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Paul Dougan 01 Jun 2003
I took a trip to Romania to visit in January-Feb. 2003 and was asked by a member if I could find any information about an Elder Paul Dougan who served in Ploiesti a few years ago. If anyone has any information about him I would appreciate it. My e-mail address is
Crystal L Ghica Send Email
I live in high populated Romanian and Russian community. Currently there aren't too many community opportunities for them to get involved. I would like to offer an English class through the Romanian Orthodox here. I did not have the opportunity to teach English when I was a missionary. So I am looking to you for some help. Did anyone compile English lessons? I know at one time we had a small book for the beginner’s class and the business English class. If anyone has any information, I would be grateful. Thanks:)
Careylyn Wolfley Send Email
Mission Celebration Update 22 May 2003
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to send out an update on the Mission Anniversary Celebration. The plan is to hold it on July 11-12 (not sure of location yet). We've confirmed that Pres. Morrey and Orton will be there and possibly Pres. Wilde. Pres. Jarvis has a prior engagement and, currently, will not be able to attend.

Plan on it starting from 6:30-7:00 PM.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have an interest in being involved in the planning and execution of the event.

Mersi Frumos si abia astept sa vad pe tuturori misionarilor, prietenilor si membrilor romani.

Numai Bine.

Brandon Jensen Send Email
More Questions 18 May 2003
In my continuing quest to get ready, I have three more questions.

What is the best way to get money from the states to Romania? The missionary packet suggested using a debit card, but are there ATM machines with which to use it? If not, what is the best way to go about transferring money?

On an unrelated note, there is a sister in my ward who wishes to purchase a Romanian creche (nativity scene). Can anybody help me with contact information for a person who sells such an item so that she may handle the matter directly?

Will I need a short-length coat for service work during cold weather in addition to the full-length trench coat I have for proselytizing in?
Jonathan Sutton Send Email
Romanian service opportunity 13 May 2003
Viorica Schiopu, from sector 1 Bucharest, has asked for help learning English and completing a computer class. (Which is taught in English.) She currently lives in Provo. If anyone has any time during the day to help her out, please contact me and I will let her know. Thanks!
Amy White Send Email
Thanks 12 May 2003
Thanks to all of you who read my previous posting and responded. Your help is much appreciated. I am looking forward to serving in Romania, and I hope that all the missionaries are as nice and helpful to each other as you have been to me.
Jonathan Sutton Send Email
Questions about things I will need 12 May 2003
I have not yet entered the MTC, but will be doing so in a month. I have several questions about some items I may or may not need.

1. What is the method of transportation in the field (bicycle, public transit, car, etc.)?

2. What types of bedding are available in the field, or will I need to take my own?

3. What will I need to carry/be carrying in relation to personal identification?

4. The letter I received from the mission president indicated I should take a pair of boots with me to the field. I have a pair of dark brown hiking boots with a gore-tex liner that can be polished (and have been in the past). Are these acceptable to wear when it rains/snows?

5. How much and on what items are customs duties levied for packages shipped to me?

Thanks for your assistance.

Jonathan Sutton
Jonathan Sutton Send Email
Members' addresses 28 Apr 2003

I'll be visiting Romania and want to contact as many members whom I know as possible. I served in Bucuresti, Iasi, and Chisinau. If have email addresses, phone numbers, or regular mailing addresses of any members in those cities, please email them to me as soon as you can. -
Of course, email addresses are preferred, but anything will do.


P.S. - Also, any advice for travel, stay, sight-seeting, etc. while in Romania would be welcome and appreciated.
Brandon Anderson Send Email
Mission 10 Year Celebration 14 Apr 2003
Hi Everyone,
We are tentitively planning on holding a celebration in commemoration of the 10 year anniversary of the creation of the Romania Bucharest Mission on July 11-12. It will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah and will include a fireside and family picnic. The purpose is to celebrate the Church in Romania and allow those who are mission alumni, Romanian members, friends of the mission, people who have adopted children from Romania and anyone who has an interest regarding the church in Romania to renew acquaintences and find out what is happening in Romania.

Details to follow, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.

If you have comments or questions regarding this event or if you'd be willing to be on the celebration committee, please reply to this email.

Numai Bine.

Brandon Jensen
Romania Bucharest Mission Alumni Website
Brandon Jensen Send Email
Picture Involvement despite Distance 01 Apr 2003
For all those who would like to be involved in the Picture Contact Event but are separated by distance, please do the following.
Write/type out a note and attach your picture--please include your contact information and send it to me (If you take a half sheet of paper and fold it in half so it is 8.5" by ~5.5", write your name across the top and contact information, then paste your picture and write on the bottom):
Chaliese Wouden
474 North 800 East
Provo, UT 84606
On the back of the letter, write what branch each one goes to so I can put it with the respective letters.
I will wait for a week before I send these off so I can add any additional ones to the packets.
Chaliese Jones Send Email
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