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Thompson Family 03 Jun 2011
I am looking for the contact details of Brian and Anne Thompson. The lived in Clandalkin and then moved to the country.

Any information of their whereabouts will be greatly received.

Angie Griffen Send Email
Stella Newcombe Coleraine 18 May 2011
It is with deep sadness that we report the passing away of Stella Newcombe today at 4pm local time. Stella was a long time & faithful sister who introduced the gospel to everyone she met & was a stalwart pioneer in the Coleraine area. She will be sadly missed.

On a brighter note she is back with her beloved husband Joe who passed away some years ago. What a blessed reunion.
dave hayter Send Email
President Thomas B. Brighton 28 Sep 2010
I am looking for contact information for President Thomas B. Brighton. One of his missionary's would like to get in touch with him. Thanks Brad Cox
Bradley L. Cox Send Email
IDM to Merge with Scotland 10 Feb 2010
The First Presidency announced a restructuring of missions worldwide. The details will be in the Church News this coming weekend. The change directly impacts the IDM, which will be merged with the Scotland Edinburgh Mission and become the Scotland Ireland Mission effective July 1st.

The information I received came from the IDM last week after a mission conference that was held to let them know, and members were informed this past Sunday. Similar changes are being made in many missions around the world. The current mission president in the IDM is President Gordon Creer, who sent me an E-mail with details that he provided by letter to his missionaries and returned missionaries. He authorized me to distribute this information once the members were informed on Sunday.

Here is a news article about the change...

I am confident this change will bring with it many blessings, because the change has been instituted by a modern Prophet of God, and as we support and sustain him blessings will flow.

Best wishes to all,

David Bresnahan
David M. Bresnahan Send Email
Trip to Utah 14 Oct 2009
I'll be in Utah for the next couple of weeks to visit family and would love to see any of my old companions or friends I served with in Ireland while I'm there. Feel free to call my cell phone: 512-704-3571.
Randy Jay Lawrence Send Email
Looking for Alison Bennett (Swann) 25 Aug 2009
Does anyone know where Alison Bennett (formerly Swann) is or how to contact her? She used to live in Mallusk, Northern Ireland, west of Glengormley, and was baptized in 1994. Alison - if you see this email me!
Banyan Sillito Send Email
Liz Ham (nee Mclelland) 29 Apr 2009
Liz Ham, long time member from Coleraine Branch, Belfast Ireland Stake, sadly passed away on Sunday afternoon past, at about 3pm local time. She leaves her husband Olaf, & sons Jared & Jacob. She was a stalwart of Coleraine & will be remembered by all who met her. A devoted genealogist, she is surely remaking many old friendships & being thanked by those for whom she was responsible for having Temple Ordinances completed.
dave hayter Send Email
Looking for Stephan Barnett 14 Apr 2009
I would really like to get in contact with Stephan Barnett from Coleraine.
Mark Delwyn Stander Send Email
O'Farrells in Utah April 4 01 Apr 2009
Bernard and Margaret O'Farrell from Dublin will be in SLC for conference and will be at 3211 N. Alpine Vista Way, Lehi, Utah on Sunday evening from 6-9 for an open house. Anyone that knew them is welcome to drop in and visit. Let anyone know that knew them.
Donovan Bushman Send Email
Looking for Elder who served 25 Mar 2009
I am looking for an elder who served in rathcoole, Newtownabbey between 2000 and 2004 elder Mantges i think he was from Washington not sure but if anyone remebers an Elder allred or how to contact him i would be very grateful I am also trying to find Eric Mealey as he and Elder southwick baptised me and my wife Eric was from California at the time if anyone can help please let me know.
jonathan beggs service Send Email
Looking for help 29 Jan 2009
I'm looking to help a friend of mine stop smoking and I recall that the smoking clinic that we taught in Ireland was very effective, if someone has a copy will you please send it to me. Thankyou.
I'm also sorry to hear about Sam Pue, he was a great friend to the missionaries that served in Bangor / Newtownards. As a greenie in this area Sam made mission life for a new missionary truely enjoyable. Sam and the memories I have of him will always be remembered.
Foster Brooks Heninger Send Email
Passing of Sam Pue 25 Jan 2009
I just heard that Sam Pue from Newtownard (N'Ards) died last Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 and was buried Thursday, January 22nd, 2009. He was 40 years old. He was a cheeky brat and a bit brash for all those who knew him. He was a great guy and did make a mean curry.
Robert Joel Moore Send Email
TOMMY HOLTON 08 Nov 2008
Passing of John Fountain 17 Sep 2008
Elder John Fountain passed away Thursday September 14, 2008 with his family around his bedside. He left a really good testimony and a great love of his mission in Ireland in 1973-75. He had been battling cancer but served in his calling till the last.
Alan John Evans Send Email
Betty Doyle 02 Aug 2008
We have misplaced Betty Doyles address. If anyone has it, would you please send it to us. Or, if you have contact with her by e-mail, we would love that also. Thank you.
Wayne J. Oldroyd Send Email
Looking for Claire White 15 Jul 2008
Does anyone have contact info for Claire White from Dublin? If so please send me an e-mail.
Foster Brooks Heninger Send Email
Elder Jerome David South 24 Jun 2008
I was in Heber Valley Snow camp last weekend with our Relief society group. It was the most wonderful experiance for me to spend time in a church owned camp site and feel the spirit and the wormth of the cuples that are called to serve up there. One Elder perked up his ears when he heard my voice and quickley asked me where i was from. When i told him i was from the West of Ireland he was excited and shared with me that, he and his wife have twin sons and in 1995 one of them served in Scottland and the other served in Ireland. He rushed to introduce me to his wife and she had a wonderful story to tell of there trip to Ireland to bring their son home. But, when they got the photos home to have them developed they were disapointed to find that they wer not as green as they remembered. So they sent them back and had them redo the photos in the right green shades. And only right too Ireland must be seen in the right colors!
On a personal note to RM South. I have photos of your parents on their mission and i thaught you might like to see them. just send me an emial and let me know where to send them to.
Eithne Kim Send Email
Help me find a Elder 20 Jun 2008
I'm looking for a Elder who was in Antrim and I'm lime to get in touch with him his name is Adam Rogers and he came from California I think & he was micey blond.
Christa Shelley-Stone Send Email
Looking for Mark Dougherty 14 May 2008
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Mark Dougherty. He was part of the Coleraine branch when he was baptised in 1996. Last I heard, he was living in Galway......? Please email me and let me know if you have any tips. Thanks, Jake McCarney
Jacob E McCarney Send Email
RM's from the Brighton Era 27 Sep 2007
On Sunday, October 14th, we are gathering to visit with Sarah (Adam) Black and her family, who are visiting the area (Provo/Orem). I'm thinking its going to be about 6-7pm 'ish. Would all who are coming please bring something (edible or drinkable) to share with everyone. This isn't a dinner, just snacks. Also could you all please forward to other IDMer's. Thanks, hope to see you there.

If you need the address or a map please email me.
Emily Susan Marble Send Email
Visiting Friends 02 Jul 2007
Hey, anyone out there remember me? I was involved a bit with balanced effort before I got Married to the wonderful Maria (Sheridan) in 2000. Just recently Maria and I were sealed in the Preston Temple - it was the bestest moment ever. So now I have an Eternal Companion and together with my Step-Daughter, Rebekah, I have a wonderful family. We will be visiting Arkansas, Utah, Idaho, California and other places this August 2007 during a month-long vacation, so if anyone wants to meet up, drop me an email ( Look forward to seeing you:)
Tony Gillings Send Email
Locate elders 07 Jun 2007
Does anyone have contact information on Orrin Harker and Randy Johnson who served in 1972? A member they baptized is looking for them.
Craig B. LaRocco Send Email
Contact information needed 15 May 2007
Hello to all.... My name is Randy Beardall, I served in the Irlenad Belfast, and Ireland Dublin mision(s) from 1975-1977. I will be returning to Ireland from June 15-22, 2007, unfortunately not during the reunion. I would very much like to make contact with a number of individuals if possible. If you know these members, or know someone who might be able to help me contact them, I would greatly appreciate the help. They are as follows:

From Portadown: Ray Buckley, Joan Russell, Wilma & Bill McKee

From Dublin/ Dun Looghaire:
Robert & Marie O'Keeffe
Jean Madden
Martin Quigley

From Waterford:
Paul & Kittie Power
Martin & MAry Coffey

From Limerick:
Robert & Pauline Kearney

My contact info is:

Randy Beardall
4407 Hilburn Ct
Fort Collins, CO 80526
970 214-5514
970 282-8113

Randy D Beardall Send Email
Ostenson 01 May 2007
Looking for contact info for Michael Ostenson......

any help?

Michael C. Wilkinson Send Email
looking for Sister's Boone, and Brenchley 16 Apr 2007
I am looking for sisters Boone and Brenchley they served around 1995. Sister Boone is signed up on this web site but dose not have any contact information. A member who they taught would like to get in touch with them. He is Tom Mooney.
Thanks Brad Cox

you can get me at
Bradley L. Cox Send Email
wa hoo 22 Mar 2007
To those of you who know me, Im getting Married!

And to those of you who dont know me ....... IM GETTING MARRIED!!!

I would like to invite all who know me to send me their address on email so that i can finnish up these stinken invitations

Paul Kunz
Paul Henry Kunz Send Email
Smoker's Clinic 15 Mar 2007
Does anyone have a copy of the Smoker's Clinic that we used to teach to help others stop smoking? I have a friend who's husband is trying to quit. If you have a copy please send to Thanks. Coralei Wells Rodriguez
Coralei Rodriguez Send Email
Ireland in One week!!!!! 06 Mar 2007
I can not believe it I will be back in Ireland with my Sons High School MArching Band in one week. T

The Mesa Mountian View Marching Band will be marching in the St Patrick's Day Parade on March 17th.

If there is anyone who was in Ireland from the time I served 1982-1984 I would love to see you!!!!

I would especially like to see any members from Cork, Tallagh and Belfast, where I served.

Please contact me!
Duane David Oakes Send Email
Maria Covey, Kimber Jensen, Susie Carter 10 Feb 2007
Does anyone know the whereabouts of the above sisters? (They served 1980-1982) Any information would be welcome.
Diane Christina Sleigh Send Email
Search for IDM Elders (1975-1977) 07 Dec 2006
My name is Glen Cart (1975-1977)

I am disappointed to not find on the rolls of this website some of the great missionaries from my time.

I would dearly love to re-locate them.

(I've added what I knew their home to be at the time in Paras)

Bryan Booth (Logan/West Valley, UT)
Larry (Lawrence) Smith (Ukiah, CA)
Byron Edwards (Provo, UT)
Paul Szymankski (Brigham City, UT)
David Funk - Idaho)
Elder Douros (SLC, UT)
Drew Sarger (AZ)
John Wilson (CO)

If you have data on any of them it would be most appreciated.
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