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finding alumni 30 Mar 2015
Just met Brian Reyes, now a missionary in Kyiv Ukraine, who was baptized in New London at age 10 (so about 10 years ago) and would like to contact Elder Peschell or Elder Pike whom he remembers fondly. Please let me know if you know how to contact either of them!
Bruce Conrad Send Email
Reconnect 12 Feb 2013
President and Sister Ensign would love to hear from their missionaries. Please follow their facebook page and pass the word to other former missionaries. Thanks.
Jennifer Going Send Email
Sister Angus Funeral 11 Jun 2010
Sadly, the Hartford CT Mission has lost our dearly and beloved Sister Angus. She peacefully left us on June 9,2010.
Sister Angus was and is an example to us all and will be greatly missed. Please come and help honor her by singing with us at her funeral services. We have been asked to sing the Hartford Connecticut Mission song. Come one, come all, even if you think you can't sing, we still need your hearts and voices! Please respond to this ASAP to be informed of a practice, we will provide the music.
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MARILYN ANGUS Obituary: View MARILYN ANGUS's Obituary by Deseret News
Online obituary for MARILYN ANGUS. Read MARILYN ANGUS’s life story, offer tributes/condolences, send flowers or create a MARILYN ANGUS online memorial.
Janine Saunders Send Email
Doris Krause 23 Jul 2009
For all of you who were ever in the Norwich Ward and knew Doris Krause, a dear elderly friend who lived in Colchester, I thought you'd like to know that she passed away last night. She had been in a nursing home for about five years and was unable to walk. After an accident that happened about a week ago she was hospitalized. She was then moved to hospice yesterday. She died peacefully and there is no doubt in my mind that she is rejoicing with her husband Bill at this very moment. She was a beloved, wonderful woman. Always happy and cheerful, no matter the circumstances. She will be missed.
Angela Marie Gray Send Email
Beloved Missionaries:
     Here it is Christmas once again and our hearts are drawn to you in remembrance of the Christmastimes and wonderful days we spent with you.  Over and over we have said that those were the most beautiful days of our lives!  And we truly mean it.  And you made it all possible for us.  How can we ever thank you enough?  Again this year so many have sent us emails and cards that we thought the best way of responding was to send this message of love and greetings to each and every one.  Thank you for your individual remembrances including pictures!   We savour those.
     We know you are celebrating this season with your individual traditions which is makes for family memories, especially for the children.   May we add our testimonies to yours that we know that the birth of the Saviour came about just as Luke described it in his second chapter.  Christ the Lord, son of the Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, suffered His magnificent glorious Creative Spirit to be born of a mortal mother in, of all places, a manger in a stall with animals.  What a humble tribute to the majesty of his divine spirit.  Surely he is the Christ, the Annointed One who appeared with his Father to the young prophet Joseph Smith who truly did translate the Book of Mormon from the gold plates.  President Thomas S. Monson, in his last October Conference, asked members to pray to soften the hearts of the leaders of nations who have not permitted missionaries, to please open their doors so that the doctrines of salvation may come to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.  Surely in this way the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ may be hastened.  May we invite you and yours at this Christmastime to join us in this latest request of our prophet to appeal to the Father of us all to hasten this glorious day.  Coming from our mission in China we are first hand witnesses to what this blessing would be to millions of our brothers and sisters who we learned to love.
     We extend our special love to you and yours.  May this Christmas be special to you and may you feel the love of our Heavenly Father surrounding your family.  Once again, we send our sincere love and greetings and we hope to see you in June at our reunion.  The Ensigns    
Jennifer Going Send Email
Johnson Reunion, Oct 3, 2008 16 Sep 2008
President & Sister Johnson will be at the Missionary Open House on Friday, Oct 3rd from 7pm to 9pm. It will be at the LDS Church at the corner of 700 North 350 West, American Fork (near the Frame's home). Please bring some food to share. President Johnson has recovered well from his hip surgery and is standing tall. Come and see.
Michael and Donna Frame Send Email
President Johnson 24 Aug 2008
President Johnson came through his hip surgery very well. He will come home from the hospital on Sunday, Aug 24th. His email is He said he would love to hear from you. He was in great spirits when I talked to him on Friday.
Sister Donna Frame
Michael and Donna Frame Send Email
Ensign Reunion 2009 16 Jul 2008
I have an e-mail from President and Sister Ensign that I will forward. Just send me a request. Their e-mail gives a brief update on themselves. They are looking for people who would be willing to help locate former missionaries and/or help plan the next reunion.
Jennifer Going Send Email
The Ensign Tour 01 Feb 2008
Former President and Sister Ensign will be taking a vacation from the snow. They plan to visit San Diego, Phoenix, and St. George during the first part of March 2008. They would love to visit any former missionaries living in these areas. They plan to visit the San Diego and St. George temples and invite anyone to join them. For their plans and itinerary, please e-mail me.
Jen Going
Jennifer Going Send Email
Prayers for former missionary 28 Dec 2007
Sister Ensign just called me with some distressing news. Former Elder Jeremy Kearse was in an auto accident. He is in a coma with injuries to his brain. He was giving someone a ride home when they slid on some ice. Sister Ensign recently located him in Provo after years of concern. She has asked that we each take a moment and offer a prayer in his behalf uniting our faith for this former CHM family member.
Jennifer Going Send Email
Prez Angus 11 Dec 2007
Does anyone have any information on the President & Sister Angus?
Kevin Dearing Send Email
Message from Sister Ensign 05 Nov 2007
Beloved Missionaries,

It seems I am sending these too frequently when you are all too busy to read them but anyway--Yesterday in our ward Elder Hales spoke with an amazing Spirit. He said that Elder Eyring had asked him to do the writeup on him for the Ensign magazine because he knew he would be "kind" to him. Actually, Elder Hales has known him for many, many years and said "he is all that he should be".

We are working to find every single one of you and it is a big task, sometimes it overwhelms me. When I asked my husband how on earth we could ever get it done he asked me, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." When I have success in my "treasure hunt" it is very exciting. I'm learning so much. One thing that might be interesting to you is that Paula Robinson Carlisle and her husband fostered 16 special needs children over a period of time and recently have adopted five sibling American Indian children which they will have sealed to them. Along that line, Elder Gary Mills came to play golf from Wash. state a week ago and he is also working with the special needs in the high school there, teaching them sports, ect. That reminds me, although the season is rapidly passing, my husband loves to play golf with anyone of you. We live by the Eaglewood Golf Course and he is pretty good. So please keep that in mind, Elders and Sisters, and he will have only a small handicap, Okey?Also, as we travel around the country we hope to see and do temple sessions with those in the areas.

As I find missionaries and learn who their companions were I then can connect them which makes them very happy. Elder Knudsen wanted to contact Elder Allison, Elder Caton wanted to contact Elder Alberts, Witbeck and Justin Jensen, and if any of you want contact others, you are welcome to phone me or email me and I'll do my best to get back to you. The goal is to find everyone in time to give notice of our next reunion by next year so we can all be together in 2009. I must confess that reunions are frustrating to me like looking in a candy store because I haven' one-on -one time with each of you. So our goal is to try to contact everyone before that time. You can't know how much we love you.

We look forward tto talking to you and seeing you--
Much love, The Ensigns
Jennifer Going Send Email
Finding Missionaries 15 Oct 2007
Beloved Missionaries,

Well, since our mission in Hartford (our happiest time as I have told you many times) we have served a few more, spent time with our family and now want to find our missionary families. It is like a Treasure hunt and we get so excited when we find someone. It is rewarding to learn where you are, how you are, ect. We had a wonderful time at our reunion this summer, the committee worked hard to make it fun and memorable. Still, many of you didn't get the word about it. Therefore it is our goal to try to find everyone in the next few months to try to find everyone.

I was thinking this afternoon that if twenty former missionaries were willing to locate twenty-five we could do the job. When I can't find someone I phone the church and find the bishop of their former address. It has been quite successful. In the case of P> O. Boxes it doesn't work so well. Oh how we love you all. I can't remember where I put the car keys but I do remember all of you, I even amaze myself.

I have found many this way and so has Jennifer Going and others. If you are willing to help, please Email me. After we have exhausted our resources we will post the names of those we need to find and ask if any of you are in contact. I feel quite overwhelmed; I am not so organized and have stacks of papers to sort through. I will get to you all the information we have as you start your searches.

In Utah we have a great thing whereby we can get all long distance calls in the States for twenty dollars max. I will be happy to make calls at our expense after the initial location or contact is made. We will need names of spouses, no. of children, addresses, phone nos. phones of parents, occupations, former companions, ect.

We hope to be able to find everyone in the next few months and give you a heads up so you can plan vacations around the reunion time.

Actually, I become more mixed up everyday and want to do this while I can enjoy contacting each one of you. The Pres. is going to start working at the temple this month after knee surgery but I will wait until maybe the first of the year to join him or until I find everyone, it is a priority in our lives. I remember how no one wanted to go home the last reunions because of the love you have for each other and that makes us very happy. We need to hang together. And in the case of Elder Olsen's wife where she was pregnant and had a brain tumor surgery we joined in fasting and prayer and it was wonderful.
Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Message from Sister Ensign 05 Jul 2007
Beloved missionaries,

We are so very grateful to the committee for their dedicated work in bringing so many of us together this past weekend for the reunion. It was thrilling to see the dear faces from the mission, spouses of those who have married, and of course the children. You have married choice husbands, beautiful lovely wives, and really beautiful children. We share a common bond for the Gospel, New England and each other. Thanks to Jill Larsen Bergstedt and her great and dedicated committee, and the Goings, for the park, the decorations, the desserts, the face-painting and balloon animals, the posters with the missionaries, the program, the golfing, ect., ect. ect.

I have to reiterate what I mentioned while there. First of all, we are anxious to find everyone and learn about how they are doing. There is not a single one that is not dear to us. As I looked through the names, a face and a memory and a smile in my heart came to mind. As the Pres. said Saturday, those days remain the happiest days of our lives. As wonderful as it was to see those who were there, and thank you again for coming, we missed the dear ones who were not there. As I said, we want to circle the wagons and bring everyone into the the love, protection and strength of the group. We will be contacting you to find out companions addresses , ect.

We consider the Goings, Dan and Jen, to be your surrogate mission parents, they have been so great and given much of their precious time for each one of us. We love and appreciate them for this.

As I have told you in the past, these are going to be exciting days in the future, those living the Gospel are going to get stronger and there will be a great polarization between the righteous and the world and not only do we want to be found keeping our lamps full but we must all strengthen our children and have family home evenings, daily scriptures and have peace and love in our homes. As we meet with our grandchildren we are impressed how different they from the rest of the world because of the Gospel in their lives. Children seem to be much stronger than ever these days, more noble, more precocious, smarter, noble souls saved for the last days. Your children.

We are comforted as we hear from the media all the bad news, to rermember the words of Pres. Boyd K. Packer, (sister Packer Chard is related to him) when he told us in stake conference if we stay close to the Lord and follow the counsel of the brethren we need not worry about the last days, that we will be alright. We read in the scriptures that the world will be in fear and trembling of us because the Lord will be on our side. I know how tired you must get at times but it is imperative that you hold your family home evenings, pray together as a family and teach by example. Truly the Gospel plan is one of happiness, we can attest to that in our old age. The joy it brings and also comfort in times of trial is indescribable.

Now my lecture about marriage. We have had challenges and differences that we have had to work out and overcome but is certainly is worth it. We think alike these days, are having a terrific time just being together, working in the church, laughing and just doing everyday things is fun. We don't know how long we will be together but we cherish each day. What one forgets, the other remembers. What I have learned is the importance of having a positive attitude toward each other, thanking, complimenting whenever we can, forgiving. I have learned not to say everything I think if it might offend, that's been hard.
A sure formula, positive, sincere compliments strengthen a marriage and criticism destroys self-confidence and eventually marriages. We need to build each other up and be grateful for everything our spouses do for us and our children. If you can't think of anything to say nice about your spouse, make up something and maybe they will be so pleased they will sart to believe it and live up to it. I'm serious.
Same with your children. Sometimes I have almost gagged when parents brag about their children but I see the results and the confidence they have and I think it's alright to do. The Gospel is one of positive thinking, not cynicism, or sarcasm.

Now, enough of that. We saw so much love and tenderness and goodness among the couples last weekend that I know this is not the case with you but each one of us of can improve in that area, including myself. I need to remember I don't always have to be right but just do the right and learn to compomise. Isn't it true that old people think they know everything and like to lecture?

We are here for you if ever you need us or know of any of our missionaries who need us let us know and know that EACH ONE of you is important to us.

We send our love and look forward to more wonderful times together. Elder Epley has kindly agrreed to help organize a committee for the next one, perhaps in two years, and we will be calling on many to help,

The Pres. and I send our deepest love and gratitude to you now and always---
Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Reunion a Huge Success! 02 Jul 2007
I just want to thank everyone who was on the reunion committee for President and Sister Ensigns Mission Reunion last weekend. It was a huge success! It never would have come off as well as it did without the help of everyone on the committee. That was by far the best reunion I have ever been to, and all the credit goes to Jill Larson Bergstedt, Mellissa Richards Simmons, Pat McGrath, Jody Talley Kimball, Vickie Robison Pine, Tim Christensen, and Jen and Dan Going. Especially Jen and Dan Going who have worked to keep the missionary contact info updated over the years. Great job you guys!
Philip "Hammers" van Dijk XVIII Send Email
Final Reunion Notice 26 Jun 2007
Reunion with President and Sister Ensign
This weekend!
June 29, 2007
Bountiful Temple session 7 PM. The Ensign’s will be dining in the temple cafeteria at 6 PM.

June 30, 2007
Golf with President Ensign in the early morning; contact Pat McGrath 801-299-9346.
That morning, Sister Ensign would love to receive visitors at their home 1012 Eagles Nest Circle in North Salt Lake. Children are welcome.

Family Picnic at Canyon Rim Park: East Pavilion.
3100 South Grace Street (3100 East) Salt Lake City, Utah 84109
Directions: Make your way to the 3300 South exit on I-215 in Salt Lake City. Head west on 3300 South, turn right at the McDonald’s on Metropolitan Way. Turn left onto Grace Street. Follow Grace Street around a corner, the park will be on your left.
The west side of the park is directly accessible from 2900 East.
Please bring your own lunch. There are several take out restaurants located on 3300 South near the park. A short program will be at 2 PM. Children’s games and activities have been planned. Park amenities include a playground, volleyball court, softball field, and horseshoe courts. Tennis courts and basketball standards are located on the northwest side of the park.

In case of bad weather, the LDS church directly north of the east pavilion (3000 South Grace Street) has been reserved.

For any assistance that day, you may contact Jill at 801-694-9641 or Jen at 801-856-9268.
Hope to see you there!

The Reunion Committee: Jill Larson Bergstedt, Mellissa Richards Simmons, Pat McGrath, Jody Talley Kimball, Vickie Robison Pine, Philip Van Dijk, Tim Christensen, Jen and Dan Going, and President and Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Reunion with the Ensign's 07 Jun 2007
Contact those former companions and friends. The reunion for President and Sister Ensign is fast approaching. Please see the Reunion Posting for activities on June 29th and 30th, 2007.
Jennifer Going Send Email
CHM: Ensign Reunion 11 Mar 2007
Missionaries who served with President and Sister Ensign,
Your help is needed!!! Please send me your address and phone number. I am compiling a list for The Ensigns. After you do that, please forward this message to any other former CHM's who are in your address book. Lastly, keep your profile on this site current. With 509 returned missionaries to keep track of, the website is the easiest way. Thank you for helping us reach our goal to contact as many as possible.
The Reunion Committee
Jill Larson Bergstedt
Mellissa Richards Simmons
Pat McGrath
Jody Talley Kimball
Vickie Robison Pine
Philip Van Dijk
Tim Christensen
Jen and Dan Going
President and Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Note from Sister Ensign 27 Jan 2007
Beloved Missionaries,

We are having a gathering to plan the reunion next summer. It will be held at our home on this Saturday, January 27th at 7:00 PM. All are welcome, but please let me know so I know how many carrot cakes to make. Many, I hope.Our phone number is 801 2942672. Please bring pictures of your precious children.

In preparing for the meeting I have had thejoy of looking over your names and some photos. While I constantly am losing things and forgetting things nevertheless I remember each and everyone with great fondness.Of course I look forward to the reunion but it is so hard to get quality time with each one and frankly you and we have changed over the 11-16 years since we served together. We would like to know how each one of you are doing and what you are doing now. It is wonderful to see you come and embrace each other and renew friendships and memories of testimonies. We hope to be able to find everyone. We will need some help and persistence to do so and if you are not able to come perhaps you would help us find others. Let us know.

My husband is still wonderful and smart and the most precious thing in our lives is still the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge,direction, hope, peace and comfort that it brings. We are very happy to continue our missionary work here in our ward where there are many to harvest.

Give yourself a hug for me and your spouse and children.

Bless you always,

Pres. and Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Reunion Planning Meeting 14 Jan 2007
Volunteers are needed to help with the mission reunion with former President and Sister Ensign. A planning meeting will be held at their home on Saturday, January 27th at 7 PM. For more details, feel free to contact me. We can use your help contacting people even if you are unable to attend the meeting.
Jennifer Going Send Email
Christmas Greetings from the Ensign's 15 Dec 2006
Our Beloved Missionaries,

At this season of the celebration of our Saviour our hearts are full of love and joy, especially as we think of you. We have been blessed greatly because of our association with you, through your examples of selfless service. Wew have treasured memories of you individually and collectively.

Weare excited to be missionaries again as we serve as such in our ward. It seems there are people everywhere who need the love, truth and comfort the Gospel brings. Whenever we hear talk of missions our adrenilin begins to pump and we want to go again.But we know we are needed here for now. You are fortunate to be able to look forward to a couples mission someday.It's the best life! Since our mission to Chinawe have greater appreciation for tne blessings of freedom in this choice land of America

We have a couple we met during our mission to the Isle of Man coming to spend Christmas with us and our family. He is not a member but we keep praying for him. We hope they will feel the Spirit.

We wish for you and your families a joyous celebration and a new year of peace, happiniess and prosperity. We look forward to seeing each of you at the reunion next summer. We will

communicate more later.

Don't know what happened to this computer. Keep in touch, we don't want to lose any one of you--

Much love always, Pres. and Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
2007 Mission Reunion with Pres and Sis Ensign 20 Sep 2006
A CHM reunion for those serving under President and Sister Ensign (1993-1996) is in the works for summer 2007. Please take a minute to e-mail me your thoughts.
1. Would a Saturday in late June or early August work best for you?
2. We are considering planning the following activities: golf tournament (morning), family picnic (afternoon), and temple session (evening). What are you likely to attend?
3. Are you willing to help?
Jen Going
Jennifer Going Send Email
Anyone know how to contact these guys 11 Jun 2006
None of my companions have profiles. :o(

I served 99-01 and need to know if anyone has any info on these Elders

- Carter from New Mexico, I do not remember his first name.
- Enoch Wadsworth
- Fuger
- Aalona
- Kilpack
- Tomlinson from Idaho.
- Gunderson
Chris Schoonover Send Email
Message from the Ensign's 11 Jun 2006
Dear Beloved Missionaries:
In a few days it will be 10 years since we left Hartford in our Crown Vic and we cried half way home. That has been the most profound and wonderful experience in our lives, save perhaps the joy with our natural love and affection of our biological children. Anyway, we have told thousands who have crossed our paths these past years of the powerful way that you, our missionaries, have impacted our lives. We so enjoy hearing from you to note the things you are doing now, your faithfulness in the Church, your secular lives and most of all, the families you are raising.
President Faust told us that the best way to judge the success of a Mission President will be the measure of their missionaries dedication twenty years after their service. Are we ever praying for you!!
We have just returned from serving as Humanitarian Missionaries in Beijing China. We were the only couple so designated as Country Directors at the time, though as we left, the work is expanding. Of course we were not allowed to proselyte which was saddening to us for we had so many opportunities, but we obeyed the laws of China. We were part of a large branch of foreign passport holders, about 250 in Beijing, a wonderful group of saints many of whom were there teaching English in the universities. We were the only set apart full time missionaries in China and we enjoyed some wonderful experiences bringing wheelchairs to the disabled, clean water to poor rural villages, books and computers to poor elementary schools and other helpful services under the auspices of LDS Charities. Some day, if as, and when we have another Missionary Reunion we can spend a moment of two explaining what is happening in China. I have just passed my 79th birthday and Sister E is 73. We find it a bit difficult to organize another reunion but hope some good souls out there will pick up on 'the idea. We have just been called as Ward Missionaries which will bring back the days of proselyting we enjoyed on the Isle of Man and Hartford. Hope we can master the new teaching concepts.
We now have 37 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren and are enjoying time with them. Ten of our grandchildren have served missions or are in service now. More are preparing. Are we ever blessed. Because of our over seas service we have missed many farewells and homecoming talks, baptisms, ordinations Christmases and other family events including your
weddings. We are trying hard to repent and be with our families more.
You are part of our family. We would love to hear from you.

We love you and wish you the very best because that is who you are. Please know that we have grown in our love of the scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have enjoyed many wonderful miracles these past several years and we have become ever most convinced of a loving Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. How grateful we are for Joseph Smith and for our wonderful prophet President Gordon B. Hinckley! Love to each and every one! President and Sister Ensign
Brandon Preece Send Email
Update and looking for Justin Miller 11 Jan 2006
Hello everyone! I have been out of touch with all of you for too many years. Sorry about that...a lot of life happened and I kind of got lost in it. I am looking for Justin Miller. He served under the Ensigns. So if any of you know how he is doing or talk to him at all let him know that I am looking for him. hmmmm...should he be scared....nah!

In the last 9 years a lot has happened. I got married moved around a lot (Reno, NV, Elko, NV, Nampa, ID, Caldwell, ID) I have been going to school for what seems like forever and will finally have my masters degree in business in July of this year. My wife and I have had four daughters two of which were preemie's (doing just fine now), one who ended up getting Ecoli poisoning from a local fast food place (now finally doing fine) and now we are doing pretty good (can't really complain) Right now my job requires me to do a lot of traveling and so I am all over the Pacific northwest. (fun, but I get homesick)

That is basically my life, the last nine years, in a nut shell. Drop a line any time. It would be great to hear from you all.

Dwain Loughney
Dwain Joseph Loughney Send Email
ButterCat rumors 29 Dec 2005
Guaranteed nobody was more surprised by Jared's wedding than Jared! I was married this October, just two months ago. Feel free to email for the juicy details! :o)
Jared Kirk Butterfield Send Email
Christmas Message from President and Sister Ensign 17 Dec 2005
I received a Christmas message from Former President and Sister Ensign. They are currently serving a mission in China. The message for their missionaries is quite lengthy, so if you are interested in reading it, please send me an e-mail from this site. Merry Christmas!
Jennifer Going Send Email
Butterfield Getting Married 02 Dec 2005
I'll deny it. But that's just cause I served with him. :)

If anyone really knows that would be sweeeeet news.
Benjamin Doyle Child Send Email
Jared Butter(Cat)Field 02 Dec 2005
I heard a rumor that Jared Butterfield -- a.k.a. ButterCat -- was engaged to be married. Can anyone confirm or deny?
Lance Lewis Send Email
about time 15 Nov 2005
For all of you who have been wondering what has been happening to me. I finally got engaged on the 1st of November to a great young lady. We are planning on getting married in the Idaho Falls Temple sometime in April. Things have to be inline with her sisters spring break so that she can be here for the wedding.
Elder Bowden
Michael Trent Bowden Send Email
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