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Elder Dalley, where are you? 19 Mar 2006
Please help me to find Elder Dalley. thanks
Od Send Email
Looking for Elder Syme 19 Mar 2006
I am looking for Elder Syme who taught me. If anyone who knows him please let me know. I would appriciate it. thanks
Batuna Send Email
Reunion? 15 Mar 2006
Hey everyone,
Conference is coming up in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone has heard about a reunion over that weekend? Sis. Reid, Teerlink, and Sharp are coming home and we'd all like to get together. Let me know if you hear anything. Thanks~Kristen Jeppsen
Kristen Jeppsen Send Email
Please help me find Battur's address. 06 Mar 2006
Hey, everybody!

I am currently studying in Salt Lake City. There's a return missionary in my ward who is looking for Battur's (served in Japan) contact address. He said that he was Battur's companion and he would like to contact him. If anyone can find his address and telephone number for him, please e-mail me. I appreciate your help. Thanks.
Tugsuu Send Email
COMING HOME!! 02 Mar 2006
Sister Amanda Sharp will be returning home from here mission in the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Mission on the 15th of March, 2006. She will be reporting her mission on the 19th of March, 2006 in the Layton Park Ward. The address is 789 E. Wasatch Dr. Layton, UT 84041. All are invited to attend. The meeting will begin at 1pm.
Sharp Send Email
Looking for a former Sister 20 Dec 2005
Hi - I am lookng for a former Sister, Eileen Chan. She served from 97-99 (around that time). When she served she served out of the Newport Beach California Stake. Upon her return she got married (don't know her married name).

She went on splits with me when I was a missionary in her ward. If you know her and have any contact information, please let me know or better yet provide her with my name and email address. I would love to hear from her!

I would really appreciate any help anyone might be able to offer.

Anna Babbitt
Anna Babbitt Send Email
Enkhtuvshin 19 Dec 2005
Hello Jochen,

My companion, Brett Hansen, and I know Enkhtuvshin and his family. I don't have an address for them, but don't think they've ever moved. I can tell you he and his family were sealed in the Hong Kong temple and his eldest son served a mission.

They are a great family and I will track down an address for you so that I can write them also.


Duane Blanchard Send Email
Mongolian Member baptized in Germany 19 Dec 2005
Hello there,

my name is Jochen Wolfart and i had the previlige to baptize during my mission in the Germany Munich Mission Togtochshin Entuvshin? in 1993. Unfortunately i had no contact since. I would like to hear from him. I just know, that he was one of the first mongolian branch presidents and his wife had a little shop. i also know that he studied in Moskow and is a profesor in arts and speaks fluendly russian.
I would be grateful for any information.
Jochen Wolfart Send Email
My son is on his way! 01 Nov 2005
My son, Eric Dixon, will enter the MTC on November 16th enroute to Mongolia. We are all thrilled!

Mark Dixon
Mark Dixon Send Email
Recently called. 30 Oct 2005
I report to the MTC February, 8, 2006 and can't wait to join the effort in Mongolia.
Tyler Little Send Email
Sain bain uh! 04 Oct 2005
Well, I got my call and will enter the MTC on November 16th. I am excited to join you in the cold of Mongolia at the end of January!
Colton Wiscombe Send Email
HI J. Bailey 31 Aug 2005
I was reading your message about your brother serving in Hamburg Germany. And last weekend I happened to be in Hamburg, so I thought I might see your brother, but to bad he was in a other ward. It would have been funny to see him. Mabey the next time.
Hope you are doing good.
Greetings from Germany.
Uli Brodmann
Uli Brodmann Send Email
Mongolia 07 Aug 2005
My son is currently in Mongolia and will be returning home in November. One of the best sites for Missionary Mom's is we have been able to share our sons letter, address shipping problems and in general get a lot of help from one another. I also recommend for letter writing as is makes it easy for friends and family to write to our missionaries using pouch mail. Check out for pictures etc. Post a message to him as he is alway glad to hear from anyone besides his mother.
Linda Beckmann Send Email
Just Called 06 Aug 2005
I just got called to the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. I'm from Mililani, Hawaii and I report to the MTC Nov. 16. I can't wait!
Scott Parker Send Email
hi 01 Aug 2005
hey hi all,
i have some electronic translators english-russian-mongolian. it contains alarm clock,calculator,memory, phone directory and some phrase translations. apprc. 90.000words it's perfect for those who are going to mongolia if anybody interested email me thanks .
chimgee Send Email
hey 15 Jul 2005
Hi everyone,

I need to get registered on this site as an Alumni. In the meantime, I thought I would drop a line to some of those I served with. I will be finishing up my degree in graphic design in the fall while my wife just completed her RN degree. We are expecting our first child early next year and are excited to start a new chapter in our lives. My younger brother Doug just got back from the Ukraine on his mission and will continue his studies at U.S.C. film school in L.A. Marc was able to put his life back together after his collegiate career ending knee injury and decided to go on his mission at age 23. He is now serving in Hamburg Germany. I couldn't be more proud of him. God willing, he may yet play professionally some day. To those who are preparing to leave for Mongolia, In my view there is really nothing tangible you can bring to the field that will provide the kind of preparedness it seems you are seeking. Just come with an open heart and a desire to lose yourself in the work. Love for the country and people will come naturally.
Jeffrey Bailey Send Email
mongolia 23 Jun 2005
My son is currently in Mongolia. He loves it. The people are humble and many are willing to learn about the gospel. Plus, the missionaries always seem to be having fun.

mm Elder Charles Jones
Mongolia UB 11-05
melissa Send Email
New Mission Call 20 Jun 2005
I have been called to the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission and enter the MTC on August 24th 2005! I am from Centerville Utah and I am very excited to serve!
Matt Moulton Send Email
New Mission Call 20 Jun 2005
Our son, Andrew Snow, was recently called to the Mongolia mission. His report date is August 24, 2005. Any suggestions for his preparation would be wonderful!
cheri snow Send Email
ticket to mongolia 05 Jun 2005
selling around trip tickets mongolia to usa or usa to mongolia
tel 773-793-7591
gana Send Email
looking for my companions and friends 31 May 2005
Hi! I finally got this website adress, I'm so exited. I'm looking for missionarĂ­es who served with me 99-2000. I still live in Germany, and have two kids . I feel out of space sometimes, because I don't have very much contact to you guys, and live so far appart. Please write and let me know what you are doing , and keep me up with news of Mongolia.
greetings from the GERMAN sister Brodmann
uli Brodmann/Winterhalder Send Email
Elder Tueller 27 May 2005
My son Elder Zach Glynn is also serving in the Ulaanbaatar mission....and we are good friends of Elder Tueller's uncle and aunt, Dave and Margaret Tueller of Boise. I believe Trevor's home coming talk was this last Sunday in Utah....we just spoke to Dave last night in fact....I hope you got the information in time...I am terrible at e- mailing...sorry.....Where are you from and who is your son? Hope to hear from you..Jeri Glynn
jg6222 Send Email
LDS companion for travel 22 May 2005
I am a businessman working in China. Mongolia is an area recently added to my responsibility. I want to do some market study in June/July and would like to find a member in Mongolia who would like to travel with me, translate, and assist with my market study. This could turn into more permenant work.

Thanks, Bro. Lamb
Trent Lamb Send Email
Elder Tueller 19 May 2005
I am trying to locate Elder Tueller who is returning this week or next. We would like to attend his homecoming report. Please let me know if you have his parents name, location, phone number - anything. My son is currently serving in Ulaanbaatar and we would love to go. Thank you for your help.
Linda Send Email
travel 11 Apr 2005
My son and I are going to travel to Mongolia in August of this year. We wondered if we could find a lds guide to travel with us on our trip. How might we contact some members there who might like to do that ?
Paul Quinn Send Email
Mission Call 07 Apr 2005
I, like Aaron and Cynthia, have recently been called to the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia mission. I leave for the MTC June 1st, and I'm very excited.

If anyone has any mission-specific things I can do to prepare, please send me an email, as I'd like to do all I can. Thus far I've only been able to work on learning the alphabet and the history of the country.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Matt Midgley Send Email
Mission Call 07 Apr 2005
I, like Aaron and Cynthia, have recently been called to the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia mission. I leave for the MTC June 1st, and I'm very excited.

If anyone has any mission-specific things I can do to prepare, please send me an email, as I'd like to do all I can. Thus far I've only been able to work on learning the alphabet and the history of the country.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Matt Midgley Send Email
I've just been called to Mongolia 09 Mar 2005
My name is Cynthia McConkie and I've just recieved my mission call to Mongolia. I leave for the MTC in June and want to be as prepared as possible. Does anyone have any advice to give me as far as preparations and things that I might want to bring that aren't in the handbook? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm extremely excited and want to be well prepared!!
Cynthia McConkie Send Email
CES Gankhuu? 05 Mar 2005
Does anybody know CES Gankhuu's email address and phone number? CES Gankhuu served in Russia Moscow South mission 1996-1998. Your help will be appreciated! Thanx!
advice 24 Feb 2005
Look forward to a dvd from the mission president- it will show the apartments, churches and the cities- and the black market- My son loves it there, he likes the food, the people, teaching english and teaching the gospel. Follow the guidelines in packing- you can get suits made there- Aaron took one suit and will have more made as he needs them. Get a good pair of black boots here and break them in before you go- as well as black dress shoes (the mtc gets pretty stinky with guys wearing shoes all day and your feet never getting to breath!) -or so I have heard! The new teaching program seems to be working really well -you will need a testimony to succeed! good luck!
fern anderson Send Email
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