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Tsagaan Sar 13 Feb 2007
Tsagaan sardaa tabtai moriltsgoono uu!
Tsengel Send Email
Mongolian Elder 12 Feb 2007
Back in 2000 or 2001, there was a Mongolian elder who served in the southern Colorado mission. I don't know his mongolian name but his english name was pronounced 'Buyer'. He was a very good elder and would like to know if anybody serving in Mongolia can help me find him. Thank you.
Irene Martinez Send Email
Mongolian Club at UVSC? 05 Jan 2007
Since the visit of President Bush to Mongolia visa approval for potential students wanting to attend UVSC have been granted more often and Mongolian student enrollment is increasing. Any RM or Mongolian student wanting to start a Mongolian club at UVSC will receive good support from my office but I cannot take the lead.

Boyd Bauer, Director, International Office
Utah Valley State
Boyd Bauer Send Email
Greetings 30 Nov 2006
Greetings to all of my good friends in Mongolia.
Richard Nacamuli Send Email
-- UB church --- 20 Nov 2006
I am a member from seoul, Korea.
During my visit UB for six day , I want to visit UB church.

In addition, I remember the Elder (Mongolian) who had interviewed me in Seoul last January 2006. If possible, I want to meet him, too. Please give me some information on the location of Church.

Best wishes, Youngsin Chun
Youngsin Send Email
Newly called 16 Nov 2006
My wife Margie and I have been recently called to serve in Mongolia as CES missionaries. We leave for the MTC on November 27th and fly to Mongolia December 7th 2006. We are very excited about our assignment to work with the members ages 18-30. It appears that we will be located in Ulaanbaatar, and travel throughout Mongolia on our assignment. I retired from CES after almost 30 years on June 1st 2006. We are anxious to serve the Mongolian people.
Mike Stroud Send Email
Mongolian interpreters 21 Sep 2006
Hi, my name is Marisol and I have an interpreting company who provides interpreting services for hospitals and clinics. At the moment we are in need of a Mongolian Interpreter,we need the interpreter for tomorrow 9/22/2006. Please let me know if you can helps with this patient or if you can refer us to someoone for the future.
Thank you so much and have a great day
Marisol Motecinos
801-492-7863 Phone
801-756-1463 Fax
Marisol Montecinos Send Email
friend from mongolia 19 Sep 2006
I have a very stubborn friend from Mongolia who has been here in Texas for 10 years I think. The good thing is he has a good attitude about the church. He was taught english by the missionaries in school for 4 yrs I think he said-I don't understand that, I'm sure ya'll do. No teaching of the gospel was allowed, so he knows nothing of our beliefs. I've told him a little that he would allow and he admires them, but has no desire to become a Christian. I have fasted and prayed for him ALOT he actually asked me for the BOM in english, but I don't think he's read it. I sent him one in Mongolian he got last week and he called and said he can't even understand what he's reading. I laughed at him about not being about to understand his lang. knowing this may get him to cont. to try. I pray the spirit will bless him to understand the scriptures, so that he will know of our Heavenly Fathers love and of Christs forgiveness. He is going to come to a primary presentation that my little girl is going to be in in oct. so at least he will be in church. I've never dealt with someone who believes you should have control over your feelings at all times..........thats nuts. He really, like all of us needs Heavenly Father. His name is Timur Tsend, help me pray for him if you will. I have worn myself out. Maybe when he comes next year to see his parents he'll be a member of the church and you'll see him.
Belynda Send Email
looking for Nordog Myagmar 17 Sep 2006
I am trying to locate and contact a woman named Nordog Myagmar. She owns a house in Provo that my husband and I are interested in buying. We believe she may be living in California or in Mongolia. Her husband used to be an engineering student at BYU. Please email me if anyone has contact information for her.
Thank you,
Heather Howard
Heather Howard Send Email
Tracing a a young woman 17 Sep 2006
I am desperately trying to trace a young woman who signs herself D.Enkhmaa from Ulaanbaatar. She was in Manchester U.K possibly in 2004 and became very friendly with a man by the name of Tom Boland. Early in 2005 she sent him a lovely chessboard. She has a son of school age called jargal saukhan. Can anybody help or give me an idea how i might get more information? I have her address as a P.O box no. and have written to it, but have been told it could take weeks to recieve a reply.
Beverley Boland Send Email
Just Got Called Yesterday!!! 14 Sep 2006
Hey everyone, I just recieve my mission call to Ulaan Baatar Mongolia mission, and WOW! What a supprise! I would LOVE to chat with some return missionaries about their experiences there. What to expect, and what to look forward to! I'm so so so excited! I'm proud to serve the Lord in such an unbelievable place! Please contact me by email! I would love to see all the pictures you've got! Thanks so much! Proud to be a tool of God!
~Elder Darin Holbrook
Elder Holbrook Send Email
seeking current or returned missionaries 07 Sep 2006
I am doing a research on returned missionaries in Mongolia. So, if you served your mission there or currently serving (i don't know if they can see this message), please, please contact me at I really need your help to finish my college.
Mogi Send Email
Help for a Mongolian baby in Maine? 21 Aug 2006
Hey everyone,

My uncle runs a Portland, Maine-based organization which brings children in need of life-saving heart surgeries that can't be done in their home countries to the states so that he and/or a team of other heart surgeons can perform thos surgeries.

At present, they've got a little baby up there from Mongolia, and they're finding that Mongolian translators are in short supply in Portland. They are going to do the surgery this week, but they need help communicating to the parents what is going to happen.

I'm trying to get out of work and get up there (from New York City) and help...though will probably be helping some of the time by phone. It occurred to me that this site is probably the easiest way to get to a significant pool of mongolian speakers - those I served with and otherwise. That being the case, do you know of any Mongolian speakers (yourself or others) - in the Portland area who might be interested in helping out with some translation? If so, please respond to this message and let me know. Even if your knowledge of medical terms is limited (mine certainly is!), something is better than nothing...!

Hope all is well for each of you,
Ann Christensen
Ann Christensen Send Email
Parents traveling to Mongolia! 19 Aug 2006
We have looked forward to picking our son up from Mongolia when his mission is complete the first week in March 07. What are the pros and cons of experiencing Mongolia at this time of year? We hoped to be able to meet all the wonderful people that he loves so much and travel to some areas where he has served. One area that we do want to visit is Selenge, up north near the Russian border. I wondered if we were to come back later to Mongolia instead, the summer of 07 or 08 if we would be able to meet these people and have the same experiences.
I would appreciate any thoughts on this question from someone who has experienced Mongolia with their parents (or from parents themselves) after their mission.
Thanks! Have a great day!
D. Johnson
Debbie Send Email
Mongolia performs authentic music/dance 15 Aug 2006
This is just to share the schedule when the Mongolians are performing for the International Folk Festival (IFF), on Aug. 19, Saturday, Utah Cultural Celebration Center (UCCC) 1355 W. 3100 S. via Redwood Rd. (1700 W).
FREE ADMISSION food booths, etc.

They are leaving Sunday, for Mongolia.

IFF schedule: subject to change within limit:

12:30 pm -1:15pm Opening ceremony: Color Guard, National Anthem, Welcome speech from the representative of Gov. Huntsman, Palmer DePaulis, Executive Director of Community and Culture, Cultural Gift Exchange between the City and the invited nations, Mayor and City Manager's brief remarks, Parade of Nations, and then the festival performances begin:

1:15 pm -1:25 pm Mongolia: Sky Melody Mongolian Folk Dance Music Group (10 minutes)

1:30 pm -1:40 pm Panama: Conjunto de Proyecciones Folkloricas Elsa Estela Real(10 minutes

1:45 pm -2:05 pm The Olympian/Athenian Greek Folk Dancers

2:10 pm –2:25 pm Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance (UHDA

2:30 pm- 2:55 pm Morning Star American Indian Musical Performance Group

2:55 pm- 3:15 pm China: Hundred Flowers Arts Group (20-minutes)

3:20 pm– 3:40 pm Mongolia: Sky Melody Mongolian Folk Dance Music Group (20 minutes)

3:45 pm –4:05pm Panama: Conjunto de Proyecciones Folkloricas Elsa Estela Real(20 minutes)

4:10 pm –4:25 pm The Polynesian Dancers

4:30 pm –4:50 pm Okinawa Kenjinkai Dance Group

4:55 pm –5:05 pm China: Hundred Flowers Arts Group (10 minutes)

5:05 pm –6:05 pm Workshops: Panama, Mongolia, Eastern Arts, Okinawa, etc.

6:05 pm- 6:25 pm Panama: Conjunto de Proyecciones Folkloricas Elsa Estela Real(20 mins.)

6:30 pm- 6:50 pm Mongolia: Sky Melody Mongolian Folk Dance Music Group(20 mins.)

6:55 pm – 7:15 pm China: Hundred Flowers Arts Group(20 mins)

7:15 pm –7:30 pm Salt Lake Children’s Choir (SLCC)

7:35 pm- 7:55 pm Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance (UHDA)

7:55 pm Closing remarks:

8:00 pm SLCC comes up to do the finale number: The choir sings Let There Be Peace On Earth first; and then have the audience join them as they sing the song again.

This song resonates the wishes of the festival to all who have been perennial parts of this event: our State of Utah, our city and its officials, the prestigious Host Families, our devoted committee members and volunteers, our community, our supporters and donors, the media, and many who have helped in many ways. Have a safe trip home!

8:30 pm Festival closes
Aida Mattingley Send Email
Great example 13 Aug 2006
My friend Nara Thompson and her husband Jon are great example of service to the Mongolian people in Colorado. They share the Gospel with Mongolians by serving them and by inviting them to church all the time. Here is an article in Denver Post about one of their projects.
Also, they are organizing a school supply drive in our stake for Mongolian nomadic children. Nara is my first Mongolian friend. If all Mongolians are like her, then I would like to serve in Mongolia with my husband someday.
Kristen Send Email
from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: performers are coming 05 Aug 2006
I would like to disseminate this information to all those interested to be a part of this once in lifetime experience of having this group from Mongolia. Also, on behalf of the International Folk Festival (IFF)), we sure would like to have the help of returned missionaries to interpret during their stay here. The attached press release will give you an idea what this festival is all about, especially the processes taken just to have this country be here in Utah. Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has helped a lot in expediting their arrival. The IFF process all their immigration papers and it took months. Now, they will soon be here.
Aida: 240 6196 works at Church Office Building, SLC
967 3127 home
Contact: Aida Mattingley
WVC Arts Council
967 3127


WHAT: The International Folk Festival (IFF) folk dances, music, food

WHEN: Saturday, August 19, 12:30 p.m -8:30 pm

WHERE: Utah Cultural Celebration Center (UCCC), Great Hall, 1355 W. 3100 W, enter via 1700 W. on 3100 S. It is FREE ADMISSION.

Special performance: Aug. 18, Friday, 6:30 pm Valley Fair Mall Center Court. 3601 S. 2700 W. WVC

Invited nations: China, Mongolia, Panama, Greece, Tahiti, Japan and others

WHO: On behalf of Governor Huntsman, Palmer DePaulis, Executive Director of Community and Culture, will open up the ceremonies for the festival welcoming the invited nations alongside with Utah’s best cultural groups.

SPONSORED by the West Valley City Arts Council (WVCAC), funded in part by the Utah Arts Council(UAC), Zoo Arts and Parks (ZAP) and the Salt Lake Community Action Program (SLCAP).

DETAILS of the Festival’s uniqueness:

HOSTING OUR FOREIGN PERFORMING ARTISTS can be one of the most enjoyable learning moments of your lifetime. Blessings will abound, especially at this time, when the world seems to need that sense of belonging, understanding and World Peace.
****We need great families in the community to host in their homes at least 2 of the invited guests.

The International Folk Festival (IFF), a volunteer-driven project, is a unique Folk Arts & Arts in Education programs of the WVC Arts Council. This is a three-fold program of the WVC Arts Council: the bridging of the cultural gaps thus creating the economic and cultural connections with the different nations through the city's great Host Families, school program and the magical bonding created in showcasing each country’s heritage through music and dances. This is also one way of bringing different cultures in to the great Utah Cultural Celebration Center.

The preparation for this unique project takes months from October 2005 to September 2006. The involved processes, aside from the actual logistics of the festival, are: setting of the festival dates 10 months before the festival, selection process of the countries, invitations, contracts, visa petition processes through the Department of Homeland Security and dealings with different US Embassies culminating with consular interviews and passport procurement. And many times, countries are not approved to go after all.

The invited countries pay their own way to share their unique culture in festivals outside their countries. Their whole week of board, lodging and local transportation are all provided by the Host Family Program. This program is comprised of a rare group of community participants freely volunteering their homes. Language may pause a problem, often solved by the language of love and care, as attested by David and Helene Thomas, who hosted several Bulgarian performing artists in their home and had bridged the cultural gap. Robert and Marian, members of the Host Family Program, said, “It was hard saying goodbye, after the cultural bonding with the our guests…”. “We had a wonderful time!”, said Yvonne Jones, another repeat member of the program. “It is a precious opportunity of experiencing a sometimes-unknown culture metamorphosing into a cadre of new friends into the homes of the community…” the festival coordinator added.

Festival Coordinator, Aida Mattingley, is working closely with the office of Senator Orrin Hatch, as the processes can get complicated with conflicting information received, in spite of all requirements fulfilled. And many times, these countries are not allowed to leave their country after all.

As a whole, the city and its surrounding communities benefit the most, especially the children. They get to culturally and educationally soak themselves which they would not have otherwise. For more information and to be a member of the Host Family Program, please call 967 3127.
Aida Mattingley Send Email
looking for Dolgor, Cheregmaden 10 Jul 2006
I went school in Russia, Moscow. 1980-1985.
I had a classmet named Dolgor Charagmaden from Mongolia.

I think she is my best friend which I never had to chance to say her.

If any body knows her please e-mail me

joynul Send Email
I need Elder Shipp email address 09 Jul 2006
Please help me
Dan Susumu Shipp (he was here about 1998 year)
gana Send Email
Information & support 26 Jun 2006
Sending children on missions to far away places can be a bit overwhelming for mothers. If you would like to join an email group for mothers who have missionaries serving in Mongolia, please contact me or visit my website: We share ideas, information, and provide support while your missionary is serving. We'd love to have moms join us! (If you are the missionary, let your mom know about the email group.)
Betty Pearson Send Email
looking for a friend 09 Jun 2006
Hello everybody. In 1989 I met a boy from Mongolia. His name's Amar Dorjpalam. We had a link for a long time but then we left it. I'd like to get an e-mail link with him again. He's probably in the USA now. If anybody knows something about him or knows his e-mail address let me get to know, please.
Zazuzaza Send Email
My brother has just left to the M.T.C 01 May 2006
...Hello... My brother has just left to the Ulaanbaatar Mongolia mission and i know that the Lord has sent him there for a purpose just like all the other elders and sisters serving their missions but i know that the Lord will take care of him and guide him throughout his journey. Thank you to all the missionaries who have set the standard for my brother as he serves faithfully in Mongolia. Thank you to the mission president and his wife for their kind words. i know this church is true and im greatful for the Lord and his teachings. Im greatful for the Gospel. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen...
Lindsay Manukia Send Email
We are looking for friends in Mongolia 30 Apr 2006
Hi, we are husbands (41+34) who are looking for friends in Mongolia. We would like to travel to Mongolia to Ulaanbaatar 31.Aug for 10 days and we would like to have any friends from the Chruch there. We would like to visit Sunday meeting too. And during the week travel in your country.
Please, if you have interest to meet with us, write on my E-mail adress. Thank you very much.
Petr and Monika Cepek from Czech Republic.
Petr and Monika Send Email
Looking for my Mongolian friend 23 Apr 2006
Good evening

Can anybody help me find my mongolian friend? I was living in Mongolia back in 1980s. i was a kid by that time. I am looking for her for 20 years already without success. Maybe anybody knows the phone book directory or address directory or anything that will help me find her. Her name is Umirgul Sabidulla. If you know anything about this person please contact me.

thank you in advance.
Tamara Send Email
Looking for my Mongolian friend 23 Apr 2006
Good evening

Can anybody help me find my mongolian friend? I was living in Mongolia back in 1980s. i was a kid by that time. I am looking for her for 20 years already without success. Maybe anybody knows the phone book directory or address directory or anything that will help me find her. Her name is Umirgul Sabidulla. If you know anything about this person please contact me.

thank you in advance.
Tamara Send Email
Nephew called to serve in Mongolia 20 Apr 2006
Are there some recent RMs who could provide more information about preparing to serve in Mongolia?Should warm clothing be purchased at home (my nephew lives in Roy, Utah) or should warm coats and boots be purchased in Mongolia?

Can anyone suggest the perfect gift that he might really find useful in Mongolia?

Warm Regards,
Barbara Lutz Send Email
Hi. 14 Apr 2006
I am christian who lives in erdenet city in mongolia.I need foreign friends.
Daalkhai Email Not Available
Church location 05 Apr 2006
Currently living in Beijing and keen on visiting Mongolia. But would like to know if there are any Filipino members there?
Theresa Bido Send Email
Church location 05 Apr 2006
Currently living in Beijing so I keen on visiting Mongolia this summer. Could anybody give me details on where the church is? Would love to meet some of the local Saints. And are there any Filipino members there?
Maria Theresa Bido Send Email
Help me find my friends 24 Mar 2006
To all returned missionaries or missionaries still out there,

I used to live in southern Idaho where I met an Elder Amarsanaa from Mongolia (around 2002-2003) I believe. Elder AMarsanaa (I believe his name is Sambuu) returned to Mongolia in August of 2003. HOwever, while serving in southern Idaho Elder A baptised a good friend of mine also from Mongolia. His name is Zolboo Gendendagva. Zolboo was a migrant worker and when his work visa expired he returned to Mongolia in about November of 2003. I used to telephone Elder Amarsanaa, however, the last few times I have called his father says he is no longer living at home and I don't understand Mongolian well enough to find out where he is now living. The last I knew, after Amarsanaa went home he served as the exec. secretary to the branch in Ulaanbaatar for about 4 months, he was then called to be a high counselor. He used to keep in contact with Zolboo. I was recently married and would like to let them know, however, I don't know how to find them anymore. I am also curious if any of you all know them can tell me how they are doing. I loved them like my brothers. After Zolboo was baptised, I took him to church every Sunday as well as the nearby town Elder A was transferred to in order to have the new member discussions in Mongolian. My family pretty much adopted Zolboo as our 8th child and we all miss him dearly and wonder and think about him daily. If any of you know him, please tell him his Cheney american family loves and misses him very much and think about him all the time.

If any one knows either of these two people please email and let me know how they are doing and also how I may contact them. I used to send mail to the mission home office in c/o the Sansar branch c/o of Sambuu Amarsanaa and he recieved it there fine. However, I have not sent any mail to the mission home in quite some time as I no longer know where Sambuu is living and don't know if he would receive it and do not want to clog up the mail at the mission home.

Any information would be so much appreciated.
Thank you

Shauna Cheney (Sedamano now)
Shauna Send Email
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