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Our Mission

Welcome to LDS Mission Network, the oldest and most comprehensive index of missionary Web sites—a volunteer service by returned missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Use LDS Mission Network to...

  • Find mission Web sites and learn about their reunions
  • Discover and learn more about the mission you have been called to
  • Locate and learn about other missions around the world

Who We Are

LDS Mission Network is an index of mission alumni Web pages independently maintained by returned missionaries from the corresponding missions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A small group of Web developers (see right) and designers donate their time to maintain LDS Mission Network, its indices, PURL servers, and equipment.

How We Got Started

On January 8, 1996, a discussion began between the owners of the existing mission alumni pages (see the e-mail thread). After hundreds of messages exchanged over a period of a few months, a server was selected, a logo was chosen from over a dozen candidates submitted by mission alumni page owners, and a home page was posted at mission.net (framed and non-frame-enabled versions).

LDS Mission Network now provides two basic services:

  1. Serves as an easy-to-find jumping point for RM's searching for an alumni Web site for their mission.
  2. Provides server space for returned missionaries to keep their alumni pages, if they so choose.

Returned missionaries who host their mission alumni sites on the LDS Mission Network can choose between Linux and Windows NT servers. The Linux server is mission.net and the Windows NT server is ldsmissions.net. The servers offer most of the services commonly associated with the respective operating systems. (For example, sites hosted on ldsmissions.net can use Active Server Pages and ODBC databases.)

LDS Mission Network also provides tools for site Webmasters, such as a full-featured database-driven alumni databases.

For more on the history of mission alumni pages on the Web and LDS Mission Network, check out the BYU Universe article.

Meet the LDSMN Admin Team
Christofer Hardy
Systems Engineer, Script Writer, Networking Guru, Linux Engineer, Primary Architect
Tim Riker
Systems, Networking, Perl, PHP, Backups, Linux Technologist
Emeritus Administrators
Craig Harman
Troy Young
Brandon Pulsipher
Jason Mortensen
Michael Cleverly
Curtis Jewell
M. Troy Bowman
Dan Wilson
P. Eric Huber
Derek Hansen
David Stewart
Fred Larsen
Cristopher Hogan
Aaron Turner
T Miklia
Rogelio Flores
Daniel Gibby
Todd Giles
Michael Booth
David van der Leek
Paul Pehrson

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I want to maintain my pages on my own server, or my ISP's server?

Does LDS Mission Network seek sponsors?

How is LDS Mission Network financed?

Does LDS Mission Network seek donations?

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