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Larkins dendo-bucho 24 Sep 2007
Utah ni iku mae ni
Larkins dendo-bucho ni renraku wo toritai nodesuga,mail shitemo henji ga naishi denwa shitemo tsukawarete-inai to iu koto deshita...
Dareka Larkins dendo-bucho no renraku-saki(mail ka denwa)wo shitte masuka?
oshiete kudasai.
Utah ikimasu 04 Sep 2007
'98 kara '00 made Sapporo dendo-bu de dendo shita,Izumi-choro desu.
Watashi wo oboete imasuka?
Kotoshi no Oct 29 kara Nov 12 made Utah(SLC,Provo,Draper atari)ni ikimasu.
Moshi, watashi no koto wo oboeteiru hito de ima Utah ni sunderu hito renraku kudasai.
larkins sedaino kata he shitumon 18 Aug 2007
eikaiwa no seito no tajima yuka san to
renraku wo toritainodesuga, dareka sirimasenka?
sutekina okusamade, goshujin ha oisha san de 2ri no musume san ga imasu.
1998nen kara 1999nen kurai kushiro.
sonoato honbu no chikaku ni hikkosi masita.
touji byoukini natta choro wo naositatoka naositenaitoka.
larkins dendo bucho mo kanojono kotowo yoku sitteimasita.
mosi,sitteitara zehi osiete itadakitaino desuga.
yorosiku onegai simasu.
MIA RM's 28 Jul 2007
I'm looking forward to the reunion in Oct. Has anyone seen or heard from two missionaries from the last area where I served in '90, Hakkodate -- Oliver Choro, and Nope Choro?
Bryan D Elliott Send Email
Reunion-- Tsuchida 25 Jun 2007
Attention Former Sapporo Missionaries:

Missionaries serving under President Masaru and Sister Junko Tsuchida are gathering for a Fall 2007 reunion. President and Sister Tsuchida will be coming from Japan.

Date: Friday, Octoner 5th, 2007
Time: 6:00PM
Place: TBD—A ward building in Salt Lake City

The Tsuchidas will address the group and a dinner/social will follow.

We are creating a “master” list with the contact information for as many missionaries as possible. Please send me your current contact information as well as the contact information for as many others that you may have.

Please mark your calendars and keep checking the website. More information to follow soon.

An organization committee has been set up to make this happen. Please contact any member of the committee with questions or additional contact information.

Mike Thompson
Steve Atchley
Erik Kerr
Kent Anderson
James Packer
Troy Wallin
Michael R Thompson Send Email
Orita, Osamu kyodai 24 Apr 2007
For those who might know Orita Kyodai, he served in the Sapporo mission in 1981-83 era. His apartment burned down along with all of his belongings. He is not fully employed at this time. Any help you could give this brother would be so appreciated. I have his address and email and other info. If you contact me, I will pass along the information. Ron Schindler
Ron Schindler Send Email
Searching 20 Apr 2007
In the last 25 years I've lost contact with most the people I served with. Since i can recall few of the first name, contacting them isn't easy. So I'm asking if any of you have the addresses, phone numbers or e-mail of the follow:

David French
Pere - was in Odori
Green - was in Odori
Royal Mathews Send Email
Kobayashi 18 Apr 2007

I never served in Urakawa, but I did serve in Mikaho (1984). I'm the only one in the family that speaks "some" Japanese (not much practice since moving out of LA back to SLC 6 years ago). If no one from their branch offers, we would be happy to offer our home, food & transportation. I can be reached directly at

Allen choro
Irvin Allen Send Email
Walsh Shimai 13 Apr 2007
Walsh Shimai,
Your Email address is not working. I have tried a couple of times to email you, but they keep getting sent back. Thanks,
Katie Staten Shimai
Katie Marie Parkinson/Staten Send Email
Kobayashi family from Urakawa 11 Apr 2007
Brother and Sister Kobayashi from the Urakawa Branch, Sapporo Stake are planning on visiting Salt Lake City in June or July. They would like to stay with a returned missionary's home if it is possible.

Could anyone in the Salt Lake area that served in Urakawa (or anywhere!) host the Kobayashis for a day or two? If you can, please send me a message. Thank you!

Yudai Ito
Yudai Ito Send Email
Re: Lynn Bryson tape 19 Mar 2007
rebmemer t'nod I... :-)
Randy Marsden Send Email
Lynn Bryson Tape 18 Mar 2007
IN 1983 there circulated in the mission a tape by brother Lynn Bryson entitled "winning the testimony wars-the occult and rock 'n roll". It had snipets of backmasking, etc. I have searched high and low for a copy to no avail. Does anybody even remember that tape? I would be tickled to get a copy. Please let me know.
David Jimenez Send Email
1994-1996 Mission Reunion request 09 Mar 2007
Hey all you 1994-1996 Sapporo Alumni: Our Reunion is on! March 30th at 7 PM. I just posted it with the Deseret News. 5 years ago I planned our last reunion and collected many emails. I sent out a notice using those emails and many came back as undeliverable. I really need all of your help in spreading the word about this reunion or else my trainer, Waka Tani Barrett Shimai and I will be singing karaoke all alone. Please email all your alumni friends and direct them to this link for details. Humor me and send me an RSVP and let me know if you are coming. The whole family is welcome. I'm at
Anne Simmons Send Email
Pinch Choro 07 Mar 2007
I like contact with those who were in Hokkaido while I was - 81/82. And it's nice to swap info with who likes art, horses, Ford Mustangs and finance. Royal Mathews (was Pinch choro)
Royal Mathews Send Email
Yamoto info for Elder Allred 04 Mar 2007
Have fun in Japan, Elder Allred! By the way, I just got a phone call from Mr. Yasuo Yamoto (the fish carver, with the wife who worked at the hospital that treated your jinmashin) the other day, and they are doing well and living in Date-shi. He recently visited the United States for the first time. E-mail me and I'll give you his contact information if you'd like to visit the Yamotos while you're in Japan.
Jeff M. Richards Send Email
Young Women Theme 04 Mar 2007
I found the Young Women Theme, along with a bunch of other good stuff, at the LDS Church's Japanese website. The link can be found at the following:

then go down to where it says "teema" and cut and paste the passage below it, which begins "Watashi wa Ten No Onchichi no Musume desu."

Hope this is helpful.
Jeff M. Richards Send Email
Churchs all throughout Japan 02 Mar 2007
The Church has a nifty website that has all the location for all the Churches in Japan.
So you can come to church when you are here.
Michael Stocker Send Email
Young Women's Theme 02 Mar 2007
My wife is in the young women's presidency in the Japanese Dai Ichi Ward and so she told me that we had some Japanese copies of the Personal Progress book which contains the Young Women's Theme. I have written it in Romaji below. I also have it in Kanji in Word, but it looks like this message system won't accept kanji. I could email you the Word document and a scan of the page with the theme from the Personal Progress book.

Wakai Josei no Tema

Watshitachi wa Tenpu no musume desu. Tenpu wa watashitachi wo ai shi,
Watashitachi mo Tenpu wo ai shite imasu. Watashitachi wa wakai josei no tokushitsu ni shitagatte seikatsu suru youni tsutome, itsudemo, dono youna koto ni tsuite mo, dono youna tokoro ni ite mo, Kami no shounin ni naru koto wo nozonde imasu.

Wakai josei no tokushitsu:

Kami kara uketsuida tokushitsu
Kojin no kachi
Sentaku no Sekinin
Yoi okonai

Watashitachi wa, korera no tokushitsu wo ukeire, sore ni shitagatte koudou suru youni naru ni tsurete, katei to kazoku wo tsuyome, shinsei na seiyaku wo kawashite mamori, shinden no gishiki wo uke, shouei no shukufuku ni azukaru sonae ga dekiru youni naru to shinjimasu.
Grant Spencer Send Email
Test 02 Mar 2007
Grant Spencer Send Email
shiroishi church 01 Mar 2007
If my memory serves me well the link that Jason Lowry put on his message is the Shiroishi church. It looks like it is in the right place.
Mark L Hall Send Email
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