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Hello 04 Dec 2010
I am looking for Natasha Nerubenko living in Saratov. If she see this message plz contact me on this e-mail address.
Azhar Ahmad khan Send Email
Help 16 Mar 2010
I don't know how many of you are aware but Stephen Drake passed away on Dec 25, 2006. He served in the Samara mission from 1997-1999. We were married for almost seven years. I am trying to put a book together of his life for our four year old daughter. If any of you have any stories, memories, experiences, etc you would like to share I would greatly appreciate it.
Stephen Drake Send Email
translator 17 Dec 2008
Hey i have a firend that needs a russian translator in Indianapolis. Does anyone live there? Or does anyone know somebody that lives there?
Jeff King Kupfer Send Email
Adoption/Orphanages 11 Nov 2008
My wife Nichole and I are are thinking of adopting two girls from Russia but don't feel inspired by any of the adoption agencies we have looked at. If anyone is "in the know", share it (the know) with me.
Peter Anders Ivie Send Email
From Tolyatti (Speshkovy family) 18 Sep 2008
Hello! Speshkovy family from Tolyatti is trying to find some missionaries & they gave me a few lastnames…
1) Keller,
2) Johnson,
3) MacKalla (I don't know how to spell it =)
4) Kraynden (I don't know how to spell it =)

So, if you know them, please, respond me…
Thanks =)
Olia (Volha) Aleksandrovna Liudvikouskaya Send Email
Looking for a family 24 Aug 2008
Hey everyone, I'm looking for the SUSHIN family from Saratov as well as the SENITSIN family from Samara. The Sushins moved up to Finland, last I heard. The Senitsins lived in Samara and just before I left (back in 1996) the mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've been trying to find info on both these families for a long time. Anyone either know them or know of a good way to start? Thank You! Either call me directly at 480.789.1517 or shoot me an email at Thanks everyone!
Roy Wilcox Send Email
Togliatti, Komsomolski 13 Apr 2008
We just received some sad news concerning the Komsomolski Branch. One of the members, Nadezhda Lisenkova (Надежда Лисенкова) passed away on April 9th. She's been suffering from partial paralysis (caused by an auto-accident over 20 years ago) and other painful complications.

I am posting a picture of the Relief Society from our trip in 2006. She is in the blue sweater with short, blond hair.

Please, remember her and her family in your prayers.
Natalia Howard Send Email
Hey, guys, I'm sorry to tell you, but we are gonna postpone the reunion, because the plans about a place didn't get through. But we are working on it and we will find something, so plan on it at the end of the January. We will keep you posted. Please, check the website for the news. Olga
Olga Grishchenko Send Email
Reunion- 01/11/08 19 Dec 2007
We longed for a reunion long time, but weren’t lucky to have one for over a year. So, Kevin Anderson and I decided to take the matter in our own hands and to create one. Hear, hear Russia Samara missionaries- there will be a reunion!!!! Hooray!!!
Time: January 11, 7pm
Place: Orem- TBA
Who: whoever served under Pr. Gashler and friends of the mission
What to bring: It’s gonna be a potluck type dinner- so, please bring something  You can contact me- Olga Grishchenko- and let me know what you are bringing so we can don’t have any repeats.
My e-mail:
Also, please, let know everybody you keep in touch, so we can get a high attendance!!!
Hope to see you there!!!
p.s. please, keep an eye on the news, since we will put more details in couple days.
Olga Grishchenko Send Email
Need help preparing 13 Nov 2007
I have had my call for about 2 months and I still haven't gotten any clothes or any gear. I feel kind of clueless as to what I should take. Seriously, just how cold will I be, and what kind of clothes should I take for it? Skirts...what kind's of fabrics, how many...Can you wear any for both the summer and winter? Coat...should I purchase one here from say Eddie Bauer, or wait until I get there to buy a winter coat. Would a pea coat be of much use? Does it rain a lot there? Will I be walking outside a lot? Any tips on boots? I am having a hard time knowing what to take so any input would be a great help! You can e-mail me at Thanks!
Leslie Ann Clarke Send Email
church 28 Aug 2007
Hey does anyone know the adresses and meeting times of the branches in Saratov and Engls? I am here on study abroad but I didn't serve in Saratov so I have no idea where the meeting places are.
or better yet does any one know the Mission Office phone number? I could just call them and ask.
Nathan Isaac Harmston Send Email
Looking for someone Tolyatti 11 Aug 2007
I am looking for members in Tolyatti's komsomolsky raion. He was a counselor in the Branch Presidency at one time. His name is Aleksey and his wife's name is Polina. They lived at Chaikina 50-231. His mother lived with them and was deaf so their doorbell was wired to make the lights blink when someone rang it. He was an excellent cook and worked security for Sberbank. Anyone know him or where he is right now?
Mark William Gardner Send Email
Looking for another Saaratovite 11 Aug 2007
I am looking for an Armenian Family taught and baptized in the mid 90's Narine was baptized before I arrived there and her father Yuri was baptized January 1997. They lived at 7th Nagorny Proekt in a chasny dom #54. Are they still around? Are they still active?
Mark William Gardner Send Email
Whereabouts of Dima and family Zavodskoy saratov 11 Aug 2007
I am looking to know the fate of Dima and his mother Tatiana who lived In Zavodskoy Raion in Saratov on Prospekt entusiastov 49-35. He was baptized in 1996 but i have not heard anything from him for a long time.
Mark William Gardner Send Email
Deduska Aleksander in Zavodskoy Saratov 11 Aug 2007
Does anyone know how Dedushka Aleksander is doing? He would be around 95 now if he is still alive. he was a real trooper and so it would not surprise me if he was still alive. He lived in Zavodskoy Raion in Saratov at 2 kavkazky tupik 9-6. I have asked a couple of elders who were in Saratov recently but neither of them knoew him. Does Anyone Know?
Mark William Gardner Send Email

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