this other Janet, but he did not. He spoke with his daughter Carolyn, who lived in Logan, and she knew a sister named Janet Moyse in her ward. The two Janets began to write to each other. In February 1999, Janet Moyse from Cornwall visited Janet Moyse and her family in Utah. Dale Goodwin opened his home in Alpine, Utah for a reunion.

From thinking she was the only member of the Church in her family, Janet now knows she is part of a large, faithful family with a strong pioneer heritage. - Clive Payne, St Austell Ward, Plymouth Stake

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