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New building 29 Nov 2006
I can't believe the building across the street from the senkyoushi no apato is gone now and a new one is up. I was in Shibetsu back in 97 and the building there was not bad. Needed work but I am happy they finally got what they deserve in a building. May the Lord bless the members there.
Kenji Benjamin Nihipali Send Email
Honbu 22 Nov 2006
Also, I swung through the Hombu, and it has not changed at all. The number of missionarries have been cut down drastically since I was there, though. They're down to about 80 for the whole island. They no longer have missionarries in Shibetsu, Wakkanai, or Makkomanai.
Brianne Reif Blanchard Send Email
Shibetsu has a new church 22 Nov 2006
I just got back from a visit to Hokkaido for a week, and thought any who served in Shibetsu might like to know that the old green roofed church has been torn down and replaced by a very official-looking church within the last year.
Brianne Reif Blanchard Send Email
Thanks Everyone 12 Oct 2006
Thanks for all the help so far on places to stay in Japan. I will look into all of them. I recently subscribed to TVJapan at my house. It is so great to hear the language whenever I need to. You can only get it with Dish in the US.
Ron Schindler 1980-1982
Ron Schindler Send Email
RE: Help with trip 03 Oct 2006
To find the best deals on Hotels in Japan, you'll need someone who can read Japanese. You'll find the best deals online and typically only on Japanese websites. Looking at english-only sites significantly reduces the options that are available to you and I found that they were typcially higher priced.
Jason Lowry Send Email
RE: Help with Trip 28 Sep 2006
When you stay in Japan, you can stay at "shukubo"(zen buddhist temple lodging), too.
I heard that Honganji Monbou Kaikan in Kyoto is very good.
Honganji Monbou Kaikan
TEL: 075-342-1122
Location: 15min walk from Kyoto station, 3min. walk from bus stop "Nishi-Honganji mae"
Their parking lot is big (can park 200 cars)
Check in: 15:00
Check out: 10:00
6300yen per night
7350yen per night w/breakfast
one night w/2 meals 9450yen - 11550yen
Aya Collotte Send Email
Help with Trip 27 Sep 2006
From Paul Oman (Kenji's Dad)

Try staying in youth hostils. There is no age limitation. You can get a membership in the US before you go and can make prior reservatations for your stay. Also look for discount air fares to Japan possibly from American Airlines next Spring for the summer. If you leave the US in May it could save you some $ on airfare. You can also travel on a JR railpass that you can buy before you leave the US.
Kenji Masato Oman Send Email
Help with Trip 21 Sep 2006
Next July, my family and I (4 people) will be visiting Japan. I would like to stay in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hokkaido. The hotels have been so expensive so I am looking for help finding lodging. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, things to see in Kyoto?
Ron Schindler Send Email
Tokyo Temple Closing 21 Sep 2006
Does anyone know the dates of the Tokyo Temple closing for next year? The dates on the church website are for this year. I am most likely coming back to work in the Temple and would like to make plans now.
Ron Schindler Send Email
Hansen Reunion Oct 2006 21 Sep 2006
Dear Former Sapporo Japan Missionaries:

Sister Hansen and I would like to invite you to join us for an evening in a walk down memory lane. We are going to be in Utah for General Conference next week and are going to be at the Lakeside Third Ward Chapel in Provo on Friday evening, September 29. [See directions below.] We will arrive around 6:30pm at the church and stay as long as there are people around to talk to. We invite you, and any spouse or special friend you might have, to join us and participate in whatever festivities we can muster amongst ourselves. There will be no planned program - no speeches or formal introductions - but we can interact and talk with each other, renew old acquaintances or companionships, talk about prospective plans and situations, and generally just enjoy an evening together. If you are able to make it, please plan on dropping by during the evening. We would love to see you.

And for those of you who may not be able to make it, a bit of news. After over a year of being back in the States, things are as "normal" as they ever were for Cindy and me. Our two older children have both married and are doing very well. Amy is a sophomore at BYU in Provo (a big reason we are going to Utah for conference - you being another important reason) and enjoying life away from her parents. Cindy is teaching early morning seminary again and seems to be enjoying it, though the year is just starting (we'll see how it is again in the spring). I am busy working and traveling way too much again. I am enjoying my calling on the high council and getting to meet frequently with the quality leaders in our stake. We have settled into our new home and really seem to be enjoying life. In fact, one might think that things are going too well and that the "calm before the storm" is upon us. Nevertheless, we feel the richest blessings in life have been abundantly poured upon us, for which we give daily thanks to our Heavenly Father. We became grandparents earlier this year, and yes, it is as good as everyone said it was. Being a grandparent is the reward for all those years of raising our children and putting up with all their antics and whatnots. You should see Cindy around her grandson - she is as proud and happy as one can possibly be. And because Dane and his wife Ashleigh are now in Oregon attending law school, we can see the little one far more often than before (though certainly not enough for Sister Hansen).

We certainly hope and pray that all is well in your life. We miss our associations with you wonderful men and women. We treasure our experience and the opportunity to know and be with you as one of our most cherished memories. In all reality, you are as our own children, and we love you all.

Our email address list is incomplete and out of date. Please forward this letter to any of our former missionaries whose address you know, with a copy to me so that I can add you to our list. Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing many of you next week.

Directions to the reunion location: The church address is 2400 W. 50 N. Go west (from downtown Provo) on Center St. until you come to 2400 W. The church will be on your right, just north of Center. (It is west of the freeway and past Geneva Rd. etc. If you run into Utah Lake, you've gone too far.)


Dick (fka President) and Cindy (fka Sister) Hansen
hello, all!

this is the former sister johnson with one addition to
president hansen's letter about the reunion. we are
planning to make it a potluck, so please bring along
your favorite dish, and spread the word (about the
reunion and the potluck). thanks!

if you have any questions about location, directions
or other reunion-related inquiries, please feel free
to call me at (303) 249-1938.

excited to see you all!
frances (johnson shimai)
Jim Dillon Send Email
Bilingual Japanese Positions Available 29 Aug 2006
I wanted to make all aware of some positions I have available for bilingual Japanese/English speakers. These are work-from-home positions, and are during a graveyard shift. I can accommodate either a full-time or part-time schedule and pay is negotiable. Position can be located in SLC or Orem, UT, or in New Mexico, North Carolina, or Wyoming.

Native fluency is a requirement, but second-language candidates will be considered if they can demonstrate a high-level of language proficiency.

If anyone knows someone who is interested, please have them contact me via email at for more information.
Joe Alexander Send Email
Mission Song 17 Aug 2006
Does anyone have a copy of the mission song? I remember most of it in Japanese, but can't think of how the English version goes. If someone has the old sheet music and could scan it into the computer, I would love to get a copy.
R. Dale Huffaker Send Email
Most Current Mission News 15 Aug 2006
I visited the Japan Sapporo Mission and its areas last week, on Aug. 7-14. I had an opportunity to talk with the current mission president, President Yokoyama. He was my stake president when I got married three years ago so he remembered me when I met him in the mission home.

He said there were 30 baptisms in the mission in July. When I was in the mission field 4-6 years ago, our highest was 15 a month as a mission. President Yokoyama also said that there have been 20 baptisms just in the Moiwa Ward this year.

Unfortunately, no missionaries are assigned in Wakkanai and Urakawa currently. There are only 70 missionaries in the mission right now.

If you want to see the pictures I took in Hokkaido, please click the URL below.

If you have any questions about the current Japan Sapporo Mission, please email me.
Yudai Ito Send Email
President Tsuchida 19 Jun 2006
I just got off the line with President Tsuchida. He is very GENKI and just when he thought he was going to go home, they asked him to extend again. This time, he will be finished around the end of August. We registered him (I was online while he dictated) and he is eager to hear from his missionaries.

Please send this great man a message when you have a moment. His address and phone number will be on his profile. Your support for him will be greatly appreciated!

We are thinking about a Tsuchida/Sapporo mission reunion next spring.

Mike Thompson

PS. You can call or email me with questions. I will be out of the country (China) for the next two weeks, but I will be checking email.
I just updated President Tsuchida's profile with this information:
"Unity- 80!!!! I love you aqll and would love to see you again. I have
been busy with Missionary work for all these years and have missed you very
much. I am sorry for the long absence of my writing!

My phone number is 078-881-2011.

We will finish our mission at the end of August and then will return to
Kyushu for a short while as we will be released by the stake president. We
will then go to Tokyo around mid-September to live with my daughter Aisa.
I will update this again at that time.


Masaru and Junko Tsuchida"
Jim Dillon, webmaster
Michael R Thompson Send Email
Horiuchi DendoBucho 01 Jun 2006
The first Sapporo DendoBuch was President Russell N. Horiuchi. He is from Hawaii and his wife is from Japan, they met in Japan when she was an interpreter in the same building he worked in. They moved to Utah and left for their tour of duty as "The Bûch" in 1970 from the same house they still live in today. It is only a few houses from where I ended up here in Utah. This is weird in that I too am from Hawaii, and my mom lived in this culdesac for a couple years and I left was set apart while she was here and still didn't know he was only a few houses away. I kept seeing this Oriental man working in his yard as I would go by the house and after reading about him in this site realized he was the original Sapporo Bûch. I finally had a chance to talk to him a couple weeks ago, but only for a few minutes because I was actually working at the time. Even after 35 years he still has that DendoBucho feel to him, the way he talked the questions he asked, etc. It only took an introduction and we talked like we knew each other for a long time. He said he talks to Paul Oman and his wife Yasuko Yamada, who was a missionary under Horiuchi DendoBucho and who also have a son in Sapporo now. It was a nice visit and when my kids get back from Taiwan with their mom I will take them over to meet him.
William B Stanton Send Email
1997-99 08 Apr 2006
Any missionaries from Hoki era here that can give me some low down on old missionaries? I have been away and have only kept in contact with Hoyal Chorou. Anyone.........? Thankyou. Kenji Nihipali
Kenji Benjamin Nihipali Send Email
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Deann Johnson Shimai? She was living in Texas the last time I talked to her.

Please email me with her phone # or other contact information.

Thank you in advance. Best Regards.

Michael R Thompson Send Email
There are serveral stake centers here in Tokyo that you could probably do a concert at. For example, Keneth Cope will be here this Sunday holding a fireside concert at a Stake Center in Kichijoji. If you need help scheduling one let me know and I will see what I can do--no guarantees of course.
Brett Humphrey Send Email
Touring to Honshu with a kids choir 21 Feb 2006
I'm touring to Japan with an all city youth choir from Olympia, WA, KIDS IN KONCERT, leaving April 21st. We'll be 3 days in Tokyo and then spend the bulk of our time in the Kobe area. We have a relationship with a the Mukogawa School there. This will be our second trip to Japan. I've been feeling very natsukashii about my mission as I make preperations to leave. I just ran across this sight, and thought that I would pop a message in. If anyone has any connections in Toykyo, we are still scheduling performance venues in that area and would love to make a contact. Nice to read your messages.
Troy Arnold Fisher Send Email
Reunion 1979-1985 02 Feb 2006
It is official. We will have a Sapporo Mission Reunion in SLC on March 31, 2006 for missionaries serving from 1979 to 1985 with President Hotta and President Hoki. They have both committed to attend.

Please let us know of your availability. There will be a dinner at 6pm and program at 7pm. Registration will be $10 and Dinner with registration will be $25. Pre-registration for dinner and any hotel rooms are required.

Please contact as many people as possible and have them request a registration packet

Hope to see everyone there.
Randall Cooley Smith Send Email
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