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help! 13 Feb 2003
Ack! My ward wants me to do a little presentation on Romania. Food is involved. I thought it would be funny to make them eat pig fat on bread, but I couldn't find a good supply! :) So I decided to make a ciorba instead, but I don't have a decent recipe! Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a recipe for ciorba de perisoare.
Thanks for your help! Email me at
With luv from Jen of the frigid Canada
Jennifer J Andrews Send Email
car? 27 Jan 2003
I've done both with car and public transportation, and the latter was so much better. It was the same price or cheaper, no cops pulling us over all the time and easier to get to places. The roads of Romania are "deceptively" inefficient! You know enough to use the bus/tramvai/metro systems in each city so you don't have to worry about that. The nice thing about driving is you see a part of the country not usually experienced--big trucks, gypsy wagons, walkers, horses and carts, etc. all in the same place. If your goal is to see people--use public transportation; if your goal is to see Romania--rent a car. Just a little FYI--hope it helps.
Chaliese Jones Send Email
Trip to Romania 22 Jan 2003
Mr. Prall, If you want to get a car a good idea would be to drive in from Vienna or Budapest (Vienna is cheaper) plus you get to visit a really beautiful part of Europe. The cheapest for a car is Euro 60-70 per day based on at least a week long rental. The drive from Vienna to Budapest is about 2-2.5 hours and then 4-4.5 to Oradea. It is some driving, but if you make your trip in these countries too you'll be very happy. Also remember you need an international driving permit in Hungary and Austria. You can get these at an AAA in your city. We're going back this March, I have realized how much I love Hungary and Austria too so we always make sure we spend 2-3 days in each city. Good Luck!
Jason Heath Send Email
RE: going back to RO 17 Jan 2003
I've been back twice now. Unfortunately just for work and not fun. I'd recommend to most anyone to bypass renting a car and just take public transportation. First of all, maps are not the best there, so it can be difficult in some places to navigate yourself. Second, roads stink as always there, so that is no fun. Third, renting a car is quite expensive over there the last I checked. You can take first class train tickets everywhere and easily make out when compared to renting a car. Just my thoughts.
Matt Marshall Send Email
trip to Romania 17 Jan 2003
My wife and I are going back to Romania on the 30 of april untill the 14 of May. I would appreciate any input on how best to complete this trip. We were thinking of renting a car or something like that and if any of you have ideas on what to do or what not to do. O iubesc pe Romania. Abia astept sa ma duc inapoi. Dumnezeu sa va binecuvinteze!
Matthew Willey Prall Send Email
Update on the Leukemia 17 Jan 2003
Dear everybody,

I'd mention specific names, but it would take and eternity because so many people have been so kind to me. I can't tell you in words nor by my actions how thankful I am to all of you. I hope each one of you can know without a doubt that I am truely grateful. Thank you so much for the support you've all given me in the last year. You're truley angelic!
I'll quickly update you.... I'm doing great and my prognosis is outstanding. With the aid of great doctors and divine intervention, I've survived the toughest part of the storm. What I have left now will take 2 years to finish. I still receive mild doses of chemotherapy, but I'm not knocked down like I was before. I've grown my hair back twice now, and I'm told I'll lose several more times. My mom and dad tell me to just be thankful though that I have a nice shaped head. Being bald sure cuts down shower times, drying off afterwords, getting ready in general, and even saves a few bucks. I've been misrecognized as "Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF)," Brian Urlacker (line backer for the Chicago Bears), and many more celebraties (yea right!), but I also have had some "fara par."
One miscellaneos comment Tyson
Wiser moved into the student ward I was attending in Raleigh, NC, so I see him from time to time. But, I'm doing great and figured that owed it to "y'all" to let you know how things are going. Take care all!

Ryan Brew
Ryan Earl Brew Send Email
Iulia Grigoras 03 Jan 2003
Iulia Grigoras from Bacau will be arriving soon to Salt Lake City to serve her. I will be hosting a get together for her on January 10th. If you want more details you can contact me at 801.599.8563 or just email me. thanks, hayley
Hayley Ann Thompson Send Email
Sora Stefanita Diana 17 Nov 2002
I live in Laurel, Maryland and we just got a new sister serving in our ward. Her name is Sister Stefanita and she is from Galati. I just wanted the missionaries who taught her to know that she is a great missionary. I have gone on splits with her and am totally impressed by her committment to the gospel and the Lord. It's so fun to have her in my ward; we are going to sing a Romanian Christmas carol at Enrichment next month.
Mendy Leigh Hunter Send Email
Iulia Grigoras 16 Nov 2002
I just thought that everyone would be glad to here that Iulia Grigoras from Bacau has been called to serve in the Salt Lake City, Temple Square Mission. She arrives at the MTC on January 14, 2003!
Hayley Ann Thompson Send Email
President Orton's Address or Email 04 Nov 2002
Does anyone have President Orton's address or email? My husband and I are beginning a charitable foundation to help eastern european members get to the temple. Because Pres. Orton is now working in Russia with the area authority I thought he might help us understand whether this is something that would be good for the members there.


Michelle Rackley (Jenkins)
Michelle Diane Rackley Send Email
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